Check out these colorful options from Flyer’s Bay to hook your kid!!!

Tiny kids adore playing. Moreover, amusing toys are a significant component to engross your little ones. Likewise, they help in emerging the intellectual as well as societal talents. That is why; child experts endorse parents to pick the age-suitable and multi-purpose toys for the toddlers that assist them absorb new and stimulating stuffs.

Shopping for toys possibly sounds like a humble task; however, it is really pretty intricate owning to the choices accessible. Lest you desire to waste your cash procuring stuffs that no one will desire to buy. Certainly, you need to carry out convinced research before you buy for such an errand.

There are a number of issues that you must study before you go shopping. With thousands of choices obtainable, it becomes hard to pick the finest toy for your kids and it becomes a mind-baffling bustle. At the moment, several parents choose to purchase kids toys online. Whether you buy it from an online or local store, picking the dead-on toy for your youngster is significant for his or her perceptive and psychological development. Here we are helping you pick the suitable toys for your treasured ones. Read on to know few options.

The Flyers Bay One Button Transforming Car into Robot with Cool Dance Features

This cool and exclusive product from the house of The Flyers Bay is the cradle of critical amusement. This transforming trooper car for your kids will leave them captivated and enthralled. This works by transforming from robot to car and about-face with just one button press. This feature is enough to get you and your kid fascinated and interested. Your kid can trot out and make a spectacle of this snappy toy to his friends and turn out to be coolest of them all.

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Just provide appropriate instructions to this robot and you will get to see quirky and nutty dance moves. This is colossal transforming car with 1:14 scale. Moreover, this offers it an incredible finishing and design as well. You can likewise use it as a robot. This will surely mark to be a fantastic gift to present it to your young valued kids on their birthday.

The Flyers Bay One Button Transforming Car into Robot with Cool Dance Features

Pro features:-

  • One key modification is a whimsical feature that will let you make the transformation flanked between car mode and robot mode with no trouble.
  • Snappy dance moves will make your kid the center of attraction among the members of his circle.
  • Glittering light generates more excitement and makes the experience super cool.

Cons: The battery included is very trifling. It persists merely for 15 to 20 minutes with a full charge.

Verdict: (Price 2000 Rupees) This car cum robot won’t let you or your kids move eyes away from it. This is actually an outstanding product from house of The Flyers Bay. In addition, you kid will absorb some marvelous artifices. I wager you won’t let it go out of your sight!!

The Flyers Bay Cyber Bike with Super Speed and Drift Function – Spiderman Edition

This Cyber Bike from Flyer's Bay is identified for its Super Speed and Drift Function. The Spiderman Edition of this Cyber Bike is a toy that your children would love to play. Is your kid a Spiderman fan? If yes, then this Spiderman cyber bike toy can truly add enthusiasm and amusement to your adolescent's game. To boot, together with stable driving function, you can drive this remote controlled cyber bike toy effectively. You can maneuver the remote in four ways – left, right, forward and reverse. Your youngster will cultivate hand and eye coordination as well while frolicking with this Cyber Bike.

The Flyers Bay Cyber Bike with Super Speed and Drift Function Spiderman Edition

This cool toy comes along with a bike, a remote control and a set of batteries. The product is intended to look absolutely fabulous!  The high range 27/40 MHz Remote control is sure to demonstrate terrific performance and never-ending play.

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The bike owns an Aerodynamic design. This offers an additional push and superfluous speed to it. This is definitely an excellent RC Bike to sprint with your treasured ones present them on their birthday. In conjunction with high quality Ultra Big wheels, this RC bike clutches the clasp and runs in a remarkable fashion. Therefore, just drift it and I bet you will love it.

Pro features:-

  • This product will get your kid addicted.
  • The cyber bike works on 27/40 MHz RC device. This means your kid can race on! That too without any trouble!!
  • Embraces batteries for enduring performance.
  • Remote can operate in four directions – Right, Left, Reverse and Forward.

Verdict: (Price 2300 Rupees) You can only use it for a kid above 5 years. This Cyber bike from Flyer’s Bay is a bike with substance. This product is robust and influential to get your little racers going. Your kid will acquire a greater level of absorption and attentiveness. Moreover, this will develop enhanced and boosted hand to eye coordination in your children.