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Elite Computer Monitor for Gaming and Productivity

Samsung S27E510C Curved LED Monitor Review Specifications Price Online

34-Inch LG Ultra wide Full HD Monitor 34UM67

So far, we have seen computer monitors essentially for productivity although gaming being also possible. Until we were playing games on a computer monitor, but that changes to playing games on a gaming monitor. After having this LG monitor, you are authorized, a shift from allowed to play games. The 34-inch LG 34UM67 is an ultra-wide IPS monitor with the resolution 2560×1080 Pixels. It has a bunch of top-line features for enhancing user’s experience. Read also Samsung LED Computer Monitor with Inbuilt Audio System.

LG’s new computer monitor is not cheap. You need to pay whopping 60000 rupees. The price is not much an issue, what I believe. Since the customer class, LG has been aiming to win for the product is the least bother about the cost. They want something unique and special, and LG 34UM67 being the first computer monitor made essentially for gaming, offers that. Have no second opinion about it.

In the last few years, LG has been making a tactical shift in its strategy for wooing young consumers. Other than competing with brands, some of the LG products, we have seen in the market recently, are just aimed at filling gaps. I presume LG wanting to be a viable brand with at least one solution (in many variants of course) for unique yet popular consumers demand. This LG gaming monitor is an example of that.

An Full HD Monitor with FreeSync Technology

To explain, how the FreeSync technology improving user’s experience, first learn the difference between AMD, Intel, and NIVIDA; all three are leading microchip maker. Let us put facts into the right context: AMD competes with NIVIDA in the GPU segment, with Intel in the processor segment.

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AMD has a strong hand with the processor that is single task oriented meaning full resource for completing one task. Gaming is the best answers to understand single-tasking processor. However, Intel processors are good at multitasking. That is why our daily use laptops come with Intel chipset. Obliviously, no need to mention, why AMD or NIVIDA processor mostly finds their place into the heart of gaming laptops.

Data in the computer architecture gets processed through multiple points (CPU, GPU, monitor) before it becomes available to users on the screen. These check points have their own processing capabilities either faster or slower. The FreeSync technology is designed to ensure a perfect sync between these points thereby reducing noticeable blur, lag, frame drop etc.

AMD’s FreeSync competes with NIVIDA’s GYNC, and both effectively eliminates tearing, ghosting and motion shutter. Although the monitor cannot do it alone, rather the CPU connected with it should be able to respond such mammoth processing requirement. Therefore, you could take full advantage of this LG monitor only if it is connected with a robust CPU, which has the advanced configuration.LG 34UM67 Review and Price Online in India

Ultra wide screen of the LG monitor with blessing of the AMD’s free sync is a perfect solution for playing 3D action games. AMD Radeon graphics that supports FreeSync is necessary. This is to note here FreeSync comes into effect only when the monitor is receiving data through DisplayPort (adaptive-sync).

You need a DisplayPort cable, much to my surprise; the cable is not included in the sales box. This was not unexpected from the brand, which is known for being committed towards user’s convenience. In order to complete setup, you need some compatible drivers as well.

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Built and Design and Screen Setting of this LG Monitor

The screen panel comes bezel-free, so ultra wide 34-inch screen appears wider and bigger. The IPS panel supports the aspect ratio 21 by 9, has the resolution 2560 × 1080 Pixels, 60Hr refresh rate, and 300 cd/m2 optimum brightness.

The base stand is see-through in wedge-shaped allowing backward forward tilt and angle adjustment but does not support swivel or pivot adjustment. Wall mount installation is possible: the necessary kit for that you would get in the sales box.

Tough glossy plastic dominates the overall built that could easily sustain to hard collisions. After all, this is the LG’s premium build quality.

The front look is what matters the most in a computer monitor. With the bezel-less screen and anti-glare coating at the front, LG has delivered here, too.

This is a 75 Hz computer monitor with IPS display. The monitor is super slim and has the joystick for adjusting on-screen menu. Although sRGB color adjustment is missing from the menu options, but that is compensated by a calibration tool that allowing setting in the six-axis color adjustments.

Users can also choose between six and eight-bit color as well as response times that ideally working better when setting to the medium.

Lots of Connectivity Options with this LG Full HD Monitor

In terms of connectivity, the monitor is strictly limited to DisplayPort and two HDMI ports. LG decision to skip USB hub completely sounds unusual. Audio-In PC and headphone Jack both are placed at next to HDMI port and just before the power input port.

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LG 34UM67 Connectivity

Black Stabilizer: LG’s prudent approach brings a fine balance between specs, more so a dually intelligent in the selection of the technologies, making the monitor truly special according to user’s expectation.

