What is a hammer driller? The Hammer Driller is a drill machine type with more power, functions, and control. That increases their manufacturing cost and market price. In this article, although not just power hammer drillers, we cover all types of drill machines.

Which is the best drill machine under 5000 Rupees? This review article covers the best drill machines from the 2000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested drill machines are currently a top favorite of buyers.

☼ 1600W Wondercut 26-mm Hammer Drill Machine

Those who need a heavy-duty drilling solution should consider the Wondercut Hammer Drill machine. Hardcore professionals will enjoy working with it. Its current market price is 3090 rupees. No other hammer drill machine available below 10000 rupees can match its drilling performance. Its chuck size is 26 mm.

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This hammer drill machine can handle even the toughest jobs. Be it drilling stone or concrete, it operates with high precision because of its 1600W power capacity and built-in depth gauge. This Wondercut hammer drill machine can drill up to 68 mm into various materials.

Its keyless chuck makes changing drill bits a breeze and its 26 mm chuck capacity allow versatile drilling options. It boasts a maximum drill speed of 1100 rpm, making it one of the most impressive hammer drills on the Indian market.

A reliable and efficient handheld driller, the Wondercut Hammer Drill Machine is a highly efficient tool. With it, you can get the job done quickly and easily at a consistently high level of performance. It also comes with a comfortable handle for easy gripping. It is an ideal tool for drilling, screwing, and hammering a variety of materials.

Price ₹3090 → Amazon
Features 1600W Copper Motor (0 – 1100 RPM) | Motor Cooling Vents | Speed Control Lever | Speed Lock Button | Chuck-Size 26-mm | Keyless Chuck | Depth Gauge | Forward-Reverse | Drill Mode – Hammer Mode | Warranty: 10 Days Return


☼ 750W Dewalt DWD024 Drill Machine

A world-renowned brand of tools and machines, Dewalt is a leading brand in the industry. This American brand's products are made from strong and durable materials designed to last for a long time. They are also easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

The Dewalt DWD024 Drill Machine is one of the most reliable drill machine models on the market. Its 750W copper motor, which boasts up to 2800 RPM speed, ensures maximum power and durability. This makes it a reliable tool for professional use. Built-in air vents allow fresh air or cooling to reach the motor.

Drill mode and Hammer mode allow users to switch between drilling and hammering tasks easily. The forward-reverse function allows for quick and convenient directional changes, making it ideal for intricate tasks. Motor air vents dissipate heat and prolong tool life.

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The brand Dewalt is synonymous with quality tools, and the DWD024 drill machine is no exception. It is an excellent choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike who seek a robust, versatile, and long-lasting tool for their drilling and hammering needs.

Dewalt DWD024 {हिंदी में} | 13-mm Drill Machine under ₹5000 in India Market

Price ₹4500 → Amazon
Features 750W Copper Motor {2800 RPM} | Forward – Reverse | Speed Lever with Lock | Chuck Size: 13-mm | Keyed Chuck | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 600W Stanley SDH600 13-mm Hammer Drill

Being a Stanley product means the SDH600 hammer driller is an impressive tool in terms of build quality and performance. The brand name Stanley guarantees it.

This Stanley drill machine comes with a 600W motor. The motor has sufficient power to meet the requirement of a max drilling capacity of 13 mm. Further, the motor has 100% copper winding and does not get hot due to the better design, which ensures a continuous supply of fresh air from the outside.

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The Stanley SDH600 hammer driller comes with a keyed chuck instead of a keyless SDS-Plus. Other inspiring features of this 600W hammer driller are a speed lever with lock, reverse-forward rotation, side handle, and depth rule. Here you must note that not all drill machine or hammer driller comes with a depth gauge. That arrangement adds accuracy for drilling depth.

13-mm | 600W Hammer Drill Machine under 2500 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #STANLEY SDH600

Price ₹2190 | Amazon
Features Motor: 600W | Chuck: 13-mm | Drill in Concrete, Metal, Wood, Plastic, and other tough materials | Forward / Reverse Rotation | Speed | Side Handle | With Depth Rule | Weight: 1.9-Kg


☼ 500W Bosch GSB-10-RE Drill Machine with Kit

The current market price of the Bosch drill machine kit is 4000 Rupees. The kit includes a 500W drill machine and 100 other tools. Thus, go for it if you need an all-in-one tool kit for home use. Professionals could consider it, too.

