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Creative In-ear Headphones below 7000 Rupees

Creative Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones in India

The brand Creative is one of the top favorite names in earphone, headphone, and audio system markets. In this exclusive review, the GS team presents a crisp review of a top-rated Creative Creative Aurvana In-Ear, which is available under 7000 Rupees. This review could help you to take an appropriate decision on – whether to buy it or not. After all, it is not a cheap earphone.

Creative Labs Corporation is slowly gaining a reputation in producing premium headphones for its esteemed customers. Their Aurvana series is surely a people magnet. First there was the Aurvana ANC headphones, then the Aurvana In-Ear Plus and now their recent announcement of the Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus. Nobody really knows what Creative will be releasing next. In this review, I will touch on their most phenomenal release, the In-Ear Plus. The Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones are a serious affair. Scaling up to a price of 9900 Rupees, these are not the kind of earphones you find at the pawn shop.

These pair of earphones have a balanced low and mid-range sound, but the highs are a little bit exaggerated. I, however, hate the fact this product experiences sound distortion at high volumes. For such an expensive product, this should not be the case. I think, Creative has corrected this flaw in their successive In-Ear3 plus. All in all this product has some likeable characteristics, which I am going to discus in this piece.

► Creative Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones

Seeing this earphones for the very first time can make you go nuts. Their striking shiny plastic cover with an Aurvana logo looks quite stunning. Moreover, this product is no shaped like the usual earphones we know. At first, I even wondered which part should be facing upwards or downwards. However, I learned later that the weird design is meant to ensure a more secure grip. Moreover, the unique design allows for a woofer and a tweeter to be fitted concurrently. The earphones are covered in a glossy metallic color, which has the Aurvana logo engraved on top of it.

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The cable is made of rubbery plastic although it has been changed in the In-Ear3 version to a plaited fabric covering. The rubber covering does not tangle up easily thus adding on to the durability of the earphones. While packing the In-Ear Plus headphones, Creative thought about all the users of this pair of headphones. That explains why they included three sets of ear tips to suit all sizes of ears. The product also comes with a standard airline adapter, which you can use with your 3.5-mm jack. Creative also included a pouch for these headphones.

→ Excellent performance and HD Sound output

All tones, (high, mid and low tones) are done moderately. The bass is not as hefty as you would have imagined but I like the mid-range tones on this piece. However, the sound output will very much depend on the nature of your phone or device. For example, for an iPhone 3 I noted that if you want an optimum bass, you must max the volume on the earphone’s toggle while selecting the lowest volume on the iPhone.

For other weaker devices like MP3 players and iPods, you can get the best bass when using a superior earphone amplifier. It is also advisable that you only use the ear tips that fit perfectly on you to allow for an effective sound isolation. Although the tweeter-woofer combination in these set of earphones is pretty much a new phenomenon, it works just fine. The effect of each of the two drivers can be heard with utter clarity.

→ Call Reception Quality

These earphones can also receive calls easily. The noise isolating design on the earbuds means that you can hear everything perfectly. There is also an in-line Microphone on the audio cord, inside the control tool. You can adjust the volumes on either your gadget or on the earphones. The cord measures about 1.2 meters. Therefore it’s long enough to allow you take a call, even if your phone is tucked tightly, at your pants’ back pocket.

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Creative Aurvana In-Ear Plus earphones Review and Specifications

Pricing and verdict: You can buy this awesome earphone in the price range of 6000 to 8000 Rupees. Like it and finding its features and function appropriate, Insist on waiting for a good deal to order it online. The In-Ear3 version is a bit expensive. Being just some standard earphones, I wouldn’t complain much about these earphones. However, I have an issue with the sound distortion at high volumes. Nevertheless, it’s not even safe to use your earphones at high volumes, and therefore, this should deter you from buying them. If you can spend that kind of money on a pair of earphones, then you have my go-ahead to buy these particular earphones.

Price 7000 Rupees
Brand Creative
Driver  type Balance Armature
Noise isolation design Yes
Weight 13 grams on average
Cord type Oxygen free
Cord length 1.2 meters (4.2 ft)
Cord material Rubbery plastic or braided
Connector type 3.5-mm jack
Inline control Yes-volume toggles
Call reception Yes, with an inline microphone
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