In this piece, I talk about branded electric Kettles, which are made of Glass. There are not many options available in the Indian market for electric glass kettle. Thus, I could select the only six best, which are top-rated and a good quality product of top brands.

The benefits of a glass kettle are many. Naturally, the Kettles are transparent as they are made of glass. Thus, you could see and monitor the cooking & boiling process growing inside. Boiled water stays warm longer in a Glass kettle than a steel kettle. Moreover, Glass Kettle is fast in boiling and preparing ready-to-eat food than a steel kettle. They have heating setup built underneath.

Besides many significant advantages of a glass kettle, it is also the matter of aesthetic pleasure. The apparent class difference between a steel water cup and a glass water cup is similar to the difference between a steel-made electric kettle and an electric glass kettle. Ideally, a steel electric kettle would be much more long-lasting than a glass kettle. Still, glass kettle has its advantage when comes to make a royal presentation. A matter of the fact is that on a Royal dining table there is lots of Glass crockery but still vessel, plate or crockery almost none. Whey because steel is metal for masses, it is not a high-class thing. On the other hand, Glass is a high-class thing.

The suggested glass kettle electric falls in the price range of 1500 to 12000 Rupees. All the six models are the product of top brands Glen, Havells, RNG EKO GREEN, MAX STAR, Morphy Richards, and REDMOND. The build and design of them are highly impressive. If used with care these glass kettle would last many years.

The large glass electric kettle available in the Indian market comes in the size of 1.7-Liter. No brand has provided an electric glass kettle larger than this size.

In general, guarantee warranty on these glass kettles — is in the range of 12-months to 24-months. However, the warranty is not applicable to the Glass, Plastic, and Metal part. Actually, the warranty covers mainly manufacturing defect as well as the operational problem. Therefore, if you have decided to buy a glass kettle instead of a steel kettle, note to use this follow utmost care in its use.

Online Purchase Tips on Electric Glass Kettle: Since the product contains Glass, make sure that you open the delivered box in front of the delivery person. In transporting from warehouse to your door, it is very likely that the Glass Jar might have been broken. Therefore, request the delivery person to wait just a minute, open the box quickly and see for yourself that the glass part is in all-right condition. Although you have the 10-Days-replacement guarantee that is helpful only in the case when the kettle is not operating. It would be tough to explain the online seller that the product arrived in broken condition if you do not open the delivery box before the delivery person. In fact, the E-retailer may doubt that you might have broken the Glass part of the kettle and now requesting for a replacement.

Electric Kettle - 6 Best Glass Kettle in India (हिंदी में)

► 1.5-Liter Morphy Richards Redefine Electric Glass Kettle

The most premium glass kettle in the Indian market is the Morphy Richards Redefine. It is ideal to boil water, make tea, and prepare a delicious soup. It costs 11000 Rupees. The brand Morphy Richards offers 24-months of warranty on it. Its maximum capacity is 1.5-liter. This Kettle has a built-in 3000-Watt heating element, which gets boiling of water done in just a few seconds.

The top lid and handle of this electric glass kettle are made of hard plastic and the base unit, which also consists of the heating element, made of metal. On one side of this Kettle has a switch. Press that to illuminate LED bulb fixed on the metal base of the glass Jar. That lets you see boiling consistency inside the jar more clearly.

Morphy Richards Redefine Electric Glass Kettle

Since electric Kettle is a primary kitchen appliance, there is not much scope for added features. Some, which are possible, are included on this Morphy Richards Glass Kettle. Water Level indicator and Limescale Filter are convenience features on this glass kettle.

The build and design of this Morphy Richards Kettle are excellent. Its heating capacity is the best. That gets a job done in few seconds. However, it still does not qualify for the price of 11000 Rupees. While it is being priced this much, it should have included some smart features as well. For instance, this electric kettle should have come with the traits such as to select temperature level and set the timer. Moreover, it should have also included intelligent alert function.

Many Indian brands sell a similar quality product at half the price than this Morphy Richards Electric Glass Kettle is available. However, they are not as elegant as this Glass Kettle Looks. It surpasses every expectation of aesthetic wonder.

Price 11000 Rupees
Capacity 1.5L
Ideal for Water, Tea, and Soups
Electricity Consumes 3000-Watt
Warranty 24-Month
Feature Water Level Indicator, lime scale Filter
Morphy Richard Customer Care 1800-102-5963


► 1.7-Liter REDMOND RK-G127-E – 2200W Glass Kettle

For reliable and modern kitchen appliances, REDMOND is a big name. This British brand has many top-rated electric kettles currently on sale in the Indian market. In the premium electric glass kettle category, Redmond competes with the top Indian brand Havells.