The chuck size of the Bosch GSB 10 RE drill machine is 10 mm. A 500W copper motor power that delivers up to 2600 RPM speed. Being a standard drill machine, it lacks advanced controls, however.

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What is the max size of the hole the Bosch drill machine will make? It will drill a 10 mm hole in a concrete wall because that is the size of its bit holder. On the other hand, it will make a 20-mm hole in a wood block and an 8-mm on metal sheets.

450W Impact Drill Machine under 4000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Bosch GSB 10 RE

Price ₹4000 | Amazon
Driller Motor: 500W | Speed: 2600 RPM | Chuck: 10-mm | Drilling: {Concrete Wall: 10-mm | Steel: 8-mm | Wood: 20-mm} | Drill-Mode: Forward & Reverse | Continuous Drilling with Lock | Speed Control Trigger
Kit Hammer | 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench | 6-Inch Combination Pliers | 3-Directional Spirit Level | 1-Inch Adjustable Knife | 3-Meter measuring Tap | Chuck-Key | Metal Drill Bits {2-mm, 3-mm, 4-mm, 5-mm, 6-mm}| Screwdriver Bits {ph1, ph2, pz1, pz2, s4, s6, h4, h5, t20, t25} | Masonry Drill Bits {4-mm, 5-mm, 6-mm, 8-mm, 10-mm} | Wood Drill Bits {4-mm, 5-mm, 6-mm, 8-mm} | Socket Wrench {4-mm, 5-mm, 6-mm, 7-mm, 8-mm, 9-mm, 10-mm} | Screws {3 mm – 10 pieces, 4 mm – 10 pieces, 5 mm – 10 pieces} | Plugs: {4-mm – 10 pieces, 6-mm – 10 pieces, 8-mm – 10 pieces} | ¼-Inch Nut/Screwdriver Bit Holder


☼ 1000W Camron Pro Hammer Driller

The brand Camron sells China-made items in the Indian market, but the quality of its products is impressive. That is why we decided to cover its 1000W hammer driller, which is currently a top favorite of buyers despite being not so cheap.

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The hammer driller with 1000W motor is marketed as Camron Pro Rotary Hammer Driller in the Indian market. This hammer drill machine is powerful and super easy to use, provided it comes with many useful features and functions. Its three working modes are Impact Drilling, Chiseling, and Hammering + Rotation. Then there is a switch for forward and reverse control. Use the speed lever to control the bit speed, and to lock the lever there is a speed lock button. Moreover, this 1000W hammer driller is for continuous working as its motor remains cool throughout its usage.

1000W | 30-mm | Best Hammer Driller under 5000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Camron Pro

Price ₹4590 | Amazon
Features Max Drilling: 30-mm | Motor: 1000W | Modes: 3 | Reverse – Forward Switch | Speed Control Lever | Speed Lock | Motor Cooling | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 800W Stanley STDH8013 Hammer Drill Machine

The Hammer Driller of the American brand Stanley comes with a powerful 800W motor, which has a copper coil. That assures the quality of the motor. The no-load speed of the motor is up to 3000 RPM.

The build quality of the Stanley Hammer Driller is excellent. So is its performance. Because of less vibration while using this drill machine could be used much longer than its alternatives.

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What is the drilling capacity of the Stanley STDH8013 hammer Drill Machine? This Stanley drill machine can drill a hole of 13 mm in metal, 16 mm in concrete, and 32 mm in wood.

Should you buy the Stanley STDH8013 Hammer Drill Machine or not? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from the Hammer Driller of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Stanley 13-mm Drill Machine. Do check it out!

800W | 13-mm | ​स्टैनले हैमर ड्रिल मशीन 3000 रुपए से कम कीमत में | #STANLEY STDH8013

Price ₹2999 | Amazon
Features Motor: 800W | Keyed Chuck: 13-mm | Drilling {Metal → 13-mm, Concrete → 16-mm, Wood → 32-mm} | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 550W Black Decker KR554RE Hammer Drill

In the Indian market, the brand Black–Decker has two popular hammer drill machine models below 3000 Rupees: KR504RE and KR554RE. Among them, the best one is the model KR554RE. This Black Decker Hammer Driller has a 550W copper motor, and its chuck can take up to bit sizes of 13 mm.

