At GS, we essentially focus on the products that run on electricity. However, starting with this article, we have decided to cover review of products that writers of this website bought online for personal use. Such personal experience would be a great assistance for readers.

Let us understand this new initiative with an example. Amazon has the listing of many branded products under peanut butter; obliviously buyers get confused for their quality and taste. However, by following our experience, one could easily pick a good quality peanut butter jar.

The GS has been a trusted website for electronics products; similarly, support us for the new diary review initiative as well. Yes! We are calling it a diary review because these details are out following a long personal use.

► Hearos Foam Earplugs for a Good Sleep

I am grateful to the Internet and to the online shopping because on click I could buy “Made in America” products which, in fact, impossible to find in the local market.

Sleep Disturbance:-Impossible to get a deep sleep when there is noise around me. In fact, I am not able to get six to seven hours of a complete sleep regularly. I have done almost everything I could to save myself from environment noise while I am sleeping.

Hearos Foam Earplugs for a Good Sleep

Of late, I was searching some product on Amazon, and suddenly the Hearos Foam Earplugs appeared into ‘recommended for you” section below. Yes, Amazon was right; it was a product for me. Without any delay, I had ordered it with an express delivery option.

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My Experience: – I have been using these foam earplugs from last one week now and found it truly amazing. It does what it promises. In the last seven days, I am able to sleep as and when I want, as long as I want; as a result, I feel energetic and ready to take up any challenge at the work.

  1. It can reduce noise up to 32 decimal
  2. Made in America product
  3. Non-toxic product
  4. One Pair works for 20 to 25 days (I cannot confirm this now, though).

Build Quality: – The earplugs are made using good quality materials essentially foam with some noise protection coating all the way around. A great thing about these earplugs is – one does not fill something is inside their ear.

How to use: – You can easily adjust a pair of earplug into your ears. Roll it firmly, make it thin, then slightly pull up your ear, and quickly slide it in. Repeat the same with second ear, too. Check this video for more clarity. Similarly, you can easily take that out, too.

How it works: – Once earplugs have been released inside ears, they distend, blocking the ear for environment noise almost. As I told in the beginning, it works.

Practical experience: – Check the chart below has the real example; the chart gives more clarity on how much noise are the 32 decimal sounds. Although I can confirm by a practical use, if someone watching TV at a good audio in the drawing room, you would not be disturbed by the noise in the attached room with the door closed effectively.

Action Noise Level
Rustling leaves 10 to 20 dB
Library, bird calls 30 to 40 dB
Normal conversation 40 to 60 dB
Snoring 50 to 95 dB
Loud Radio 65 to 75 dB
Busy Street 75 to 85 dB
Heavy Iorry 95 to 100 dB
Chain saw  115 to 120dB

Experts say, in order to have a good sleep, environment noise around should be less than 30 dB. Therefore, these earplugs could be a good solution if someone have sleep disturbance because of bed partner’s snoring.

Earplugs Peanut Butter Travel Bag Punjabi Mango

Total Pair 40
High Noise Reduction 32 Decibels
Quality Non-Toxic, Super soft, neutral foam
Buy 600 to 1400 Rupees


► Ruparel Peanut Butter Creamy

Peanut butter is tasty and nutritious and good for all age groups. I ensure I end my breakfast with a Chapati with a thick layer of peanut butter every day.

In the peanut butter category, in the online and offline market, Sundrop has been the most trusted brand. In fact, only brand whose products are widely available across Bharat.

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I was using Sundrop peanut butter until I encounter Ruparel’s peanut butter at Amazon. Although it is not so nutty, it is creamy and cheaper than Sundrop product. In fact, applying Ruparel’s peanut butter on a Chapati or a bread slicer is easier because of nice texture and maximum cream.

Ruparel’s butter tests more natural, I mean you could feel peanut taste & smell more prominently. Besides nutrition level, cost factor, too, is one of the reasons, why Ruparel product could be the best choice.

Although the product comes with an advice “Refrigerate after opening,” but it can last good without getting spoiled if it is stored in a cool place away from sunlight.

