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Best Electric Rice Cooker from ₹3000 to ₹10000 Range

Best Rice Cooker under 10000 Rupees in India Market

Do rice cookers cook rice faster? Yes, a rice cooker will cook rice faster than cooking rice on a gas stove. Rice cooker is not a multipurpose kitchen appliance. It has been designed for a single task that is making Khile-Khile rice. It cannot be used for any other cooking work other than cooking rice. Hence it is the best solution to make nicely cooked sticky rice in less time.

Are rice cookers worth buying? Since rice is the main thing in our Thali, having a specialized appliance for cooking rice does make sense. You can eat rice with pulse or gravy, but you can’t eat pulse with gravy.

Making sticky rice isn’t a complicated cooking process. However, making Khile-Khile rice in every attempt is challenging. An electric rice cooker will make Khile-Khile rice in its every use. In the cooking pot of a rice cooker, add washed raw rice and water accordingly and switch ON the machine. At the end of the cooking cycle, you get Khile-Khile rice. Therefore, A rice cooker is definitely worth it.

► Kent Rice Cooker and Steamer {16012}

Kent is one of the best brands in India market for smart food makers. Whatever food making solution it has so far presented in the market is best-selling. Kent appliances are top-pick since they are comfortable in use, their operation is fully-automatic, and they are reliable and long lasting.

The Kent rice cooker is also a steamer. So, it can cook rice, make special biryani, and even steam several things like soup and vegetable.

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Kent Electric Rice Cooker with Steamer

In the electric rice cooker segment, Panasonic has always been the market leader. This Japanese brand has so far launched many rice cooker models in the market. They are a favorite choice in their price segment. Among them, the most popular is the SR-Y22FHS rice cooker model. It is a rice cooker with a steamer. Therefore, it is a real alternative to this Kent rice cooker & steamer.

Compared to the Kent rice cooker, the Panasonic rice cooker is cheaper by 1500 Rupees. Now the question is which one should you buy? Considering every aspect, in my opinion, the Panasonic rice cooker is a better choice. Although the Kent electric rice cooker looks futuristic and it has a more powerful heating system, still the Panasonic rice cooker is a better option. The reasons are Japanese technology tag, many convenience features, and a cheaper price tag.

Price 4000 Rupees
Ideal for Make Rice + One more dish together | Make instant Biryani | Make nutritious hot soup | Eat oil-free steamed vegetables | Cook & Serve Design | Delay Start | Keep Warm
Power 860-Watt
Capacity 1.8-Liter
Warranty 12-Months
Sales Box Kent Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker | Inner Pot | Steam Tray | Measuring Cup | Rice Spoon | Soup Spoon | Power Cord | Documents

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