What is the drilling capacity of the Black Decker KR554RE? This driller machine can drill up to 20 mm in wood and 13 mm in other solid surfaces such as concrete, metal, and others. The speed trigger regulates the speed of the drill bit, and the speed lock button locks the bit speed. Removing a drill bit stuck in a hole is easier with the given reverse rotation feature.

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Having the side handle is the bonus feature of the Black Decker Drill Machine. Because of the handle, controlling this drill machine becomes a lot easier. Needlessly to say that drilling accuracy increases as well.

13-mm | 550W Hammer Drill under 2500 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #BlackDecker KR554RE

Price ₹2100 | Amazon
Drill Chuck: 13-mm | Max-Drilling: {Wood → 20-mm, Steel → 13-mm, Concrete-Wall → 13-mm}
Motor 550W | 100% Copper Motor | No-Load Speed: 0-2800 RPM | Reverse-Rotation | Variable-Speed | Speed-Lock
Build Shockproof Hard-Plastic body | Dual-Hand Control | 2-Meter Power-Cord
Sales Box Drill-Machine | Chuck-Key | Depth-Gauge | Auxiliary-Handle | 4 (Wood & Concrete) Drill Bits | Warranty Card


☼ 900W Inditrust 26-mm Hammer Driller

Inditrust brand is from Bharat, but it sells China-made items like most of the tools & machine brands operating in the Indian market. Its best-selling hammer drill machine has a 900W copper motor and SDS-Plus bit holder, which could lock bits up to the size of 26 mm. Besides, the Inditrust brand provides a high-quality carry box with this hammer driller model and five bits (three hammer bits and two chisel bits).

Drilling a hole with the Inditrust hammer driller is easy and accurate in every attempt because holding it in the user's hands is convenient. The back and front handles give absolute control over it. This drill machine has three modes with forward-reverse bit rotation.

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The Inditrust 900W hammer drill machine can drill holes in concrete walls, metal sheets, and wood blocks. The max diameter of the hole will be 26 mm. Further, core cutting by this driller requires a core cutting bit.

26-mm | 900W Hammer Drill Machine under 3500 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Inditrust Driller

Price ₹3300 | Amazon
Ideal for Drill: {Concrete, Wood, Metal Sheet}
Features Variable Speed | Reverse Rotation |10 Days Return Warranty
Attachment Bit: Maximum 26-mm | For Metal Drilling: Required a separate {Adaptor, drill chuck, and hard drill bits} | Core Cutting: A core cutting bit and its support attachment required
Build Power: {900W | Copper-Coil}
Sales Box Hammer Drill Machine | 13-mm Drill-Chuck + SDS + Key | 3 Pics of Hammer Drill Bits + 2 Chisels | Heavy-Duty Box


☼ 800W Khadija Tiger 26-mm Hammer Driller

Hammer drills that come with an 800W copper motor and can drill with a 26-mm bit cost more than 5000 Rupees. However, the Khadija Tiger Hammer Driller, which has those characteristics, costs merely 3200 Rupees. Hence, we recommend it. Like most of the hammer drillers in India, this too is manufactured in China, but it has an impressive build quality. That has been confirmed by those who bought it on Amazon and currently using it.

Khadija Traders operates in the market of tools and machines required for building construction — is a Dubai-based company. Products of this brand symbolize good quality and affordability. In India, on Amazon, Khadija Traders is the seller of its products. That puts an end to any thought of duplicate items.

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Cheap products are risky, but they save money. If the quality of your new hammer drill machine is the first thing you consider, then I would suggest the Bosch Hammer Driller. That with assured build quality and durability.

800W Hammer Drill Machine under 5000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Khadija Tiger Driller

Price ₹3200 | Amazon
Ideal for Make holes in Concrete Roof, Wall, and Metal Sheet
Features Variable Speed | Reverse Rotation | 6-Months Motor Warranty
Attachment Bit: Maximum 26-mm | For Metal Drilling: Required a separate {adaptor, drill chuck, and hard drill bits} | Core Cutting: A core cutting bit and its support attachment required
Build Power: {800W | Copper Coil | 1300 RPM} | Weight: 4-Kg
Sales Box Hammer Drill Machine | 4 Pics of Hammer Drill Bits with Special Carbide Tips: {6-mm, 8-mm, 10-mm, 12-mm} | Heavy Duty BMC Box with Iron Latches