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Dual SIM Phone with 4000 mAh battery under 1700 Rupees

Lava KKT Jumbo Rear 4000 mAh Battery

Lava KKT Jumbo

Within few days of launch, Lava Jumbo went out of stock at all major e-commerce websites. This has never happened before especially in the low-budget segment. It is just crazy to see how fast this basic phone is being sold out in online stores.

The reason is very simple; the phone comes with a big screen, huge 4000-mAh battery, and beautiful design. Of course, buyers who are looking for a low budget phone will be interested in this nicely made device.

Believe or not, but only 1600 rupees is the price for this Lava phone. In my opinion, this in-demand product should be bought without a second thought.

How much relief a big battery phone can give, I really understood after using Asus Zenfone Max. The Asus device has a massive 5000-mAh battery that gives me magnificent one week of battery backup despite good of the phone features.

Lava KKT Jumbo Front

The best Brand for low budget mobile phones

I have no statics to support though the kind of praise I have seen for Lava’s good quality devices in the low budget segment, assures me, it is the best brand for feature phones.

Under the KKT series, Lava sells beautifully designed phones under 2000 rupees. In a recent article, I have suggested some Micromax phones, but Lava is miles ahead than this premier smartphone brand. In fact, I have mentioned there Lava as a preferred choice, though.

4000 mAh Battery for 37 Days of Standby: No one trust manufacturer’s claim for battery backup though with Lava Jumbo this is very true.

My Asus Max gives net seven days of battery backup, despite all nonsense things running in the background. On Lava Jumbo, massive 4000 mAH battery powers a 2.8-inch screen, and then the advantage of no background process will surely yield better fruit in terms of battery backup.

This much battery power delivers more than 30 days of backup for Lava Jumbo. In real life usages, it turns out to be 12 to 15 days if using it for just 30 to 40 minutes of calling daily.

Carrying a charger is a necessity since today’s smartphones consumes battery at much faster speed. Thus, users need to carry a charger along always. If charging of a phone is done once in 10 to 15 days interval, then there is ample possibility the charger might be lost or displaced. Yes, this is one big concern with Lava KKT Jumbo. Hope you got this joke. This is just a fun to lighten readers mood.

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Mostly big size batteries are made by using Lithium-polymer. With 4000-mAh battery, this Lava KKT jumbo is no exception in this regard.

2.8-inch Inches TFT screen

This is a standard screen size in feature phones. I endorse this size over 2.4 and a 1.8-inch screen. Big screen brings lots of benefit in terms of easy calling, drafting SMS, multimedia entertainment, and access to the Internet.

A 4000-mAh battery is more than sufficient to power up a big size display. Thus, Lava’s design team took a wise design for a 2.8-inch screen, which is also a reason that this phone is in demand.

Let us discuss few positive qualities of the display. Here, font and icon appear sharp, colors are good, and above all pixels do not appear. The pixel density of 143 is perfect though 167 PPI could have been much better. Even LCD could have been better than current TFT, but it is OK, as it is just a basic phone. Screen clarity on Lava Jumbo is just amazing.

Use this phone in three languages: Hindi, Punjabi, and English. English font looks good. However, Hindi looks much better and very stylish. I cannot read & write Punjabi.

So far, I have looked at only two aspects of this budget device. And, I am certain about two basic conclusions; Lava KKT is a very good basic phone with huge battery life and a decent 2.8-inch screen. Continue reading this review for other conclusions.

Lava KKT Jumbo Rear

MicroSD card support and internal memory: This low budget phone has some internal memory to store content list, SMS, profile, ringtones, alert tones, and operating system files. However, Its support for memory expansion using a microSD is really a magical feature. Use a 16GB transcend class 10 SD card for its smooth working though it can support up to 32GB card according to the official user manual.

Super Built and Attractive Design

Use of better quality plastic with a sleek finish all-around renders a unique attraction on this Lava device. 161 grams of its gross weight is not much considering all good battery smartphones have their weight no less than 170 grams.

