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Top Wireless Earphones below 3000 Rs

Top Earphones below 3000 Rupees in India Market

I recently broke my Sony sports earphones in the gym, and since then my life has not been the same. My previous pair of earphones was the Sony MDR XB50BS. I must admit that they were pretty expensive back then, though I have used them for more than a year now. Consequently, I found myself looking for the best budget earphones on the market today. Not that I couldn’t afford to repurchase the MDR XB50BS in-ear earphones, but because I was curious.

Of course, by now, many top earphone brands in India have released better-performing earphones than the old Sony product I was using previously. So there was no way that I could spend more money on an old pair of earphones while I can still buy a cheaper version that performs better. So I stepped up to look for the best high-quality earphones that would outperform my previous headsets. However, to keep things on a budget, I set 3000 Rs as my price point. Below are my findings from my quest. Please note that most of the earphones covered in this article are particularly suitable for gymnasts and athletes. Sturdiness and audio performance was my main focus.

► Anker SoundBuds Sports NB10 Bluetooth Earphones

Anker is a reputable Chinese electronics brand situated in Shenzhen, China. Since its inception, the company has relied on Asia and in particular India as its primary market. Their Sports NB10 Bluetooth Earphones were the first product on my list. Here is what I liked about these gym earphones:

Anker Sound Buds Sports NB10 Bluetooth Earphones

Fantastic build: These are probably the best wireless earphones under 3000 when considering the build quality and design. The manufacturer crafted this product to fit perfectly around your neck. Notably, the neckband is designed ergonomically, while the earpieces have an oblique angle. This means that the earpieces don’t stress your ear canal since their entire weight is spread evenly around your neck. In addition, the tight snug neckband gives you a distraction-free experience even when performing stringent and rigorous gym activities. If style is your mantra, then here is a product that matches every aspect of style. The stylish buttons and curvilinear design give this product a futuristic, premium look.

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→ Water resistant body

The NB10 has an IPX5-rated shell which protects any water or moisture from damaging the device. If you are looking for durable earphones with mic in India, I would highly recommend these earphones. For one, I liked the fact their sturdy shell and design, kind of resemble that of my previous Sony earphones. Compared to my old Sony MDR XB50BS, these Anker earphones were not only sturdier but also pocket-friendly.

Cons: Nonetheless, the audio quality on this product couldn’t match that of the Sony MDR-XB50BS. The bass, in particular, is disappointing, while the noise cancellation mechanism is faltering.

Price 2550 Rupees
Speaker Sensitivity 123 dB | Resistance: 9Ω | Frequency Response Range: 8-25000 Hz | Powerful Sound
Build Wireless Connectivity | Volume Control | Waterproof IPX5 | Style Neckband | Control Button: Yes | Perfect Fit for Sports | Flexible hooking design | customizable Fit Clips and Ear Tips | Active Noise-Cancellation
Warranty 18 Months


► Chevron Truly Stereo Bluetooth Earphones with Deep Bass

To solve the problems of the afore-discussed product, I found another better-looking, more convenient and higher performing product. This product was none other than the Chevron Truly Wireless Bluetooth v4.2 Earphones. At first, I confused these earphones with some kind of high-tech, FBI spying equipment. It’s even a wonder that they do sell these earphones in the consumer market.

Convenient and out of the box design: In all aspects, these are the best earphones for mobile. To begin with, the detachable ear buds give you unlimited mobility, not to mention an interaction-free experience. Considering the aesthetics, the Chevron Truly wireless in-ear earphones complement your style in a way that no other product in this price range can. Their discreet nature means that you can use them even in earphone-prohibited areas. Though I don’t encourage you to do so.

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Chevron Bluetooth Earphones With Deep Bass Stereo Sound

With this product, there’s no more tangling and long earphone cables. Just you and the charging base in your pocket and you are good to go. I also confirmed that the manufacturer includes an optional neckband and a carrying pouch in the package. Though I think that the neckband is useless here.

→ Wireless charging technology and powerful bass

Coincidentally, these are also among the best bass earphones in India. The audio clarity on this product is exemplary, not to mention that the noise cancellation is 100% effective. Unlike other wireless earphones, this product uses a charging dock, which implies that the earbud batteries don’t have to be heavy. The primary battery is a 1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer integrated this battery with wireless charging technology. This way, you can charge the earphones even while on the move.

Cons: Lacks FM radio and SD card slot.  Most products with this design have these two essential features.

Price 2850 Rupees
Battery Magnetic Charging | 1500 mAh Charging Case | 20 Hours Music Play Time with Charging Case | 120 Hours Standby Time | 10 Minute Quick Charging
Build 6 Grams Each Earphone| Noise Cancellation Technology | Lightweight Build | HD MIC for Calling | Universal Compatibility | IPX4 Rating | Ultra Compact Design
Speaker High Fidelity Sound Speaker
Warranty 12 Months
Sales Box A Pair of Chevron Earphones | Chevron Carrying Pouch | 3 Extra Ear Tips | Micro USB Charge Cable | User Manual | 12 Months Internal Warranty Card

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