The REDMOND brand electric kettle is ideal to prepare boiled water, tea, and soups. Its top lid is made of heat-resistant hard plastic, but the base is of steel. It consumes 2200-Watt energy and has a disc-heating element. The max capacity of this glass kettle recommended by experts also is 1.7-liter.

REDMOND 2200W Glass Kettle

REDMOND offers a 24-Month warranty on this kettle. To avail service warranty, you need to call to 1800-1200-866 or send your complaint to [email protected]. To register a complaint online, visit the official India website of this Global smart appliance brand.

Further, it comes with many safety, security, and convenience features. Together that makes this electric glass Kettle one of the most recommended options in the premium segment.

The convenience features on this REDMOND glass kettle are power indicator and water level indicator. Moreover, the safety features are a lockable lid, Dry Boil Protection, and Auto Switch Off.

Now the question is, is this Redmond electric glass kettle at the price of 4000 Rupees a worthy option? When compared to the Morphy Richard kettle, which despite limited features priced 11000 Rupees, then this REDMOND kettle is apparently the best option at its current price. It comes with more features than the Morphy Richard Kettle has. Still, I would suggest you read the details of all the other suggested electric kettles here. Maybe you could get all the required features in the GLAN glass kettle, which is a top favorite of buyers and costs only 2000 Rupees.

Price 4000 Rupees
Electricity Consumes 2200-Watt
Warranty 24-Month
Made of Steel + Glass + Hard Plastic
Capacity 1.7-Liter
Power Indicator YES
Auto Switch Off YES
Water Level Indicator YES
Lockable Lid YES
Dry Boil Protection YES
Filter Type Descale filter
Suitable For Water, Soups, Tea


► 1.7-Liter Havells Vetro – Digital Glass Electric Kettle – Recommended

The most favorite Glass Kettle, which is also the best-rated Kettle in the Indian market, is this Havells kettle. Its Price is 3500 Rupees. In fact, its features are parallel to the features the REDMOND electric glass kettle comes with. It has the same dominant heating element, and its max capacity is 1.7-Liter as well. Make the best use of this Havells digital kettle for preparing boiled water, black tea, boiled egg, and instant noodles on the move.

If you are looking for a Glass Electric Cordless Kettle, the best option in the market is this Havells Kettle. It has removable filter type, and its heating element is concealed to prevent calcification.

Havells Vetro Digital Glass Electric Kettle

Havells provides many features to this electric cordless kettle for its safety and secure storage after use. The essential features of this Havells Kettle are power & water level indicator, dry boil protection, and auto switch off function. Further, this Havells Glass Kettle also comes with many convenience features — often not seen on an electric kettle. Those are inbuilt cord storage, LED indicator light, washable filter, Hinged Lid, safely concealed heating element to avoid electric shock. It is a 360-degree cordless kettle.

The best electric glass kettle is a perfect choice to carry on an extended vacation tour, to the office, or to a business trip. It has all the essential safety features. Its looks and design is premium. Using it is very easy, withal. Since all the attachment of this kettle well attached to each other, you can use it even on your office desk.

Although I do not have much idea about of the durability of REDMOND and Morphy Richards appliances but the build quality of this Havells Kettle is top notch for sure. If it is in your budget, buy it without a second thought. At the current price of 3500 Rupees, this electric glass kettle is the best choice from one of the most reliable Indian brands.

Price 3500 Rupees
Power Consumes 2200-Watt
Max Capacity 1.7-Liter
Cordless kettle YES
Power Indicator YES
Dry Boil Protection YES
Water Level Indicator YES
Auto Switch Off YES
Warranty 2-Year
Ideal for Boiled Water, Tea, Boiled Egg, Instant Noodles


► 1.7-Liter Max Star EK01 Aqua Electric Glass Jug Kettle

The Glass Kettle of the Indian brand Max Star Home Appliances has the same features, which the Havells Kettle has. It is cheaper, however. The price of Max Star EK01 Aqua kettle is only 2700 Rupees, some 800 Rupees less than that of the Havells Glass Kettle. Moreover, the brand Max Star also provides 24-months of warranty.

For me the brand Max Star is new. I have not reviewed its product yet. Still, what goes in favor of the electric glass kettle is Flipkart’s quality mark. Flipkart has rated it with “Flipkart Assured.” That means Flipkart experts have thoroughly examined the product, its build quality, and reliability of its operation. However, one thing no expert can test is the durability. A product may perform exceptionally well in lab testing. How long it would remain functional is real use is something can be said only after years of use.

