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Epson Portable Projector with Full HD Resolution and 3D Features

Epson EH-TW5300 Projector Review with full HD Resolution and 3D Features

Epson EH-TW5300 Projector

The battle between projectors and LED televisions is bound to continue for many years to come. This is because consumers are torn between buying a rigid screen as opposed to portable projectors. LED screens take up more space in the house, yet have a limited view. On the other hand, projectors are smaller and compact and allow you to adjust the size of the screen accordingly. Epson has for a time now produced some commendable projectors. One of their best products in this area is the EH-TW5300 projector. This projector is relatively pricey, but of course, this tells you that it has some advanced features. Some included qualities in this projector is a 3D shutter glass for 3D watching and 3LCD technology for utter clarity. Here is a detailed description of its features.

Features of the Epson Projector

This is one area that Epson has really improved in the EH-TW5300 projector. Epson still maintained their trademarked front vent on this projector. The vent is meant to be a heat discharge route and does not pose any risk of leaking the light rays. The lens is sheltered behind a round metal trim that looks quite outstanding. The zooming and focus rings are fixed in a small cavity on the top panel.

The lens is large in diameter, meaning that it requires a shorter working distance from the projector screen. This projector is incredibly light in weight as it weighs less than 3 kilograms. The light weight means that you can comfortably use any ceiling mount with this projector. It measures 29.7 by 24.5 by 11.4 cm, in length, width, and depth. The smooth edges on this Espon projector are appealing, but I hate to say that this projector still looks antiquated, when compared to other competitors like BenQ.

Well-defined imaging

One fear that consumers have when buying projectors, is the likelihood of unnatural view details.  However, with this product, Epson tried to bring some sharp pictures to the viewer. The projector has a Full HD 1080P resolution. It has some deep black colors as well as a frame adjustment option. This means that you can alter the size of the image as you wish. Epson also invested heavily on 3LCD technology. This 3-chipped system helps prevent what we call a Rainbow effect on the imaging. Usually, traditional Epson projectors used only 1-chip, which is prone to the Rainbow effect.

However, with the 3 chips in this product, you will be getting a clearer and more vibrant picture. Epson also included a 3D integration capability, from which you can attach 3D glasses to experience all pictures in 3D. It, however, lacks a lens shift utility. Therefore, you must be very careful when mounting it on the ceilings, as you may compromise the image quality. The projector is durable as it has an approximated 7500 hours in lamp life.

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Numerous connectivity options

Epson never wanted to limit the user, in terms of the connectivity choices, with this projector. The designers, therefore, included a number of ports and sockets. This project has a D-SUB VGA socket for connecting PC’s port. It also has 2 HDMI sockets but lacks a DVI port. If you want a projector that is more of a smart TV than a projector, then the EH-TW5300 is the sure way to go. Epson gives you a choice between the Wi-Fi enabled projector and the normal one. So the Wi-Fi provision is optional.

Power Consumption

The EH-TW5300 projector is a pretty economical projector as it has a standby consumption rate of 0.28 watts. When using it in normal mode, it only consumes a maximum of 291 watts. Nevertheless, you can always shift it to economy mode at 224 watts if you want to save more. It, however, lacks an energy star certification, something that Epson should consider hunting for.

Other features

This projector comes with a remote control (infrared), some power cords and a carry bag. However, you will have to purchase the ceiling mount and 3D glasses separately.

Pricing and verdict

The projector is priced at 35200 Rupees on average. My final opinion about this projector is that it’s a great projector if you have a huge audience. But at its price and features, I would still settle for an LED TV if this is just for my domestic use.

Price 36000 Rupees
Zoom 1 – 1.2 (Optical zoom)
Projection Distance 60 inch screen at 1.62 – 1.95 meters
Focus Adjustment Manual
Resolution 1080pixels
 Aspect Ratio 16:09
Contrast Ratio 35,000:1
Lamp Hours Normal: 4,000 Hours and Eco: 7,500 Hours
Wireless Connectivity  Optional
Audio Output One Stereo mini-jack
Speaker Output 5W
2D to 3D Conversion Yes
Dimensions D x W x H 249 by 297 by 119 mm
Weight 2.9kg

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