Any budget below 1000 Rupees is too less for a new power drill machine from brands that are well-known on the market. Yes, branded products have an assured build quality. That does not mean though products from not so known brands or total unknown brands are not good, and they shouldn’t be trusted for expected durability.

Which is the best electric drill machine under 1000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling impact drill machines from 500 to 1000 Rupees range in India market. The recommended drillers for professionals as well beginners are favorite on the market for their well-designed superior build, powerful motor, and of course low price.

► 500W Generic Drill Machine with 10-mm Chuck

Generic is not a brand name. Here Generic means a generic brand, a general brand. So, the power drill machine is not from any brand per se. It is an imported product, most probably from China. its build quality, however, is very good. Those who have bought it, have recommended it hence. The angle drill machine comes with no warranty but you can return it within 10 days of purchase if the unit delivered to you fails to give the result that was expected by reading its product description.

Generic 500W Drill Machine with 13 Pieces Drill Bit

Think logically! The current market price of power drill machines with 500W motor from top power tools brands, such as Bosch and Black & Decker will cost you around 2000 Rupees. Here you are getting a power drill machine with similar specs, that too with different sizes of 13 bits in just 850 Rupees. So, you cannot expect the same build quality that the top power tool brands ensure to their products.

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This 500W drill machine comes with 10-mm Chuck. With suitable drill bit, you could use it for making a precise hole in wood, metal, and concrete. For general use, repair and fixing, this general brand power tool machine is an excellent choice. I would not be wrong in saying it is the best power drill machine below 1000 Rupees, thus.

Price 850 Rupees
Feature 10-Days Return Warranty
Driller Motor: 500W | Chuck: 10-mm | Drill into: {Concrete, Wood, Wall, Metal}
Sales Box Drill Machine | 13 Sizes of Drill bits | Chuck-Key | Documents