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Top Premium Earphones below 15000 Rupees

Best premium earphones below 15000 Rupees in India market

Jonathan Heimberg once said, “It is very rare that cheap decisions will make a great impact.” Basically, the wise man was trying to say that quality decisions don’t come cheap, but when executed they make most immense impacts on our lives. Premium earphones are a perfect case in point. Often, people prefer buying cheap earphones over premium earphones. However, it’s almost impossible to find heavy duty earphones in the lower price tiers.  Therefore, people buying cheap headsets repeatedly find themselves buying bogus and flimsy pairs of headphones.

In contrast, people who buy premium earphones instead of their cheap cousins, seldom find themselves needing to buy another pair of headsets. In this piece, we disclose to you some of the best earphones in India. All the products mentioned in this editorial have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by The Gadgets Shiksha team, so have no doubt with this exposé.

Our price limit in this article is 15000 Rupees. At the moment, there are not so many earphone brands in India that have products within this price range. Generally, low-cost earphones from China dominate India's earphone market. All the same, there are a number of reputable earphone brands in the country that focus majorly on high-end headsets. Have a look at our collection of best earphones priced between 12000 and 15000 Rs.

► 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones with Mic

1more has been rocking the Indian premium earphone market since its inception a couple of years ago. The company’s primary emphasis is on high-performance earphones. Actually, 1More was the very first earphones brand to receive THX certification.

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The company has outlets across 26 countries, India included. Being one of the top earphone brands in India, the company has gradually garnered a considerable customer base in the country. We happened to test drive these earphones hands-on and liked almost everything underneath them. However, this article limits itself only to the product’s exceptional features. Have a look:

Quad Driver Setup: To start with, these headsets use a Four-driver setup which creates a balanced audio surround. In some way, the 1More Quad drivers challenge Sennheiser’s HD 600 earphones, especially when it comes to bass output. This is partly because these headsets utilize three of the manufacturer’s patented armature drivers. The concept behind how these three drivers collaborate is quite complicated as it involves a small vibrating reed balanced between two magnets. The vibrations from the reed are then amplified through a stiff diaphragm that is free from reverberation. This complex system makes the 1More Quads the best earphones for bass and sound quality in India.

→ Ergonomic and durable design

If you have used premium earphones before, then you probably understand how high-end earphones are tuned for comfort. These 1More earphones are no different. 1More built a streamlined aluminum sound chamber for each of the earpieces. Aluminum is light in weight though resilient.  The aluminum shell keeps the 1More quad earphones stylish and comfortable but very tough on the outside. If you are looking for the best gym earphones in India, then these earphones are a perfect choice.

1MORE Quad Driver Earphone with Mic

To add onto the comfort, the engineers twisted the ear tips on these earphones to achieve an oblique 45° In-Ear Design. This design eases the stress on the ear canal after using these earphones for long hours. Medical experts recommend that earphones should feature slight angling so as distribute their weight on to the ear’s outer part, instead of straining the ear canal.

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→ Superior MEMS inline microphone

If you are looking for a pair of reliable bass earphones with mic, then these 1More earphones are everything you need. Just like in all 1More premium earphones, these quad-driver earphones utilize a MEMS inline microphone. The microphone delivers ultra-clear voice responses during calls and sound recordings. Additionally, the inline remote control is metallic meaning that it’s totally durable.

Price 13500 Rupees
Feature 3 Balanced Armature Drivers | THX Certified Earphone (THX certification is a global assurance of uncompromising quality) | Graphene Composite Diaphragm | Comfort, ergonomics and sonic balance |
Sound Impedance 32 ohm | Sensitivity 100 dB/mW | Frequency 20 – 40K Hz | Rated Power 5mW
Build 45 Degree In-ear Design | 18.5 Grams weight | 1.25-meter Oxygen-free Copper Wire |
Warranty 12 Months | 1More Earphone customer care: [email protected] Phone no.:8007791791

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