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Best Drill Machine under 2000 Rupees

Best Drill Machine under 2000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best drill machine under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, learn about the best-selling hammer drill machine, impact drill machine, drill machine with a toolkit, and pistol drill machine from 1000 to 2000 Rupees price range. The suggested drill machines are a hot choice because of superior build quality, powerful motor, and top-class performance.

☼ 10-mm BuildSkill 350W Drill Machine

Are you looking for an affordable drill machine? Check what the brand Build Skill has to offer? This Indian brand makes high-quality tools and sells them at affordable prices. The 10-mm drill machine of this brand comes with a 350W copper motor. And, here the meaning of the 10-mm is that the chuck of this Build Skill Drill Machine can hold up to 10-mm of drill bits.

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Should you buy the 350W Build Skill Drill Machine with 10-mm Chuck? Does it worth it? How good is its build quality? How long would it last? Those questions are answered in our unboxing video that covers the product.

Price ₹1099 | Amazon
Features Chuck-Size: 1-mm to 10-mm | Motor: 350W | Warranty: 1-Year


► 13-mm Khadija 650W Drill Machine

Khadija is a popular brand for high-quality power hand tools at affordable prices. We came to know about this brand while working on the Khadija Tiger 800W hammer drill machine.

A more powerful motor means faster, bigger, and better drilling.  Currently, the Khadija impact driller is the only power drill machine under 2000 Rupees with a powerful 650W motor. Also, it has the control features of advanced power drill machines: variable speed, power lock switch, and reverse-forward drilling capacity. The current market price of this Khadija 650W driller is 1490 Rupees.

Khadija 650W Impact Reverse Forward Rotation Drill Machine

This Khadija looks like a hammer drill machine, but it is not. It is a regular impact driller with a 13-mm chuck. With this chuck size, it is among a few select power drill machines under 2000 Rupees.

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This Khadija 650-Watt impact drill machine is totally worth it at its current market price. It is an excellent power hand driller for professional works. Go for it without a second thought.

Price ₹1490 | Amazon
Features Excellent Cooling System | Ideal for Drilling → {Wood, Aluminium Fiber, Concrete, Light Metal-Sheet, Brick-Wall…} | 6
Motor 650W Copper Motor | Max-RPM: 3000 | Variable Speeds | Power-Lock Switch | Forward-Reverse Switch
Build Chuck: 13-mm | Feel-Good Rubberized-Grip | Detachable depth Gauge | Rotatable & Detachable Side Handle


► 20-mm DCC 2-20 500W Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

There is no information on the internet about brand DCC. By looking at its available products online, we could assume that it is a generic brand, which makes various types of electricity-powered tools, gadgets, and smart electronics. Apparently, who cares about the brand when the real testimony is available for the product quality and its performance?

The DCC Drill Machine with 500W motor is currently one of the best-selling hammer drill machines under 2000 Rupees in India market. Buyers of this heavy-duty drill machine have rated it with 5-star. Moreover, no buyer complaint about its build quality and its ability to drill in concrete, wood, and metal.

DCC 2-20 Rotary Hammer Drill Machine with complete set

This 500W hammer drill machine can work with up to the 20-mm drill bit size. Its sales box also includes a set of three decent quality drill bits and a high-quality carry case. There is a 6-months warranty commitment by the brand, withal.

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Experts could be wrong about a product, but never will be its everyday users. That is why we usually give high priority to the comments of the actual users of the product. DCC 2-20 power drill machine is value for money, confirms its buyers and current users. So, no doubt about it that it is one of the best heavy hand drillers under 2000 Rupees. Go for it!!!

Price ₹1900 | Amazon
Ideal for Drill → {Concrete | Wood | Metal} | Use as a Screwdriver
Features 500W Motor | Bit-Size: up to 20-MM | Variable-Speed | Speed-Control | Speed-Lock | Max-Speed: 600 RPM
Sales Box Drill Machine | 3 Drill Bits | Carry-Case | Documents