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Best Earphones below 3500 Rupees

Best Earphone Under 3500 Rupees in India Market

Hitting the gym with some cool earphones is something that is at the very least inspirational. If you are one those people that love listening to music or motivational audios while working out, then a decent pair of headphones is a requisite. In this piece, we evaluate some of the best budget sports earphones in India. This is particularly a very competitive market though we limited ourselves only to high-performing, sturdy and affordable earphones.

In the past, we have exhaustively covered some of the best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 rupees. However, in this editorial, we took into account the aspect of style and creativity in the design. Of course, when we are talking about earphones that cost more than a modest home speaker system, they’ve got to be the best looking. In addition, gym earphones ought to be sturdy. Preferably they should be wireless earphones.

Unlike wired earphones, Bluetooth earphones provide the user with added mobility and flexibility. This is precisely the kind of tractability you need when exercising. Furthermore, wireless earphones guarantee a choppy-free playback experience. This means that the music plays consistently even when performing rigorous activities.  With wireless earphones, there are hardly any audio breakages unlike in the case of wired earphones. Here is our comprehensive list of the best gym earphones below 3500 rs.

► Tagg Sports Plus Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

Tagg has remained one of the top earphone brands in India. The company competes quite favorably with other premium earphones brands like Sennheiser and 1More. We happened to review their Sports plus Bluetooth Earphones with Mic and here is what we liked about the earpieces.

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Tagg Sports Plus Bluetooth Headset

Excellent design: One area that Tagg invested considerably in, was the design aspect. These wireless earphones flaunt a futuristic and oblique design.  Certainly, the angled design has to do with the ergonomics. Also, the manufacturer included 3 ear tip sets, each of a different size. This means that you can select whichever ear tip size that fits you best.

→ Magnetic Lock for secure docking around the neck

Notably, the designers built these wireless earphones with a magnetic Lock. This lock helps the user secure the earpieces around the neck in the form of a necklace using this cable. To add to the aesthetics, the cable is braided beautifully. This — not only makes it tangle-free — but also extra sturdy.

Long-life Battery: What makes these earphones the best wireless earphones in India is the battery life. This pair of earphones uses two 60-mAh batteries.  The dual batteries can last for at least 8 hours when playing music continuously. It takes approximately 2-hours to charge the batteries fully.

Further, Tagg Sports Plus in-ear earphones use Bluetooth V4.1 for connectivity. That supports up to 25-ft of working range from the connected smart device. Thus, considering its punchy sound, eye-catching design, and seamless connectivity I would not wrong in rating it the best pair of earphones under 3500 Rupees currently. Not to miss, Tagg brand offers 12 months replacement warranty.

Price 3500 Rupees
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 | Range 25 Feet
Battery 2×60-mAh | Charging Time 120 minutes | Talk Time 8 Hours | Standby Time 180 Hours
Weight 25 Grams
Features True HD Sound | In-Line Calling Controls | Smart Battery | SLEEK & ERGONOMIC DESIGN | BUILT-IN MAGNETS
Warranty 12 Months Replacement | Tagg Customer Care [email protected] | 011- 41012060
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