Max Star EK01 Aqua Electric Kettle

It is easy to determine the durability of Havells product since most of us have used its product. So we know well that how long does the product of Havells actually last. The same is not the case with Max Star appliances, although.

I have enquired about the brand Max Star through its official website and the brand’s engagement on social media. That gives me a positive feeling about this Indian kitchen appliance brand. Those have bought Max Star appliances have appreciated the product with kind words.

Thus, considering everything, the Max Star electric glass kettle looks a perfect choice at its current price. However, I would insist on holding your decision until you read about the review of the Glass Kettle, which I am going to talk next. That is a favorite glass kettle on the market.

Price 2700 Rupees
Power Consumes 2000-Watt
Max Capacity 1.7-Liter
Cordless kettle YES
Power Indicator YES
Dry Boil Protection YES
Water Level Indicator YES
Auto Switch Off YES
Lockable Lid YES
Warranty 2-Year
Ideal for Boiled Water, Tea, Soups
Heating Element Concealed Element
Auto temperature controller YES
Max Star Customer Care +91-8882-650-660


► Glen GL-9012 Multipurpose Electric Glass Kettle – Recommended

For modern smart appliances in low cost, one of the best brands is Glen. On this website, we have covered several products of this Indian home and kitchen appliances brand. Thus, we know for sure that Glen makes durable, smart appliances. Although recently some of our website followers have reported that, they are not getting replacement parts of Glen appliances in their cities. Buyers must consider this aspect. It is very likely that a part of your Glen appliance requires replacement. Then if the needed part or attachment not available in local stores, the appliance would remain dysfunctional.

Glen GL-9012 Multipurpose Electric Glass Kettle

The Multipurpose electric kettle by the brand Glen comes with more or less the same features, which the Max Star Kettle has. It also has 1.7-Liter max capacity. Blue light illuminates when you press the display button. It comes with Boil dry protection, and it consumes 2000-Watt electricity.

The Glen electric glass kettle is a cordless electric kettle. You can quickly clean it. It comes with all the useful features that the Havells and the Max Star glass kettle has.

The variant GL-9012 can only boil water and make tea. If you are looking for a glass jug kettle cordless, which can do multi cooking then buy the latest variant GL-9014.

Among the options available in the market for electric glass kettle with blue light, this Glen Glass Kettle is one of two best options on sale at low cost. The price of this Glen kettle is 2000 Rupees. It looks a worthy option then the Max Star Kettle, which cost 700 Rupees more. Although you should also read the best-rated Glass kettle, which is on sale under 2000 Rupees, and I discuss it next.

Price 2100 Rupees
Power Consumes 2000-Watt
Max Capacity 1.7-Liter
Cordless kettle YES
Dry Boil Protection YES
Water Level Indicator YES
Auto Switch Off YES
Lockable Lid YES
Ideal for Boiled Water, Tea
Heating Element Concealed Element
Glen Customer Care 92-666-555-55


 ► 1.5-Liter RNG EKO GREEN – Electric LED Glass Kettle – Recommended

So far, I presented here the products of Indian and UK brands. Next is a product of a German brand. Hence, its build quality and design are different from others. Considering everything about this electric glass kettle with blue light, I would not be wrong in calling it the best glass kettle, which is the most affordable in its category as well.

Looks and design of this German brand kettle are quite impressive. Its glass shell is thin, however. Not sure just hoping that it would not break so easily. That is high-quality Borosilicate Glass, which is famous for clear see-through and to preserve heat inside for many hours. Due to some reason, if you need hot or warm water on a regular interval, this German brand Kettle is a most realistic option.

RNG EKO GREEN Electric LED Glass Kettle

Being the most affordable glass kettle makes it is the top-rated kettle. Thus, those have been using it for many months say that the durability of this cheap electric glass kettle is intact. The RNG EKO GREEN Kettle limits to just boiling water, although. It cannot do the multi cooking.

Under 2000 Rupees, the RNG EKO GREEN Kettle is the best electric kettle on sale. It has all the necessary safety and convenience features. The cordless Kettle has the automatic-shut-off feature to protect from overheat and boil dry. Its lid on top is easy to open and close.

All-in-All a great electric glass kettle the German brand kettle is — with all required features. It looked exotic and made of premium quality Glass, steel, and Plastic. At the price of 1850 Rupees, despite only 12-Months of warranty, while all other Glass kettle has 24-Months of warranty, it could be the best buy.

Price 1850 Rupees
Warranty 12-Months
Ideal for Only to Boil Water
Consumes 2200-Watt
Safety Features Automatic Safety Shut Off