Ruparel Peanut Butter Creamy

Price Ruparel's peanut butter Sundrop Butter
Serving Size 2 tbsp : 32 gram 2 tbsp : 30 gram
Ingredients Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated soya bean oil, salt Roasted peanuts, sugar, stabilizer, Iodized salt
Energy(Kcal) 205 194
Total Fat 16 g 15 g
(Saturated fatty Acids) (3g) (3 g)
(Monounsaturated Fatty Acids) No details (8 g)
(Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) No details (4 g)
(Trans Fatty Acids) (0 g) (0 g)
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 mg
Sodium 120 mg 107 mg
Protein 8 g 8 g
Carbohydrate 7 g 6 g
( sugar ) (3 g ) (2 g )
(Dietary Fiber) (2 g) (2 g )
Vitamin A Less than 2% No details
Vitamin c Less than 2% No details
Calcium Less than 2% No details
Iron 4% No details
Price Rs. 200 for 510 grams Rs. 250 for 462 grams

The above chart is based on the details available at Amazon. I have not done any lab testing to reach the details. One thing is clear though Sundrop is demanding more money for lesser quality in less quantity. Regarding the taste, I have already shared: I love Ruparel’s creamy peanut butter.

During my research, I came across some complaint about Hydrogenated soya bean oil used, which is as the brand describes used to prevent separation. There are thousands of reports online saying for and against the use of (partial) hydrogenated soya bean oil. Then, I looked at the FDA USA report, which confirms that there is no such credible research proving: the processed oil mostly used in the processed food is not safe for human consumption or there is any adverse effect of that.

Interesting, Sundrop product is also not doing well here. Mono & Diglyceride of fatty acids used in Sundrop peanut butter believed to be not so good for human consumption. There is more information available indicating the source (vegetable and animal) and the adverse effect of it.

I have shared pros and cons of peanut butter, made and sealed by the market leader Sundrop and Gujarat-based Ruparel Foods Pvt Ltd. I am sure now you can take a well-informed decision.


► Bleu Durable & Convenient Blue Travel Bag

Finding a stylish and tough travel bag in high price segment is easy; however, a real deal is to pick one in low budget segment especially from 1000 rupees group.

Recently I bought Bleu travel bag at Amazon after analyzing a couple of good options. The bag is cheaper; I paid only 750 rupees for it. If you want to buy a good quality medium size bag, this Bleu bag could a good choice.

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Build Quality:-Made using polyester, it is light, weighs in at only 1.4 kg. It is measured as 27.9 cm in height & width, and 53.3 cm in length. Carrying this bag to a long journey made easy with U-shape top handle, and adjustable shoulder belt with a thick rest pad.

Unlike a regular bag, here, the shoulder strap as one single piece is passing through sides and underneath of the bag, and adjoining at top using steel buckle. This can be much more long lasting than the shoulder strap, which end points are stitched at both sides of a bag.

Double stitch patterns have been used at most places: inside and outside; especially at those places where excess jerk is possible while traveling with it. For the main compartment, twin zipper faster has been given so that one can use an external lock for the safety of clothes and other things inside.

The bag has a total of five compartments, sufficient to keep all basic things needed for one week of a journey. Besides the main compartment, which by the way, spacious enough for keeping Sarees, suit, shirt, paint, and other Indian clothes, there is two more compartments placed at both the sides, and two pockets as well. To protect its base from surface, four tough plastic feet are stitched underneath on even distance.

Bleu 509 travel bag at the price of 750 rupees is lightweight, attractive, and durable. I am not saying this one is the only best quality at Amazon rather it is one good product I bought recently. This is a value for money travel bag.Bleu Durable Convenient Blue Travel Bag

Suitable for Men and Woman
Compartment 1 main + 2 side
Pockets Two
Material   Polyester
Weight 1.4 Kilograms
Buy 750 Rupees


► Mother's Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle

Bharat is the land of great foods. Nutrition value, a fine balance between ingredients, amazing verity, and unique taste are some of the key factors making Indian food superior. Only the Indian food has the range of food that can satisfy eaters according to their imagination. Spicy pickle has a dominant place in the Indian food plate.

