A form of entertainment, ‘Karaoke’ is a Japanese word used basically for the instrumental music of a particular song. It is highly famous and is enjoyed all over the world by people in parties or otherwise. Karaoke players are also for people who are into singing or want to practice for it.

Although the DVD players are a much backward trend now. Barely anyone these days is found using CD’s or DVD’s. Everyone is all about downloaded music on their mobiles, laptops or probably a USB that is much more easily carried and conveniently played with all its high storage capacity anywhere as compared to a DVD player. It is pretty obvious for this line of elections to be more of nonexistent as there is much better technology in room already.

Still, you can always make use of a particular product in case you want to. Mr Light is not a very popular brand but does have some electronics in the market.

The people who have been to karaoke parties might be thinking that all you need to do for that is to plug in the karaoke player with one of your devices or even your home stereo and your work would be done. I’m sorry because that’s a common wrongly assumed theory. For you to enjoy karaoke at home, you won’t be at any good with any device except for a proper player that has been created for karaoke practices as well. For every karaoke system has seven basic elements, starting from the player, amplifier, monitor, microphone, mixer, speakers and of course music.

Oh yes, having the whole thing is not always in budget for everyone, so if you are not really serious about your singing career or do not have a lot of budget, you must settle down with the starting device, Mr Light DVD Player with Karaoke. Let’s start discovering the features of this product:

5.1 DVD Player Mr Light 0202 with Karaoke – Compatible with All Types of Files

The first thing comes in mind while buying one of these devices is if it will even play what you want. As sometimes your happiness gets stuck within the player if it just does not get going with the various formats that you have been saving in your laptop for a while. You totally need not worry about that one as this product is well matched with the following formats- mp3, DVD, DVCD, jpeg, CD, CD-R, DIVX, SVCD, VCD, CD-RW, HDCD, MPEG4 and some more as well.

USB Media Link Capability: Mr Light’s DVD player can play all the files on your portable USB device. This makes things easier for any and everyone! This feature is one of the necessities in every other device nowadays. Even the new televisions are giving their users the facility to plug in the pen drive and play the content on the screen.

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Audio Surround Support: The enriching sound reproduction quality of this DivX DVD Player allows you to enjoy your favorite music all the time without much of distortion. The favorite of all the home systems 5.1 surround audio support is the one that runs the show in this product as well. For those who are unaware, 5.1 is the surround sound audio component of digital broadcast and music.

Mr Light 0202 DVD Player with Karaoke Review and Specifications

Pros Features of this DivX DVD Player with Karaoke

  • LED display present, making it easier for you to understand all options
  • 2 Mic Ports for never letting you get bored because you can make your partner sing with you!
  • 9 Multi Shooting Angles giving better quality
  • 1 Surround Output
  • 16:9/4:3 two screen size for your television
  • Take advantage of both: Composite video output & S- video output


  • No batteries included
  • Customers who bought this product were not satisfied
  • Features of this DivX DVD player is not anything new or special
  • Only one USB port
  • Lacking wireless connectivity function makes its use cumbersome

Final Verdict : The Mr Light DivX DVD Player with Karaoke is not the right buy from my perspective. One must always be choosy and go in for the popular brands which Mr Light apparently is not. Not that trying new companies is always a false alarm but a well-reputed brand as it has extremely less chances to fail you and even gives you value for your money. It is alright for a starter who is into karaoke a lot but otherwise, it’s not something I’ll spend my money on.

Price 2,650 Rupees
Brand Mr Light
Device Type DVD Player with Karaoke
Model Number 202
Speaker surround sound Channel 5.1 Channel
Included Remote, Warranty Card, Connecting Cables & DVD