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Efficient Havells Food Chopper below 1500 Rupees

Havells X-Pro 250 Watt Chopper Review and Specifications

Havells X-Pro 250-Watt Chopper

Does your homemade soup not taste good? Certainly, a food chopper can help you chop potatoes, onion and other veggies together and make delectable and healthy soups. Now all round the year, your family can be served with a variety of soups. Normally kids might turn their noses up while you chop carrots, garlic, and other smelly vegetables. Do you want them to not know what vegetable is being cooked for them? Well, food chopper is the perfect solution for this. Capable of cutting and preserving the quality of food, you can find all the functions in one single product- food chopper. Get this product and handle all the requirements easily!

Multiple types of choppers are there in the market and it depends on the requirement and budget of the end user as to what types of choppers they will use. In this article, we have tried to list the Havells X-Pro 250-Watt Chopper, which can serve the most in accordance with your requirements. Available in various colors, this food chopper can constitute to be one of the most important parts of the small kitchen appliances in your modern kitchens.

Reward your kids the gift of good health!

Let kids have all surprise and healthy diet as the disliked vegetables will be invisible in the soup! Besides, you can entertain them, your guest and friends with fanciful cuisines. All your delicious cuisines and soups can be homemade with all nutritional supplements in it.

Cut down your food preparation time with angular blades: This device is the perfect way to get uniformly cut vegetables in a reasonable time. Its angular blade made up of stainless steel ensures optimum efficiency by rocking the blade back and forth along the vegetables to be chopped. It can save time and cut down on waste.

Smart and successful brand: With a catchy and elegant advertising strategy, the company owns a track record of various successful acquisitions. The overall compactness, power and design of the gadget symbolize the brand consistency and trustworthiness.

Design to enhance the beauty: Havells X-Pro 250-Watt Chopper is a handy way to quickly chop food for many recipes. This single handed instrument is elegantly designed. The main body encases a handle for a convenient and easy working. So, perform dicing, slicing, chopping and make decorative cuts in the vegetables that too with style!

Additional bowl unit

The entire unit comes with two polycarbonate bowls and a bowl of capacity 750 ml. These containers are of great utility to the chopping functionality and thus, the product converts into a fundamental unit of your kitchen to meet your kitchen needs.

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  • Compact design
  • Appealing body
  • Reliability of brand


  • All plastic
  • Overpriced

Wrapping up with a concluding thought: This machine comes to you under the price cap of 1461 rupees with two years warranty on the product. Though this chopper may serve as a solution for a smart kitchen and busy homemakers, the incongruity here is that the material is all plastic. Likewise, you will encounter a lot of problems.

But, by using this, you will be able to easily finish your entire chopping task within few minutes. Furthermore, the product makes a great gift to someone who really loves to cook and spend much time in the kitchen. In addition, it is a little overpriced as compared to its uses concerned. So, it is imperative to keep your needs and price in your mind before buying.

Price 1461 rupees
Warranty 2 years
Power 250 watts
Bowl Capacity 750 millimeters

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