Far better than old school IPS, the screen looks very refreshing and crisp in terms of color and clarity. You can tinker although some LG’s signature features on this monitor. When Black stabilizer is ON, this is, by the ways, a contrast-reducing effect making easier to see objects in shadows in games without washing out colors. BenQ, too, offers such technology in computer monitors, but LG is the one wins the battle because of the effective utilization of the same. Although it creates load on the CPU, I suggest keeping it on for a better gaming experience.

Not so relevant TV Feature with this LG Ultra Wide Monitor

After Black stabilizer, I would like to discuss the feature “Real-time Action Dynamic Action Sync.” It is reducing the time lag between monitor receiving the frame, and displaying on the screen. I often see this feature leveled as game load in premium LED TV, so noticing it here on a gaming monitor making me curious. However, here, enabling it does not make any sense. In fact, the monitor is naturally so fast, whether Dynamic Action Sync is ON or OFF hardly making any difference.

The end user’s experience: I am a big fan of IPS display panel, and that works even better for me if the resolution is 1080P and the horizontal pixels are 1920P not 2560P. Thus, LG’s wide LED with 1080 × 2560 Pixels doing no good in my productivity.

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Even if we leave aside resolution thing, on such a wide screen, scrolling from left to right is a headache. In fact, the size 34 inch is also kind of an issue, as you need to look left and right rather than looking straight on the screen. Moreover, no one would appreciate constantly shifting eye-bowl left to right, so it is not very convenient in daily use unless the screen is split into two separate working windows.

Thanks to its IPS display, viewing angles, color, contrast, and brightness are none issue but low pixel density making it is a poor choice for reading content. In fact, its reading mode does not help much either.

Before we become too judgy, let us understand the monitor from manufacturer’s point of view. The monitor is a gaming computer monitor first, and a productivity monitor second. Gaming on the screen whichever way you going to slice it 75 Hz panel making a solid performance with no lag whatsoever.

Split the Screen of this Monitor into 4 Independent Windows

As I just discussed unless you split the screen into either two parts or four small windows, using it for productivity is very much default. Therefore, use the split window feature that is part of the official utility program.

LG 34UM67 Specifications

Power and Energy Star saving: Energy star rating restricts the monitor’s energy consumption in active as well as in standby mode. As officially told, the monitor consumes 49-watt energy that is not huge even if it is in active mode for 10 to 15 hours every day.

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Pros: Excellent Choice for Gaming


  • Taking advantage of FreeSync, which by the way is the main signature feature, is not so easy.
  • DisplayPort cable is not provided
  • Too wide
  • Poor pixel density

Final Verdict: The design and features should have been an advantage, instead, they are turning out to be a big headache for users during the setup.

  1. FreeSync cannot be easily setup.
  2. Low pixel density reduces any chance of using it for productivity works.
  3. I am not a big fan of the ultra wide screen with 2560×1080 pixel resolution.
  4. 34-inch screen with aspect ratio 21:9 is not according to my liking.

These concerns could fairly tell you whether the LG monitor is fit for you or you need a better alternative.

Panel IPS
Screen Size 34 inch
Resolution 2560 x 1080 Pixels
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Color Gamut sRGB over 99%
Aspect Ratio 21:9
Static Contrast Ratio 5M:1
Response Time  5ms GTG
Features Black Stabilizer, Game Mode, Reader Mode, Factory Calibration
Power Consumption (Max) 49 Watts
Dimensions 83.1 x 47 x 17.3 cm
Connectivity HDMI×2, DisplayPort
Buy 60000 Rupees


Samsung S27E510C/S24E510C Curved Widescreen Computer Monitor

If you want something more balanced and affordable, I have another suggestion. Although this, too, is a wide screen but not like the LG monitor, which was excessively wide. Here, user’s experience gets affected due to curved orientation of the screen.

4000R Curvature: Just a year back, Samsung ran 360-degree promotional campaign to build a market for the curved screen in the TV segment. Since then Samsung has been trying to implement its gain in the new screen into other related products range as well.

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Is Samsung’s curved screen really a big thing or just a marketing gimmick? In real use, the screen orientation is hardly making any substantial impact in terms of enhancing the end user’s experience. If it could be anything above 40-inch with the aspect ratio in 16:9, then would have made some degree of impact for sure. Therefore, in order to experience a curved screen, choose the 27-inch variant of the E510C model.

Now the question is- is there any complaint on failed impact of the curved orientation of the screen. The answer is no. The monitor does the best for what it has been made for; ignore the curved.

