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Best Premium Earphones below 8000 rs

best stylish earphones below 8000 rs

Premium earphones are the lasting solution for listening to music on mobile phones. In as much as most people do not consider buying earpieces worth anything beyond 1000rs, durability is a factor to consider when spending money on electronics. Upgrading to a pair of high-end earphones could save you money in the long run.

Actually, finding a decent pair of durable earphones under 1000 is almost impossible. This is because the market is flooded with cheap earphones from China. Of course, considering the proximity of India to China, you can guess that most of the substandard earphones find their way to India more easily than anywhere else in the world.

So how do you avoid falling for counterfeit headsets? You simply put your money where your mouth is by purchasing a pair of premium headphones from the best earphones brands. Perhaps this might sound crazy, but products from companies like 1More, FiiO, and Sennheiser are worth the risk. As a matter of fact, their earphones have a reputation for outliving competitor products several times over.

In this article, we review the most exceptional earphones between 7000 to 8000 rs price mark. Our top choice in this list was the 1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic. Here are our two cents on this pair of headsets. Read also Best Earphone below 500 rs in India Market.

► 1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic

1More is an award-winning earphones manufacturer that has over time established itself as an industry leader. The company manufactures both in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. Remarkably, the company was the first earphone brand to produce THX Certified headphones.

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1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic below 8000 rs

Perhaps the company’s success comes from the fact that this Chinese brand has a considerable investment from renowned mobile brand Xiaomi Corporation. 1More already dominates the Asian market and has since expanded its interests to the United States. Here is why the 1More triple driver headsets are the best earphones for bass and sound quality in India.

Powerful bass Output: A triple driver setup powers the pair of in-ear headphones for loud and clear sound and enhanced bass quality. The three drivers in each of the earphones are placed strategically and have different frequency ranges. Essentially, this arrangement is meant for simulating a spacious or concert-like sound output.

This three drivers consist of a dynamic bass driver and two armature drivers for extra clarity. Furthermore, the company hired Luca Bignardi to fine-tune the earphones. Luca happens to be one of the best sound engineers in the world.

→ Ergonomic design for added comfort

You are probably familiar with the kind of discomfort that in-ear earphones can sometimes subject their users to. Apparently, the cheaper you go, the bumpier the ride gets. When 1more designed these stylish earphones, the aim was to provide the user with a cozy experience.

For this reason, the manufacturer crafted a cutting-edge design for this pair of earphones. First, the designers had to think of a way to accommodate all three drivers without making the earphones heavy or bulky.

Also, they had to look for a way to offset the earphones’ weight without solely depending on the ear’s external auditory canal. Conventional earphones rely only on your ear canal in order to support their weight. This kind of design may get exceedingly uncomfortable, especially if you use the earphones for a long time.

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1MORE Earphone Triple Driver Setup

To counter this challenge, 1more crafted an ingenious structure for their good quality earphones. To begin with, the engineers built the earphone’s shell with an oblique angle. This angling helps the earphones rest on the ear’s antitragus thus relieving the ear canal. This way the user can use the earphones for long, without stressing the auditory canal. Additionally, the manufacturer includes 9 sets of ear tips to suit different ear sizes and environments.

 → Superb control system

What makes the 1More triple driver earphones among the top earphones in India — is their user-friendly nature. The manufacturer included an impressive inline control system embedded with a microphone chip within it. This intelligent control system is compatible with all smart devices including iOS and Android devices. The earphones also have a shirt clip, which you can use to attach their cable on your attire securely.

Price 7777 Rupees
Speaker Triple Driver | Impedance 35Ω | Sensitivity 100 dB/mW | Frequency Range   20-40,000 Hz | Rated Power 5mW | 2 Armature coils for mid and high frequencies | Single dynamic coil for low range frequencies
Build Weight 18 Grams | Cable Length 1.25-meter | Wire Material Enameled Copper Wire | Lightweight Aluminum alloy earpieces
Compatible iPhone | iPad | iPod | MacBook |  Smartphone |  PC |  Laptop |  Amp |  Tablets
Features Three Drivers | Expertly Tuned | Comfortable Ergonomic Design | Intelligent Control Technology
Warranty 12 Months | [email protected] | 1More Customer Care – 8007791791
Sales Box Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones | 6 sets of silicone ear tips | 3 sets of foam ear tips | Magnetic clasping traveling case | Attractive storage case | Quality dual prong airline adapter | Matching shirt clip
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