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Efficient Portable Kitchen Food Processor below 12000 Rupees


500 Watt Vitek Multi Kitchen Processor With Attachments for Shredding,Grating, and Slicing

With the frenzied and challenging timetables that we face at the present time, opportuneness and competence become fundamental. We are living with a fast-paced régime and habitually have not any time to accomplish monotonous and unexciting chores that would gentle them down. Tasks like food preparation and home economics become too laborious and wearisome. This is when progress in kitchen machinery comes along. The Food Processor is an incredible such creation for the galley. It can support you cook different styles of cuisines in a comparatively squat period of time.

Once you develop the dangle of using one commendably, you can scratch short your while in the kitchen significantly and still come up with sensational cuisines at the dining table. But then again, with all the obtainable food processors out there, you might spectacle which one is certainly the finest. Which one would offer a value for your money? There are numerous different brands of a food processor, ranging from the slightest to the most exclusive; all have numerous valuable utilities in common. The Vitek Multi Kitchen Processor has grown quite an appreciation in the Indian market. Are you speculating why? We have an answer!

Engage yourself in multi-tasking

An enormous advantage of this delightful kitchen equipment is that it can execute manifold jobs. This takes account of slicing tubers, grating leafy plants, juicing fruits and veggies, and a lot more. These everyday jobs can all be picked up by the Vitek Multi Kitchen Processor in a very diminutive span of time. This is notable if you have got a requirement to process several kinds of stuff for a single recipe. This only food processor has plentiful add-ons and fittings to do all the better-quality works.

A compact and durable design: The Vitek Kitchen Processor is the flawless kitchen companion if you like to prepare your own food. An additional decent thing about it is that it is made of extremely sturdy constituents. You can assure yourself of an enduring work process! Its compacted design also makes it beneficial to apt into the kitchen stand parting supplementary space for a number of other exertions and pieces of equipment.

Easy to clean: To sum up, the Vitek Multi Kitchen Processor is stress-free to clean up bit by bit. This is conceivable for the reason that there are several fragments that make up this piece of equipment. It can be composed together with no trouble and when you are done, just disassemble it and place it in the dishwasher. Plus, you get special disc cleaner technology for cleaning steel plate discs. Setting it up is a breeze. You won’t need a huge list of directions like any other machine.

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Your safety ensured

The safety mechanism of the Vitek food Processor is accustomed in a way that it won’t work till you take all the safety measures. Furthermore, you must fix all the covers and essentials up until they engross. Thus, if it does not work then, don’t worry; probably you have overlooked to lock anything in a precise way. You will boldly admire the creators’ farsightedness to make components for each blade and accessory. Hence, the appliance won’t create untidiness and you won’t scratch your limb while using it.

Is it worth investing? Yes, of course! Vitek Multi Kitchen Processor can make things easier in your kitchenette and make it really pleasurable to cook foodstuff for your family. What’s more? You really don’t have to compromise with its cost factor. This influential and feature-rich food processor comes to you at an affordable price of 11600 INR. So now, you can come up with flavorsome cuisines with ease at a reasonable rate. With its outstanding quality, brilliant design and exceptional features, it really is a must-have in any kitchen. In the end, offer your kitchen that sophisticated and contemporary charm without a makeover!

Brand Vitek
Color Black, White
Power Input 220-240 V
Power consumption 500 W
Revolutions 330 RPM
Warranty 2 year
Number of blades 1
Material Plastic
Price 11600 INR

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