Philips GC504 Garment Steamer Review: Safe for All fabrics including Silk

Ever wondered the reason why your all styled up clothes don’t feel as impressive as you wanted them to? Even after ironing them? Maybe it’s the color combination or probably you need better clothes altogether!

But what if it’s something you’re not every keen on noticing and obviously why would you? As you have ironed it already! What if the iron you use doesn’t work it way on your clothes with that tint of perfection?

Well, in that case, Philips GC 504/35 Garment Steamer might be just the one for you!

Understand why? We are always present to provide you the information that you ought to know about the product you want to buy. Starting with why is this Philips Garment Steamer any better than the regular iron?

Surveys, articles, and home appliances companies themselves agree to the fact that a garment steamer does a much more superior pressing than the common iron. That happens because the steam makes the wrinkles vanish with utmost refinement. Get crease free clothes everyday now.

Way to go steam! There sure are many other steamers out there but Philips is one of a kind and that is something everyone has to agree about. No matter what other prices you’re getting I don’t find a reason for spending some less bucks on a totally new or not popular brand (understand that it’s not popular for a reason) versus the one that has been doing well since 125 years ago!

Brand matters: This Dutch Company isn’t going to play with you. With years of trust and superb quality, Philips has been capturing hearts and making customers for a lifetime. Flashing up this name in your home will only add up to the quality of living which will indeed stay with you – till a long time if taken the appropriate care. You don’t need to bother much if you’re sure with the fact that you want value for your hard earned money.

Now lets get going and start to know about the various facets you might love about this Philips steamer!

Bigger Steam Plate for Better Results

Steamers are great to use and totally preferable when you start to compare it with the commonly used iron. Though a problem faced by many of the people using a steamer is the small steam plate which does not work very well for most of the clothes. Plus it takes a lot more time to steam all that load of clothes. The tiny wrinkles might slope off but it gets a lot more tougher than you can think of right now when it comes to the deep and large wrinkles.

Care for Clothes: Just in case you haven’t ever used a steamer before and also are one of those true shopaholics, no need to get worried on the fact of – this steamer suiting your precious clothes or not. As no matter what the type of fabric you’re dealing with it is going to culminate even the last crumple with impeccability.

Also, you’d be happy to know that it works even finer for the expensive yet delicate fabrics like silk!

Uninterrupted Steam: If you’re a reader and have actually read the article to this point, you would know that how much we have been telling you about the effortless wrinkle erasing capacity of Philips GC 504. This is mostly because of the continuous steam provided. Sounds funny? Well, let me put it like this. The more amount of steam the cloth gets, the sooner the wrinkles vanish! As the constant pressure doesn’t just drive away the crumples but also gets the work done in no time! Few stokes do the work perfectly.

Philips GC504 Garment Steamer in India

Convenient Hanger

Allowing you to hang all types of your garments, this special garment hanger eases up it all while steaming. The cloth gets the required amount of steam which might be an issue if it is kept on a surface horizontally like done while pressing.

Not only that, this useful hanger comes with an adjustable pole which gives you all you could ask for and even more! Adjusting the height as per your garment is obvious but it also collapses which saves you the effort of finding it some space in the house!

Safety First: To keep you away from the slightest of burns on your hand, Philips GC 504 steamer comes with a Safety Glove which lets you move freely with the steamer thus making things even more suited!

Also, keeping in mind the fact of how harmful polyvinyl chloride is the steamer contains PVC free silicon steam hose. Undoing the possibilities of any more danger while the steamer is in use.

Transparent & Detachable Water Tank

Providing you with a fully detachable water tank which has 1400ml capacity leaving you undisturbed for half and hour! Filling water in containers gets hard if the mouth is not big enough but this one has a wide mouth making the filling easier.

You need not worry every now and then about the finishing up of water and do your clothes with half of the attention cause the transparent tank keeps you totally updated with the water level.


World class Branded Product with Affordable prices: Philips won’t do you wrong, if anything it will only get the true value of money factor satisfied within you. The price is not too high either and with all the various vendors giving you the same product for different prices, fitting in your budget at one of them won’t be a task to hassle with.

Zero Risk of burning those clothes: That’s right! There’s literally no way you get any burn mark on your lovely outfits like you many a times do with the regular iron.

At your Ease: The compact design, safety glove, and the adjustable pole make it so much more convenient to move around and cover the whole garment making it look perfectly done up.

Three-In-One: It just does not iron your clothes but it even makes them odor free and sanitises simultaneously as well! Rushing up to the office or a party simply became much better. A perfect home appliance indeed!

Quick Results: The continuous steam combined wide mouth of the steam plate ensures to iron your garment in hardly a few strokes. You don’t need to press it on with all that pressure anymore.

Two Years Manufacturers Warranty: 24 months is a pretty fine tenure to get that warranty going. Unlike some other steamers, this one is giving you a complete package!


Not Cordless: Given the fact that now you even have cordless steamers available in the market, why settle for less? As working with them is comparatively much more better because it let’s you move around with all of the freedom you wish.

Some Really Critical Feedbacks: While Philips is busy keeping the world happy there are some people who weren’t into the product after using it at all. If this does matter to you, do go through the details well.

Short Power Cable: If you’re someone with certainly less power cords at your home and stretch every other thing to your work area, you might be having some trouble for sure.

Concluding it all

Philips GC504 Steamer is a decent product. Its advantages totally win me over the cons. Besides having a good steamer takes out a lot of time for those who iron their clothes at home. The price is affordable, the layout is sleek and totally compact, you get the quality you pay for and it even sanitises! What more could a person – using the everyday boring iron even ask for?

Philips GC504 Garment Steamer Review and Specifications

Price 6,349 Rupees
Inside the Sales Package Box Unit, Gloves for Extra Protection, Adjustable Pole, Garment Hanger
Steam Output: 33grams per minute, XL Steam Plate; Silicon Manual Steam Nose
Power Consumption 1600 W
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Heat up Tim Less than One Minute
Hose Length 1.3 meter
Power Cord length 1.6 meter
Refill Any Time YES
Water Tank 1400 ml; Detachable Water Tank