Adjusting Fan speed with a remote controller is a noble idea. In fact, after MS Dhoni’s advertisement campaign for Orient fan, I got curious about the new concept for which I have been dreaming from my childhood. But Orient demands huge price for this fans. Seven thousand rupees for a ceiling fan because it comes with a remote is out for question. So what if Indian cricket team captain Mr. Dhoni endorses it.

After a long search, I got a similar product from a new brand SUPERFAN at much lower price. Pay just 3000 rupees to take this ceiling fan home. Only five-star rating for it in online malls tells that something is special which boosts its sales besides its low price.

I will look into features of SUPERFAN fans in this exclusive review article. Continue reading, as we will answer all possible queries besides comparing them with Orient ceiling fans (comes with remote) and try to find out, which one is better.

Five Good Models in 10 different Color

As of now, SUPERFAN offers five models – A1, X1, X7, V1, and V7. What difference these five models actually have, and which one to buy if we really like them. All five models are available in multiple color option; choose one that suits the color of the room, where you plan to install it.

In terms of color, you can choose from Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Silver, White, Yellow Lilac, Brown, and Green. It seems SUPERFAN has taken note of widely used colors in home paint and offers its products in 10 unique colors. This unusual as other brands offer product maximum two or three color options.

There are not much different in prices of these five models. In fact, at Amazon, difference in price is just 100 to 200 rupees. Thus, it becomes important to decide, which one is the value for money product.SUPERFAN Ceiling Fan in India Review

The magic remote control: The brand SUPERFAN has developed a super remote, which has two variants currently available – T1 is a basic model and T2 has buttons for all features offered by the brand so far. The T1 remote has six buttons that are for seven instructions. Here the power button doubles as ON and OFF actions. The balance five buttons are to reset the fan speed.

With nine buttons, model T2 is much more efficient in operating the fan. Two buttons to increase and decrease speed and one unique button to stimulate natural breeze around you when the fan is running.

All fan models have a light indicator right at the center. That glows in unique sequence in a response to the instructions from the remote control. The current fan speed can also be viewed on the remote. Suppose the fan running at the speed three, the button for speed three will glow on the remote. Now because of this handy remote no need to rush to switchboard in order to reset fan’s speed.

How to use Superfan remote?

Power ON the fan, it will start running at the last active speed number. Now adjust it according to your need. Upon installation, when power is supplied to the fan, it will not run rather wait for you to set a speed using remote. The remote is just optional. Users can also operate fan using a regular fan regulator.

It is fine that a fan has a remote control feature. But this remote replicates old design of a fan regulator with fixed five speeds. Nowadays, everywhere you find a knob that resets fan speed as we do in a radio to increase or decrease volume. With new regulator, speed can be set to 1.7 or 2.5 no longer only 1 then 2 then 3 and so on. I have used T1 version of remote, but in T2, there is increase & decrease button. I cannot say how those two buttons execute – increase means speed 1 to speed 2 or speed 1 to speed 1.5?

Moreover, A new trend is remote controller app that turns a smartphone into a full-fledged working remote. The brand SUPERFAN should work on this.

How many blades in a fan: Blade size, span, or sweep all represents the same thing that is to measure length of one edge of blade to the center of the attached motor and then multiply that number with two.

There are three sizes of fan blade – small, medium, and large. If you are buying a small fan, then ensure it has four blades otherwise its performance of air delivery will not satisfy you. In case, you are buying a fan with 36, 42, 48, 52, 56, or 58-inch sweep then blade count should be only three. More than three blades will not improve performance rather there will be more aerodynamic drag on the motor, which is not healthy for the whole setup in a long run.

SUPERFAN offers five different models fan suitable for rooms and big size halls. For a bedroom, buy a fan with 36, 42, or 48-inch blade and for a hall select a fan with 52, 56, or 58-inch blade.

SUPERFAN Ceiling Fan with T2 Remote Control

Not to so Noisy Operation

Shape and size of blades define how efficient a fan will be. If blades are designed cleverly, sufficient airflow generates even when it running at a low speed. Thus, the motor consumes less energy so your monthly power will be less. Furthermore, when the blades run slowly, which means less noise in fact zero humming sound – a usual problem most fans have.

SUPERFAN makes blades with utmost precision. This way sufficient cool airflow reaches to every corner of a room. All five models are good in terms of performance and less energy consumption. In fact, they consume less energy and generate less operational noise.

5 Years of Complete Free Service guarantee: This is huge. In fact, even most respected consumer electronics brands like Philips and LG also do not offer such long warranty commitment. Orient gives just two years of free service guarantee for its ceiling fan (with remote). This is also evident of built quality, SUPERFAN renders in all its products.

I could not find the list of service centers but details of the customer support are there on the official website. So far, I have not made a contact for service support, so cannot comment exactly how the brand will respond to queries. However, at online platforms, buyers have expressed complete satisfaction with the official service support. Yes, we can take those comments as face value for the assessment.

