iBall despite hiring Kareena Kapoor Khan as brand ambassador has failed to improve its market share in the computer peripheral market. My assumption is iBall could have gained more by opting to spend the money on improving its customer support, paid to Kareena.

I am saying this because I bought this iBall TV tuner as it is fully fit for my requirement and have a lot of features, too. And, my experience was bad from the very first time when interacted with iBall’s customer support.

Sometimes buying a low key product is a big headache. In the online market, there are hundreds of internal and external TV Tuners available. Thus, which one might suit the requirement and is durable, too …determining is a matter of lots of fact-finding and research. Trouble is also because TV tuners are generally made by those brands have the low brand reputation.

iBall Claro CTV27 External TV Tuner / AV / FM Radio

Priced at just 1600 Rupees, the iBall Claro CTV27 is undoubtedly one of the most used computer peripherals at my place and thus a worthy investment for me. I use this to watch TV on my Dell computer monitor.

iBall Claro CTV27 TV Tuner Connectivity Ports Part One

Supported Computer Peripheral: Essentially this device is designed to turn your PC or just a bare monitor into a full-fledged working TV. Its sales box includes a device stand, remote controller, and a power adapter. In order to make connectivity easy, all necessary cables are also included in the sales box: VGA, Audio, FM antenna, and AV cable.

 How to connect this to your PC and Monitor: The user manual given in TV tuner sales box is interesting. One needs the graphical representation of connectivity diagrams in the user manual to set this tuner correctly. iBall’s customer support though difficult in reaching them but can help in setting and tuning this to translate TV signal into TV programs on screen.

At my place, I use this to transmit signal from Tata Sky DTH to my Dell computer monitor. For connectivity, VGA cable from the Dell monitor goes to the VGA port of this iBall TV tuner. Further, speaker audio cable goes into the audio out port of this tuner.

It supports Video, PC, and PC+Video modes. And, TV runs by this tuner in its video mode. When using this with a computer system then users will also use the computer for regular works. Then use the PC mode. And, when users want to use PC and TV service together then use PC + Video mode. Since I use it just to watch TV programs on Dell monitor, I have fixed it into video mode. Changing in mode is possible by the remote controller.

iBall Claro CTV27 TV Tuner Connectivity Ports Part Two

Features of This iBall TV Tuner

Let us start with the picture quality that this iBall tuner could produce. This is really impressive that it could produce video in the aspect ratio of 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10. Thus, it is one perfect TV tuner for telecasting all available television contents in their original shape and quality. This is important because if a 4:3 TV programs are shown in 16:9 aspect ratio, there will be significant degrade in the quality.

In terms of resolution support, this iBall Claro external tuner can go up to full HD that is 1920 × 1080 Pixels. This, too, is perfect because most TV contents are available either in 480P or 720P quality. In that case, its support to full HD or 1080P is the best it could produce. Also, having its ability to produce 1080P video means it can telecast 480P and 720P TV content without compromising quality.

Further, the signal type supported by this tuner is PAL, NTSC, and SECAM. There are other features too to enhance output video quality. However, I would specifically mention the noise reduction feature that effectively reduces noise in video part. And, I must agree, when comes to video and sound quality, it is certainly an effective and good quality TV tuner. In my current use, I do not see any pixel or any type of noise in video and audio output.

iBall Claro CTV27 External TV Tuner Review and Specifications

Pro Features of this TV Tuner:-

  • Two years of warranty
  • Full HD Support
  • Reliable quality
  • 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 aspect ratio support
  • Remote controller
  • Child Lock
  • Built-in FM Radio
  • Stand in the box for tuner

Conclusion: I have already said at the start that 1500 rupees paid for this TV is indeed a worthy investment by me. This clears my opinion about this iBall product.

If one could be able to set it correctly, it makes life easy. I have been using this iBall tuner from last six months. If you are looking for an external TV tuner, there is no better device than this iBall Claro CTV27 in market, which also comes with built-in FM radio.

Price 1600 Rupees
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9, 16:10
Maximum Resolution Support 1920×1080 Pixels
Warranty Two Year
Additional Feature FM Radio