This is a basic phone with a small compact shell. Because of its small size, it might easily slip out from user’s hand. To restrict this, the rear of Lava Jumbo has some texture. It comes in a sleek candy bar design. The phone is not slippery and feels good to hold in the hand.

Additional Features:-

  1. LED Torch with a dedicated button
  2. Auto Call recording with folder-wise arrangement
  3. Dual SIM; dual standby
  4. Speed dialing
  5. Hands-free mode
  6. Loudspeaker
  7. Alarm; set up to three time
  8. Call History
  9. Live call duration
  10. Vibrant incoming call alert
  11. Password protection to prevent unauthorized access
  12. Set any image stored on microSD card as the phone wallpaper
  13. Set favorite song stored external memory as the default ringtone
  14. Reset options and shortcuts
  15. Easy typing in English and Hindi
  16. Keep up to 1000 contacts
  17. Store 200 SMS
  18. Mobile Tracker
  19. Calculator
  20. Stopwatch
  21. Calendar
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Lava KKT Jumbo Rear Hindi English Punjabi

Multimedia features: The first thing that strikes me is the possibility to record FM programs. Indeed, a great feature to have. Now store and listen cool FM shows as and when you want.

Lava KKT Jumbo features video and music player. It can play MP4 & 3GP video files in good quality and users will enjoy seeing them even more due to a big size 2.8-inch screen. Except DivX files, it can play movie, song, and Indian comedy videos.

Now MP3 is most used file format for audio content worldwide. Lava Jumbo supports this file format. Users will enjoy playing long MP3 playlists.

Without a well-organized control panel, there will not be ease in playing multimedia contents. Lava offers a fresh design, user-friendly control panel for all three applications: audio, video, and FM.

Connectivity Options

Lava Jumbo is a dual SIM phone supports only GSM network at 900 and 1800 MHz band. This is not a 3G or 2G device rather a 1G device supports Internet access through GPRS service. Browsing speed is not very smooth. I mean the delivered speed on GPRS was not as I expected. To search online, users can use a preinstalled WAP browser. For file sharing, Bluetooth is only first and last connectivity option.

Camera: Lava Jumbo features a VGA camera, which is good for nothing. I think not much can be done with a 0.3MP sensor, though according to Lava, use it to record videos in 640 × 480 pixels resolution. And, when camera sensor is poor, what enhancement a digital zoom will bring.

The camera performs really poor, Lava should have given 1.3MP sensor at least for better click and quality recording. I really miss a selfie camera. Believe this, I am not demanding too many features rather the trend is for a phone with a selfie camera irrespective of price.


  1. Huge battery life
  2. Very clear display
  3. Good sound quality
  4. All the regular features
  5. Excellent call quality
  6. Super build quality
  7. Big Keypad
  8. Signal reception is very good
  9. Reset shortcuts and phone’s default options.


  1. Headset in poor quality
  2. Poor Camera: should be at least 1.3MP
  3. Setting network manually is a bit difficult

Final Thoughts: Without a doubt, this is an unbelievable device, truly made in great quality for common Indian. There is nothing, which I can use as a criticism for Lava Jumbo.

This phone is simply awesome and has so many positive things to count. For a price of 1600 rupees, you are getting a complete package (Micromax does not offer a headset and sometimes even a charger in low-cost phones).

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Lava KKT Jumbo Rear 4000 mAh Battery

Just to recount, some great features of the Lava Jumbo are the 4000-mAH battery, 2.8-inch clear screen, and solid build in a glossy design. I want to buy this phone for personal use, though not going to as I already got a feature phone from Lava.

In the box:- The unit, charger, headset, user manual, and a service guarantee card

Price 1610 Rupees
Display 2.8 inches, 240 x 320 Pixels, TFT, Clear Screen
Memory Some Internal memory, MicroSD card support up to 32GB
Camera 0.3MP, Digital Zoom
Keyboard Hindi and English
Entertainment Audio & Video player, FM Radio
Battery 4000 mAH, more than 30 days standby
Body 13 x 1.8 x 5.6 cm, 160 grams

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    1. I guess you are looking phone with power bank feature. LAVA KKT Jumbo does not support reverse charging.

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