Indian pickle is unique, spicy, and just one spoon of it brings satisfaction with the food. Homemade pickle is always best. If homemade pickle is not in reach, try some premium quality ready-made pickle available in the market.

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I keep at least three to five variety of pickle in my kitchen. Every time I visit shopping center or a grocery market, I make sure to find time for a random look at Pickle corner. Finding a good quality pickle is difficult. Without testing, one may not know whether the picket taste is good or bad. In fact, I have lost good money on third-rate pickles. Even branded pickle turns out to be horrible sometimes.

Mother’s Pickle: – If you know this brand and using its product, I have not much to say then.

So far, I have tasted pickles of ten or twelve brands, some of them were good, and the rest were horrible. However, I found Mother’s pickle best among all.

The brand makes many verities of pickles with regional flavor: Punjabi Mango, Garlic, Lime, and Lime & Chilli are some of them I have used and found tasty and interesting. I had also tried mixed vegetable pickle once, but the taste was not so good.

If homemade pickle is available in your kitchen, then no need to look for a pickle bottle online. Choose Mother’s recipe product for a great taste if you search some quality pickle online or in the local glossary store.

Recently I brought Patanjali’s Amala Pickle: very tasty, nutritious, and cheaper than any other branded readymade pickle. Thank you Baba Ramdev for a great quality product. In fact, without worrying about health I could eat Patanjali pickle with every meal now.

Mother Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle

Weight 400 Grams
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Buy 79 Rupees


► ECellStreet Transparent Back Case Cover for smartphone

Searching a good quality case & cover for a new smartphone is much more difficult than deciding the mobile phone itself. There are hundreds of brand selling case & cover, imported from China in the online and offline market.

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Buying a case & cover in the local market is also no help. The shopkeeper will not let you open the product seal until the price is paid. Once payment is made, whether the cover fits accurately on your smartphone or there is some mismatch, the shopkeeper hardly bothers.

Since case & cover is not so important, one hardly cares for brands in this category. Therefore, I would like to introduce ECellStreet, exclusively at Amazon, making or importing whatever, but selling excellent quality silicon and plastic case, cover, and screen guard for newly launched smartphones.

I am using ECellStreet silicon cover for my Asus Max and I recommended it to my friends as well. At Amazon, this unknown brand/seller has been getting mostly four and five-star rating for its products.

Besides dull quality, one big problem all non-branded case & cover has is that they do not fit accurately. My friends and I, too, found ECellStreet products almost 98 to 99 percent accurate according to the design of a smartphone. This is indeed a big thing.

If ECellStreet case & cover is available for your smartphone, then no need to look for other options. I am sure the case/cover/screen guard, whichever you buy will be fully fit for a smartphone design by having utmost precision in the cut for camera bump, headphone jack, and volume & power button, etc.

ECellStreet Transparent Soft Back Case Cover Back Cover

Buy 100 to 1000 Rupees


► Cee Pee Red Chilli Powder & Sabji Masala

Bharat could become the land of great foods because Bharat is the land of spices. As much as spices have impacted us, no other things have been able to do that. European came here in search of spices. That resulted in British rule for over 200 years.

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MDH, Everest, Catch, and Aachi are some of the top spice brands in Bharat. They are selling the best quality spice mix; cooking delicious food becomes easy by using such spice mixture. However, I would like to introduce a new spice brand, Cee Pee, which makes excellent quality spices as superior as the spice quality by some top brands.

Cee Pee is a hardly known brand; in fact, I had first encountered it at Amazon. My love for cooking forced me to try chili powder and Sabji Masala of this new brand.

My decision of buying Cee Pee spices turned out to be very right. The spices were really good. I suggest Cee Pee spice; try it once. I am sure you would like it.

Cee Pee Red Chilli Powder

weight 100 Gram
Buy 40 Rupees