Customer Care: Toll-free number: 1800 425 78737; Mobile Number: 94890 78737; Email – [email protected]

Low Energy Consumption

One of the biggest reason you should purchase one of these fans is that all models are excellent in terms of energy saving. In fact, I could notice some saving in my monthly electricity bill. By changing fan, total unit generated is 50 to 60 units less that convert roughly around 300 to 400 rupees saving on one fan in one month. Indeed, it is a big relief.

Thus, one-year saving will be not less than 3500 rupees. Do not forget these fans have five years of free service warranty. In one year of saving on electricity bill, you recover its price. The balance four years will be just bonus. Trust me no company will give such big saving. Therefore, I do not agree to the point that these fans are costly. Are Baba, it is really cheaper. Grab it.

Made in India: Thankfully, these are not cheap China made goods. PM Modi’s “MADE in INDIA” is in full swing, and certainly, the SUPERFAN contributes with durable and trustworthy products made in Indian factory. I will urge buying India made goods because that is also kind of nationalism we need to follow.

Attachment Details: I am not an expert of fan installation. A local electrician charged me just 100 rupees to install the fan. According to him, the down rod should be little bigger in size. In fact, this also has some impact on user’s feel of airflow as the fan stays at a good height. However, this may suit in some places where roof is a bit low than at a usual height.

Rest all the attachments are in good quality and no problem in using them for a safe and perfect installation. Three leaf, remote, fan motor, two canopy, installation rod, all necessary screws, and shackle kit are included in the sales box.

SUPERFAN Ceiling Fan in India Specifications

Pro Features:-

  1. Invertors friendly Fan
  2. Stylish and available in multiple color options
  3. Energy efficient
  4. 5 years of service commitment by the brand
  5. Excellent performance
  6. Cheaper
  7. Made in India product
Super A1 Ceiling Fan Model 

This is suitable for personal use. It comes with T2 variant of the remote, which has nine buttons wherein five are speed setting. 35W motor runs three uniquely designed blades that offer 48-inch (1200 mm) sweep suitable for any room size between 10’×10’ to 20’×20’. Maximum speed that the motor can run is 350 runs per minute. Air delivery efficiency of this product is 220 CMM.

Model A Series
Span 48 inch
Motor Power 35 Watt
Speed 350 RPM
Air Delivery 220 CMM
Remote T2 with 9 Keys
Buy 3700 Rupees


Super V1 and V7 Ceiling Fan Model

Because of big blades, low RPM and high air delivery, the Super V series is ideal for a big hall, auditorium, hospital, classroom, and other public places. 56 inch (1400 mm) sweep is huge, and to run it, there is 38W motor consumes less but gives excellent performance by having air delivery up to 270CMM. It has been carefully slowdown in terms of run per minute and its blades are a bit twisted for high air delivery. Here, you get T1 remote with six buttons to operate it without reaching to the switchboard.

Install this big size fan in a room has its size between 20’×20’ to 30’×30’. See, this is not absolute, I have detailed out based on expert’s opinion.

Model V Series
Span 56 inch
Motor Power 38 Watt
Speed 270 RPM
Air Delivery 270 CMM
Remote T1 with 6 Keys
Buy 3600 Rupees


Super X1 and X7 Ceiling Fan Model

This is one most balanced model suitable for personal use. It comes with five-star energy saving ratings and has T1 remote to operate. 48-inch span makes it ideal of 10’×10’ to 20’×20’ size room. Now the surprising fact is, despite 35W motor, it gives the optimum speed of 385 runs per minute. Moreover, its air delivery is also better at 230 CMM, a bit higher than 220 CMM of the Super A1 model.

From all angles, the Super X1 and X7 fans are the best choices even if you do not wish to have a remote controller to operate it.

Model X Series
Span 48 inch
Motor Power 35 Watt
Speed 385 RPM
Air Delivery 230 CMM
Remote T1 with 6 Keys
Buy 3500 Rupees


Final Thoughts and Cost: Since we consider ceiling fan an easy gadget, most of us buy it in the local electronics market without any research and understanding of specs. See, there are some checks and balances before you finalize one good model. Do not worry, we will take care this headache. Just trust GS for all your home electronics need.

SUPERFAN Ceiling Fan with T1 Remote Control Price Online

Just because of MS Dhoni’s endorsement, Orient ceiling fan costs 7000 rupees, despite similar features, only two years of free service guarantee and mediocre performance. However, For SUPERFAN products, you are paying only 3500 (3000 to 4000) rupees, which can be recovered through energy saving in just one year. The balance four-year of its run is just a bonus.

I have not tested service quality of SUPERFAN, but other buyers have given good points. Thus, we can trust this desi brand for a good quality ceiling fan as well as excellent five years of free service warranty. I am for these fan models. However, choose Super X1 or X7 for better performance and five-star energy saving feature. In case, the new fan makes some noise at low speeds, my advice is to place a request of replacement. This will be unbearable in just a few months.