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Do not buy Ozone based Fruit Vegetable Purifier

Just after getting independence, India suffered a great problem of food shortage. The vast farming lands of the country were not producing enough crops to sustain people. But smart policies of the government and hard work of the scientists changed that situation. Today farmers use High Yielding Variety seeds to get the most out of their soil.

Harmful Pesticides in our food: to kill bacteria and other crop harmful pests, farmers are now using pesticides and other kinds of chemicals. These days, modern manures are also popular in the rural India to increase the productivity. However, the problem is most farmers of the country are not well educated and blindly use even those types of chemicals that are harmful to human body.

Many pesticides and chemicals are banned by the government still farmers use them in farms without knowing danger and health threats. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are managed very poorly in their journey from the farmland to the shelf of stores. The containers are not cleaned properly and many times these edibles are stored in open. When these fruits and vegetables end up in your fridge, they are full of harmful pesticides, bacteria and other kinds of chemicals.

► Kent Ozone Vegetable and Fruit purifier

A couple of years ago Kent, which is a famous water purifier brand, launched its Ozone Vegetable & Fruit purifier. The manufacturer promises that the device is capable of removing all the harmful chemicals and bacteria present in the husk or outer layer of the edibles.

You can buy Kent vegetable and fruit purifier from the online supermarket for an amount of 5991 rupees only. Concept and blueprint of this veggie & fruit purifier are perfect. However, is this product effective? Will it stand by the claims that are being made by the manufacturer? Well, let’s find out.

Kent Ozone Vegetable and Fruit purifier Review Specifications Price Online in India

Purifies edibles using Ozone: The main concept of this purifier is the use of high voltage electricity to generate ozone. We reveal more in the next paragraph. Read the narration carefully. I am sure you will find it interesting.

Those who are familiar with chemistry would know that a molecule of ozone contains three atoms of oxygen, which is a highly unstable structure. So, one of these three atoms is always in a hurry to break apart and find some other companion. When this ozone gas comes in contact with the outer layer of fruits and vegetables, one atom from each ozone molecule gets attached to pesticides and bacteria present there. The separated oxygen deactivates harmful pesticides and kills bacteria. This is a highly efficient way of purifying the ingredients. Ozone is also used to clean houses and hospitals in many parts of the world.

This device also works perfectly for purifying all kinds of meat, which is really a great thing.

→ Easy To Use and Compact Form Factor

This Kent Vegetable & Fruit Purifier is much simple to use. First, you have to take a big bowl and put all the edibles in it. Now pour some water and make sure to dip all the items. After that, the user just needs to put the head of the pipe that comes out from the backside of the purifier in water. Next press the power button to start the purification process.

You will not have to sacrifice a lot of space for this product. It comes in a highly compact outer shell. The best thing is that users also get the option to mount this purifier on a wall.

A Word Of Caution: Before making a purchase, there is something that you need to know. Ozone not only deactivates the pesticides and bacteria present on edibles rather it is dangerous for humans, too. It can harm your body in many ways. Ozone can lead to lung diseases, heart problems and even death.

The medical associations of many countries do not even recommend the average people to buy ozone generators. In countries like Canada, only trained professionals have the permission to use ozone for cleaning purpose.

→ Should you buy this Ozone-based Purifier?

The above paragraphs should have changed your opinion about this product. Kent does not even mention any kind of caution for the customers on its official website. It is really an unfortunate thing that how greedy can these brands be just to sell their products.

If you are still determined to purchase this purifier, then be sure to only use it outdoors. I would not recommend anyone to even power on this machine in a closed environment.


  • Small and compact
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • No maintenance is needed

Cons: Ozone gas can be harmful to your body

Conclusion: Use your intelligent brain and think wisely before making an order for this Kent purifier. If you want to use it in a closed apartment, then ignore without any second thought. We are adding here buy link only for special cases.

Price 6000 Rupees
Build Tank : Food grade plastic
Power Consumption 13 Watts
Timer Options 15 and 30 minutes
Output (Ozone) 200 mg per hour
Dimensions 260 X 145 X 150 mm
Weight 1.7 KG
Warranty 12-Months | Free Installation

16 thoughts on “Do not buy Ozone based Fruit Vegetable Purifier

  1. Yes.. we are happy after stopping use of Kent Veg Purifier from our Kitchen, as Kent do not provide any after sale service for such faulty products. It became faulty within few months. Happy to see this article. #KentVegPurifier

  2. You didn’t explain how and why is it dangerous. I was planning to buy one. Please let me know what precautions we should take when using this

    1. It seems you haven’t read this article. I strongly advise you to read it carefully.

      In the article, it is clearly explained that Ozone could be dangerous while using indoor. If you want to have this gadget despite threat factor, then I strongly advise using it in an open space.

      At GS we strongly believe Ozone based gadgets are not safe in home use.

        1. Here are some safest ways to make fruits & vegetable pesticides free:-

          Cold water rinse
          Scrub strongly under a strong water flow
          Use salt-water solution
          Hot water rinse
          Vinegar soak

          These are some genuine methods for making fruits vegetables safe for consumption.

  3. Your article is quite ambiguos:-
    Why & how much qty of ozone is dangerous
    Indoors ???? Why & how much qty of ozone is dangerous, surely we can keep the exhaust on…..

  4. Yes please answer the above question……chemicals and pesticides are also harmful our body. Please provide the complete detail.

  5. Life of O3 is hardly 20 minutes. After 20 minutes it converts in O2. So, Put polution masks on your face release O3 in your room, switch off the ozonator and leave your room empty for 20 minutes. Your room will be bectria free and full of O2.

  6. sir i want to purchase this item and can i use this item in open space …can apply on vegetable and meat and fruits..please reply

  7. This is wrong ,the amt of ozone coming out is just a mere 200 mg… Nothing would happen indoors or outdoors… Minimum 10 mins of exposure is required for the vegetables for effect… I would Infact suggest drinking one glass of ozonated water immediately after preparing good for the body…

  8. Simple chemistry is that break away oxygen free radical will kill bacteria and other pathogen by oxidizing their living cells but these 20 minutes are enough for user to inhale the free radical rich air get living cells in lungs oxidized/damaged. Moreover it can be used only against pathogens but not at all effective against pesticide,insecticides.

  9. Hi all,
    I stopped using ozoniser after knowing that they do not provide complete warning and we do not know what chemicals convert to after oxidation, we may be ingesting more harmful veggies than normal.
    I tried veg fru wash and am happy using it. bought from amazon. Im satisfied with its cleaning.

  10. How much of O3 is generated from the Kent Veg purifier?? Unable to determine the safe level or how do you determine the safe levels??

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