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Dual SIM Sony Xperia Flagship with 23 MP Camera and 3GB RAM

Sony Xperia Z5 Dual Power Button

Japanese brand Sony has unveiled its latest flagship the Xperia Z5 dual for Asian market addressing a large audience with most practical SIM architecture, the dual-SIM mode.

Of late, the brand has been making a paradigm shift to target much wider market by launching multiple variants of its every new smartphone model. In case, of the latest flagship, Sony has launched three handsets namely Xperia Z5 Premium, world’s first device with the 4K display, Xperia Z5 Compact, a compact powerhouse, and then there is the Xperia Z5, which lies somewhere in the middle. While, in specs, the device might seem similar to the Xperia Z3+, but Sony is betting strongly on the 23-MP primary camera shooter of the Z5. Let us have a better look into this powerhouse.

Uniform Built Glass Panel and Elegant Design

At first, you might believe that the Xperia Z5 looks similar to its predecessors, but a better would show the difference. Sony has been implementing its uniform design scheme (I love Sony’s design) with many handsets now. However, it seems, the company has taken it to a completely new level with the Xperia Z5.

The Z5 looks almost identical to the older siblings. From every angle, no more accents on curves or groves, no obvious grills on the body even all the regular button and ports are adjusted inline brilliantly. I must appreciate Sony for a simple exterior on this flagship phone, which is premium and solid as well.

Further, overall built and design of this phone proves how hard Sony’s design lab has worked to get a single uniform outer shell. The glass panel on the back also has a very distinctive look and feel. Frosted Glass, allows the phone to retain a glass finish, but without the fingerprints.

Buttons control and Ports: Pretty much the front panel of this Sony device is bare. Find the 5.1-MP front camera, a silent LED notification light, and earpiece, along with the brand Logo there. Thanks to Sony’s minimalistic design scheme, the earpiece grill is almost invisible. The left side of the devices houses a flap for the micro-SD and SIM Cards slots. The right side houses a silver power button, which doubles up as a fingerprint scanner, which is quite a unique position. Below the power button is the volume rocker. This is a very inconvenient positioning for volume control tagging a shutter button just underneath.

Sony Xpera Z5 Dual Body

The 3.5mm audio jack is located on the top, while the micro USB port rests on the bottom of the Xperia Z5. While looking to the back of this phone, we find the 23MP camera lens, LED flash, some Sony &Xperia branding and a tiny NFC logo as well.

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The phone is IP68 certified meaning it is dust-proof and water resistant over 1.5 meters and 30 minutes.

5.2-inch FHD IPS LCD Display

The Xperia Z5 includes a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Now a QHD display might have been nice for a flagship, but Sony has filled this void with its Z5 premium, which is the first Phone in the market with a real 4K display.

I fully endorse an FHD display, which is in my opinion, sufficient for a flagship smartphone. Sony boosts the Z5 dual’s FHD display with a much realistic figure of pixel density, which is 428 PPI. The balance of features and supporting hardware of this advanced display makes it look adequate for a 5.2-inch display.

Sony has used its years of experience and signature technologies to present one of the best displays in the market. The display is nice and sharp, the blacks are high, and the phone is exceptionally bright. The 1080p display does really well. However, the Z5 dual still does not look as good as Z5 compact or in fact, Z3 Plus, but it is nothing that the average user will notice.

Powerful Performance with Octa-Core Processor and 3GB RAM: The Xperia Z5 runs on the top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with two quad cores clocked at 1.5GHz and 2GHz. For high-speed delivery of graphics and multimedia content, it features Adreno 430 graphic processor along with 3GB of RAM. In terms of the hardware, this phone ticks all the right boxes for a flagship.

The snapdragon 810 chipset has been known to have overheating issues, but Sony has gone the extra mile in order to combat the issue. The Z5 uses a dual heat-pipe cooling system and quite a bit of high-efficiency thermal paste. This is truly an appreciable move from the company. However, even with the added cooling systems, the phone does get a bit heated but it is fairly tolerable.

The Z5’s performance is everything you would expect from a flagship and it can easily take on the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4.

Sony Xpera Z5 Dual Specifications

Memory Expansion up to 200 GB

In terms of memory, the Z5 comes with 32 GB onboard storage space, which can be expanded up to an amazing 200GB via a micro SD card.

