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Dough Maker Machine – Automatic Dough Kneader for Home Use

Dough Maker Machine Dough Maker Food Processor India

Dough Kneading is one of the functions of food processor appliances. Therefore, there are not many options in the market if you are looking for a standalone electric dough maker machine.

There have been many requests for electric dough maker best choice in the market from followers of this website. With this article, suggesting top dough maker automatic machines, which are on sale under 4000 Rupees. Considering their features and ratings online, therefore, public certification of their performance and durability, they are undoubtedly dough maker best buy at present.

Here I discuss dough maker electric machine of reliable brands Clearline and Home Plus. Have you heard about these two home electronics brands before? The suggested dough makers have the feature to make instant dough for Roti, Puri, Paratha, and other related food items, which requires dough at the right consistency.

​Hindi meaning of dough maker machine is आटा गुँथने वाली मशीन. क्या आप खोज रहें है एक आटा गुँथने वाली मशीन, तो आप सही जगह पर है। आगे है दो बढ़िया आटा गुँथने वाली मशीन की समीक्षा। ​Read also Portable Atta Chakki – Flour Mill below 10000 Rupees.

► How to use a dough maker – How does a dough maker work?

On the Gadgets Shiksha, we get many comments related to dough making inefficiency of food processors. Often people write to us that the suggested food processor does not make the perfect dough in the required consistency. Sometimes dough is hard, sometimes soft. They consider that as the operational inefficiency of the food processor.

See, the problem is not in the dough maker jar or with the machine. Essentially, one has to mix Atta and Water in the right ratio to make the perfect dough in the right consistency. For a perfect dough, which is not too soft or hard, you need to mix Atta and water in 2:1 ratio.

Two unit of Atta and one unit of water – is the right measurement for a perfect dough. Use any measurement container, but you need to follow 2:1 ratio for Atta and water quantity.

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Another important thing you need to follow is that – do not pour entire water in the dough-making jar in the beginning. Instead, mix only half of the water in the beginning and after few seconds, pour little water in the jar, and continue doing the same until you are satisfied with the consistency of the dough.

If you are making dough from four cup Atta, pour one full cup water. Fill the cup with water again and after few seconds gradually pour in the dough-making jar.

  • Atta and water ratio has to be 2:1
  • First mix only half of the water, after that, add little water till you get a perfect dough

Whether you make dough by hand or use an automatic electric dough maker machine, follow the solution to get perfect dough every time.

► Clearline Automatic Dough Kneader

Undoubtedly, the Clearline dough maker machine is the best option in the market currently. Looking for a heavy-duty dough maker for chapatti, here is the automatic dough maker you need to buy.

The current price of the dough kneader machine is 3,775 Rupees. This machine with a powerful 650-Watt motor at its base — is quick in making the dough. Therefore, I would not be wrong in rating it a fast dough maker. There are many convenient features on this machine to assist the end user as well.

Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker Machine

Build and Design: The dough maker of top brands, which is often an inbuilt function on their food processors, is not very stable. One has to keep a hand on the top of the unit to make it stable while making the dough. That is because of a compact build of the base unit that covers less surface area. The Clearline dough maker machine, whereas, has a broad base area hence it is a stable machine. Moreover, feet of this automatic dough maker have vacuum grips to keep the entire unit firm during a run. You can freely engage in other activities in the kitchen when the dough-making process is on. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons for buying a dough maker machine, isn’t it?

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The machine weighs 3.2-Kg. As you can see in the image above, on top of the unit has the control button to regulate it. Further, the 3-Liter bowl in which Atta and water are mixed has a non-stick coating. Hence, after making the dough, just one easy wash would be enough to clean it thoroughly. I would rate this dough maker for chapatti high just because of the non-stick coated master bowl.

→ The capacity of the Clearline Dough maker machine

In one go, this machine can make dough from 500 grams Atta. Do not get confused with the size of the non-stick bowl. While you make the dough by hand, what you do, you do not fill the vessel with Atta. Similarly, the capacity of the bowl is 3-liter hence it is big enough to make, in one go, a perfect dough from 500 grams Atta.

The Clearline machine can make dough from all types of flour. Whether it is flour of Chana, Bajara, Jwara, Maduwa, Jau, or Wheat, you would get a perfect dough on this dough maker machine.

I have tried making dough from Corn flour on my food processor. For corn flour dough, you need to mix warm water. Corn flour mixed with warm water would give a perfect dough at the right consistency.

Dough Maker Best Buy Clearline Dough Kneader

Convenience Features: To mix extra ingredients in the dough to make paratha, thepla and related food items, the lid of this Clearline appliance has a distinctive design.

The double lid design of this dough maker machine is for adding whatever you wish to mix in the dough without stopping the machine. This feature is often handy in reducing the time consumed in cooking tasty food.

Pro Features:-

  • Stable Design
  • Suitable for all types of flow
  • Instant Dough
  • Non-stick bowl means easy to clear after making a perfect dough
  • Powerful motor
Price 3775 Rupees
Motor Capacity 650-Watt
Warranty One-Year
Convenience Feature Double-Lid Design, 15-Minute automatic timer
Suitable for All types of flour
Dough making Bowl 3-Liter bowl with Non-stick coating
Capacity 500 Grams Atta
Customer Care [email protected] | 0172 -4647707 | Clearline Appliances Ltd, Chandigarh-160 002
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►Home Plus Plastic Vertical Dough Maker

The Home Plus dough maker is a multipurpose machine. It also has mixer and grinder functions. Further, the sales box of the dough maker for home use includes four blades, one multipurpose jar, and a motor unit. With the four blades, besides kneading, the dough maker machine can also do chopping and whipping. You can also make testy citrus juice on this Home Plus dough maker. It almost fulfills your need for a mixer grinder (juicer).

A 350-Watt motor powers the machine for the suggested food processing activity. In one go, it can make a perfect dough from 500 grams of Wheat flour. To get the dough in the right consistency, use Atta and water in 2:1 ratio.

Home Plus Dough Maker Machine

The dough maker price is 3650 Rupees. It has a rustproof build and a user-friendly design. Small families, bachelors, and students should consider this ideal dough maker for Roti, Puri, and Paratha. It is portable, stable, and efficient. This dough maker machine for home use would not burn too much electricity in making the perfect dough.

With the Home Plus dough maker machine, it becomes more comfortable to eat Chapati two times a day. Eating Chapati instead of rice would make you slim, and your body perfectly fit, in order. Eating Chapati and keeping a safe distance from rice is a well-tried & tested formula to lose weight without doing exercise and Yoga.

Pro Features:-

  • Portable and multipurpose dough maker
  • Low energy consumption
  • Required safety and convenience features
Price 3650 Rupees
Motor Capacity 350-Watt
Warranty One-Year
Convenience Features 5-Level Speed
Attachment One Dough Maker Jar made in Stain-Resistant material| Motor unit | Blades: Kneading, Chopping, Whipping, Citrus Juicer attachment
Beater Included YES
Turbo Function YES
Cord Length 1.5-meter
Tilt Mechanism YES
Power Cord Storage YES
Body 12.3 cm (W) × 15.5 cm (H) × 13.5 cm (D) | Weight : 4-Kg | Rust Proof Body
Blades Stainless Steel
Safety Internal circuit breaker
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