There are times when even the most custom and a most straightforward cooking job can become puzzling and exasperating. Cooking rice can be that way but, there is no need for confusion! Now is the time to buy an electric rice cooker. Not only can you have ideal rice with any meal, but you can also make meals with the cooker, or food steamer without having to dirty any dishware or heat your home by using the stove. There are numerous options out there. Though the crucial principles of each of them remain the same; some models of electric rice cookers are more intelligent than others and can multitask.

Which is the best rice cooker under 3000 Rupees in the Indian market? In this piece, we cover the best rice cooker from the 2000 to 3000 Rupees price range. The suggested electric rice cookers are automatic and smart. All these automatic rice cookers are products of top kitchen appliance brands in the Indian market.

☼ 1.5-Liter Solara Electric Rice Cooker

The Solara automatic rice cooker is an ideal kitchen appliance for those who love preparing rice but don't want to hassle with pots and stovetops. This food maker is available in two capacities: one with 1.0 liters (0.6-kg rice) and another with 1.5 liters (1.0-kg rice).

It also has a keep-warm function that keeps cooked rice warm for many hours. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that ensures rice is cooked perfectly without burning or overcooking. Lastly, it is energy-efficient, consuming only 500W of power.

This compact yet powerful rice cooker is ideally suited to cooking up to 1.0 kg of rice. That much rice will suffice for four to five adults. That means at one time, this Solara rice cooker will make boiled rice for up to five people.

Its inner pot ensures even and efficient heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time. Additionally, the rice cooker's auto-off feature ensures rice is prepared to perfection, eliminating the fear of overcooking or burning. it features an intuitive control panel with a one-click operation.

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The electric cooker also comes equipped with a steamer, making it possible to cook different dishes simultaneously. The measuring cup makes it easy to measure the right amount of rice and water, while the detachable aluminum lid & pot allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Overall, the Solara Electric Rice Cooker is a reliable and efficient kitchen appliance that simplifies rice cooking. With simple one-button operation, its ease of use makes it a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

Solara Rice Cooker {हिंदी में} | Automatic Electric Cooker and Steamer | Best Rice Cooker in India

Price ₹2499 → Amazon
Features Power: 500W | Capacity: 1.5-Liter | Cook Up to 1 Kilo Rice | Cooker & Steamer | Aluminium Inner Lid and Pot | Glass Main Lid | Amazon Return: 10 Days


► 5.0-Liter Kent Rice Cooker

For reliable, intelligent kitchen appliances, Kent is one of the best brands in the Indian market. Its Atta maker is a top favorite, and now its rice maker is trending. Kent’s rice maker is an automatic appliance, and you can operate it with just a one-touch operation.

Cooking rice in Kent's automatic rice cooker is super easy. Use the measuring cup to get the required rice. Wash them nicely. Next, transfer the washed rice into the non-stick aluminum inner pot of your Kent rice maker. Use the measuring cup to add the required water accordingly. Close the lid and press the ON button. In a few minutes, rice will be ready, not too soft, not too hard, and perfect.

Kent Rice Cooker

The build quality of this Kent rice cooker is also user-friendly. Its inner pot will suffice the need for cooking as well as serving. That means reducing the cooking pot requirement in your kitchen thereby reducing the dishwasher burden.

Those who cook regularly develop a good sense of rice and water ratio. Even they cannot claim 100% perfect rice every time. Kent rice cooker, on the other hand, not just claims but makes 100% perfectly cooked rice every time.

You would not be using all the kitchen appliances in your kitchen every day. However, you will use your Kent rice cooker every day. Therefore, it is a value-for-money option. Order it today.

Price 2990 Rupees
Features Make Rice & idly | On-Touch Cooking | Keep Warm | Easy to Clean & Store | Cook & Serve Design | Non-stick Cooking Pot
Capacity 5-Liter | 860-Watt Power Capacity
Warranty 12-Months
Sales Box Electric Cooker | Measuring Cup | Rice Spoon | Inner Pot | User Guide | Soup Spoon | Steam Tray


► 5.4-Liter Panasonic Rice Cooker {SR-Y22-FHS}

As far as I remember Panasonic was the first brand to launch an electric rice cooker with automatic operation in the Indian market. Today, Panasonic has the most rice cooker models in the market than any other brand. Top-selling Panasonic rice cookers are available in the price range of 2000 to 3000 Rupees. In them, the best rice cooker model is SR-Y22FHS.


You can use this Panasonic rice cooker for cooking rice as well as steaming edibles. It also has a special keep warm function. This built-in function ensures fresh and warm rice for a long duration.

The build and design of this Panasonic rice cooker are excellent. The lid of the container comes equipped with a durable handle for secure lifting. Much like all other rice cookers in the market, this Panasonic rice maker has a fully automatic operation, withal.

The cooking pan of this rice cooker has a non-stick coating. Therefore, cleaning it would not be a tough task. Moreover, the handles on the sides make it easier in moving this rice cooker from one place to another.

Its 5.4-Liter capacity does not mean that you can cook in it 5.4-kg rice in one go. In one go this Panasonic electric rice cooker can cook only 2.2 kg of rice. That should be sufficient for a large family of 5 to 9 members.

Pros: –

  • Cook, steam, and keep warm function
  • High-capacity cooking container
  • Durable body

All the features and functions of this Panasonic rice cooker justify its current price. Its alternatives from the same price segment have similar characteristics, but you need to pay more for them.

Best Electric Rice Cooker under 3000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | Kent | Panasonic | Philips

Price 2700 Rupees
Features Automatic Operation | Cook & Steam | Keep Warm
Capacity 2.2-Liter (Raw Rice) | 5.4-Liter Full Capacity | 750-Watt Power Capacity
Warranty 24-Months


► 2.2-Liter Philips HL1666 Rice Cooker

This Philips electric rice cooker is a perfect solution for people who want a classic-looking device with modern features. To get this innovative rice cooker in your kitchen, you need to spend less than 3000 Rupees.

It has a finish that will match kitchens of all types. This electric cooker looks more like premium-quality crockery than a cooking utensil. Its white paint provides a nice feel to the outer shell.

Philips Rice Cooker HL1666

To use this rice cooker, you do not need any kind of expertise. On the front of this Philips electric rice cooker is a button that starts the cooking function upon pressing it. But before you begin cooking be sure to fill the container with a proper ratio of rice and water. After the rice gets cooked, the machine goes into an automatic keep-warm mode.

Another specialty of this rice cooker is that it cooks rice fast. At the maximum, you will have to wait for 15 minutes before the rice becomes ready to serve.

All the features that the Philips machine comes with — make it a good solution for students living in hostels, small families, and bachelors. You would not need to take extra care of this automatic electric rice cooker. It's design and features make it super easy to use, wash, and store.

Price 2990 Rupees
Features 2.2-Liter Capacity | Automatic Shut-Off | Keep Warm up to 4 Hours | Starch separator plate ensures khile-khile rice | Fast Cooking | Automatic Operation | Made in India
Build Steel Lid | Cool Touch Handles | Thermal Fuse | Aluminium Cooking Pan with Non-stick Coating
Warranty 2-Years on Product | 5-Years on Copper Heating Coil
Sales Box Rice Cooker | Measuring Cup | Trivet | Spatula