Android Operating System: The Xperia Z5 Dual SIM smartphone runs Android Lollipop 5.1.1 out of the box with Sony’s signature launcher on top. The launcher is pretty much similar to what we have seen earlier on other Sony flagships in terms of user interface, bundled apps, and navigation. However, the day-to-day experience will be better and different with Android Lollipop’s material design scheme, which is running on top as default. There are five home screens by default and you cannot have more than seven home screens at any given time.

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Sony grabs some concept features from the moving technology in the market. Similar to Samsung’s flagship phone feature “Mini Apps,” Sony offers a similar yet better “Small Apps,” which is a concept feature in the new Xperia UI.

What is this “Small App” feature? These pop up tiny widget-like applications on the home screen, which you can move around and use without having to open the full-fledged app. In simple word, you can use the application without opening the real application. The list of small Apps available includes Bookmarks, Active Clip, Calculator, Music, Timer, Calendar, Touch Block, Browser, and my favorite the Gmail.

2900 mAh Battery for a Flagship: The Xperia Z5 Dual features a 2900 mAh battery this is lower than the 3430 mAh of the Z5 premium but better than the 2700 mAh of Z5 compact. Thanks to Sony’s battery efficiency technology onboard, the Z5 dual will last you two days on a full charge with average usage.

The Best Smartphone Camera with Sony Hardware and Software

Every flagship needs a powerful camera to complete its spec sheet and Sony is betting big on Xperia Z5’s camera. The device is equipped with a 23MP phase detection autofocus primary camera with an LED flash and a 5.1 MP front camera.

The 23 MP camera has a resolution of 5520 х 4140 pixels and uses the Sony IMX300 sensor. Actually the sensor is what makes this camera unique.  While Sony is marketing the rear shooter as a 23MP lens, but in reality, it is a multi-aspect sensor has quite a bit more pixels, about 25MP to be exact.

Sony Xpera Z5 Dual Headphone Jack

Even with an impressive hardware, the Z5 does suffer a bit from the poor software algorithm applied for its camera. The details seemed bit water downed probably due to a Noise reduction algorithm. The company is planning to roll out a software upgrade for the camera and probably these issues might be corrected in the upgrade. However, even with a few negatives, the Xperia Z5 has good color representation, a wide range, and a very fast auto-focus.

For a better photography, you will have to reset the phone camera application according to the situation. However, with the Xperia Z5, which many people buy only for the best smartphone photography, Sony makes things much better in Superior Auto mode than the manual mode. It seems the auto mode on this phone has gotten better. Our test shows, you will get far better snaps in the Superior Auto mode than a manual (zero-config) approach.

The front facing 5.1MP camera also does a fairly good job photos carry a nice colour and are in rich details.

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The impressive hardware is capable of shooting UHD 2160p videos at 30fps with the main camera and up to [email protected] with the front-facing one.

Pros Features:
  • Brilliant performance, a true powerhouse
  • Fingerprint sensor is positioned nicely, is fast and accurate
  • Powerful camera
  • Superior Build quality and design
  • Mammoth Battery
  • Huge expandable memory
  • No fingerprint magnet


  • Specs are identical to Z3+
  • Priced highly
  • Average front camera

Final Verdict: Sony has been struggling to keep its mobile business afloat and the strategy to introduce 3-4 flagships at once seems as an attempt to venture into every market segment. However, sadly the high price and close resemblance of the Z5 dual with the Z3+ in terms of specs might not be a good thing considering the difference of price.

Sony Xperia Z5 defiantly has the capability, features, and power of a flagship and has the design factor of one as well, but considering the price and the market position of Sony brand in mobiles market, it might not work so well for the company.

Price 49000 Rupees
Feature   Android v5.1 (Lollipop), Dual SIM
Processor Quad core, 2 GHz + Quad core, 1.5 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 MSM8994, Adreno 430
Memory 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, 200GB MicroSD card Support
Screen 5.2 inch, 1080 × 1920 Pixels, 424 PPI, IPS LCD
Camera 23 MP, Auto focus, Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor, LED Flash, Digital Zoom, AF Hybrid, Auto Flash, Continuos Shooting, ISO control, Self-timer, Touch to focus, 3840×2160 @ 30 FPS, 1920×1080 @ 60 FPS, 1280×720 @ 120 FPS, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR), 5 MP, Exmor-R CMOS
Battery 2900 mAH, Li-ion, Non-removable
Connectivity DLNA, FM(with RDS), NFC, BT 4.0, Dual SIM, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0
 Sensors Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Fingerprint ID, Gyroscope, Light, Proximity
Body 154 grams [W], 7.3 mm [Th]

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