Samsung S24E510C Curved LED Monitor Review Specifications Price Online

The Screen of this Monitor has Perfect Aspect ratio

Today’s content eco-system is more suitable for a display with the full HD resolution that is 1920×1080 pixels. Whether it is the content in 480P or 540P or 720P all such appears more vivid, clear, and colorful on a 1080P screen. The aspect ratio 16:9, too, ensuring content appears into a right frame.

Standard Build with Thin Bezel: We got here very thin bezels all the way around, which is finished off in a high salt piano glossy black at the bottom. The panel is standing on a T-shape base stand, which has a nice glossy finish and a soft curved as well.

Although the rear of the monitor hardly matters, still the prominent black brush finish looks appealing. By the way, you can choose between wall mount and tabletop installation as well. Necessary nut & bolts are in the sales box.

Far right side on the back is a nice tiny joystick control lets you retune the screen settings.

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As like LG monitor, this also in spite of being a premium class monitor lacking flexibility in terms of allowing adjustment by the end user. It can tilt two degree forward and 20 degree backward. It does not support high, swivel or pivot adjustments, though.

Control this Computer Monitor using a Joystick

The joystick control offers an easy navigation through menu options. The joystick is being hidden from user’s sight hardly creating any difficulty. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways of setting up the monitor. Give one press to the joystick, menu options appear on the screen. Now toggle it to choose from four sub-categories, then again one-press to enter into the sub-category. The menu options are respectable and being easy to set-up and intuitive with the joystick.

In the menu, in the picture mode, adjust sharpness, color, brightness, and something called magical scale as well. Game mode option is also available. Other three  sub-categories have additional settings options. Use these options for a perfect tuning of the monitor for gaming and productivity usages.

Connectivity Options: Finding connectivity ports on this Samsung LED monitor is not so difficult. Just spin it and you see a nice rectangle box containing all available ports. There is Headphone Jack, VGA-in, and HDMI port. Needless to say, the monitor is lacking in terms of connectivity options. I would have appreciated if Samsung had given it at least one more HDMI port.

How impressive is the Screen Quality of this Samsung Monitor?

At this price point, for Samsung, an IPS panel could have been a better choice but the VA panel of this monitor does not perform badly either. This is the 60 Hz monitor and its screen has the FHD 1080P resolution. Its four ms GTG is respectable. It is also capable of showing 16.7 million colors. The contrast ratio 3000:1 it is bearing is not highly standard but acceptable since Samsung specs sheet more or less has been accurate.

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The monitor proves to be respectable in terms of color management and accuracy as well. There is no sign of color over saturation; rather everything appears fully accurate according to user’s choice. Make changes although using the magic joystick.

There are precisely two kinds of users one who goes by factor setting and second do some changes in order to suit their requirements. I belong to category one and would love to use gadgets in their factory setting. Use this monitor in factory made setting because that works better, whether you are gaming or wanting it for utility development.

Although it is not a dedicated gaming monitor, it does support gaming without crashing frames or showing lag. Therefore, considering it for gaming will not be a bad choice either.

Further, I exited to tell you it also does fantastic in playing videos. 1080P resolution looks great. It is really clean and really sharp, very nice especially when you are playing Blu-ray films or videos in full HD quality at YouTube.

178-degree viewing angle is no longer a marketing gimmick rather it has been enforced effectively into the screen panel. In fact, the screen looks as superior as IPS display of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The monitor does great in all accounts. You do not face horrible color shifting or any sort of distortion.

Pros and Cons of this Samsung Computer Monitor

Other worthy features I would like to count here could be Eco Saving Plus, Samsung Magic Bright, eye saver mode, gaming mode (what), and flicker free support.

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  • Brilliant Picture quality
  • Easy to navigate menu options
  • Excellent viewing angles


  • Lacking multiple choice in connectivity
  • Curve is just a marking gimmick.
  • A bit costlier

Final Thoughts: There are two ways to look at the monitor. If you are buying it thinking viewing experience enhancement due to the curved then you might be disappointed because there is nothing a sort of curved. However, if you consider it as an excellent monitor, then caveat is it is excessively priced because of the curved thing. Now this is a catch twenty situation. I like the monitor, it is actually one good choice for pro users, but it is over priced by roughly 7000 rupees.

Samsung S27E510C Curved LED Monitor Review Specifications Price Online

In the Box: The unit, D-sub cable, install CD, user manual, and warranty card

Panel VA
Screen Size 27 inch & 24 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Brightness 250cd/m2
Response Time 4 ms GTG
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Static Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Power Consumption (Max) 28W (Energy Star 6.0 Test Condition)
Max Standby Power 0.3W
Dimensions With Stand 24.53″ x 18.22″ x 7.14″
Connectivity VGA, HDMI, Headphone Jack
27-inch model 15000 to 23000 Rupees

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