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DIGISOL Mi-Fi Broadband Router with 4G 3G Network Support

Portable DIGISOL DG-HR1070MSE 4G Mi-Fi Broadband Router

Portable DIGISOL DG-HR1070MSE 4G Mi-Fi Broadband Router

Established telecom networks like Idea, Airtel, and Vodafone have been most hit after the public launch of Reliance Jio. In addition, overwhelming public response to the cheapest mobile data tariff in the world proposed by Reliance Jio is a nightmare for these companies. And, they are now putting their plan of action to stop customers exit through MNP route, leave alone adding new customers. But I am very sure especially about Airtel that it will come out with something very exacting strategy and a radical tariff plan to protect its leadership position and to count Jio.

Jio Mi-Fi device

Besides Jio’s tariff plan, I appreciate the most is Jio’s concept device to make internet access convenient anywhere anytime. Those who cannot manage without internet access must buy Jio’s Mi-Fi 4G broadband router. The device makes 4G broadband available to users wirelessly wherever they are.

Although huge turnout for Reliance Jio service subscription is alarming. Apparently, Jio will take at least four to six months in adapting to the same standard where Airtel and Vodafone network currently operating across India. Therefore buying Jio’s Mi-Fi device may not be the right investment if you want internet connection in no time. Let us now explore some alternatives that might function as the Jio device could.

Recently Digisol, a popular network device manufacturer, introduce a 4G supported device, fairly identical with the Jio router in terms of design, function, and features. SIM cards of all 4G networks including Jio are supported by this. If you want to experience high-speed Airtel 4G network with the same amount of convenience as the official Jio router brings to you, try this DIGISOL 4G portable router.

4G and 3G network compatible

Not only it effectively converts 4G LTE network signal into Wi-Fi data packet, in fact, it does the same with 3G network signal as well. I mean it is compatible with both 3G and 4G networks. Similar to RJio Mi-Fi device, this, too, provides high-speed internet wirelessly as long as its LED dedicated to tower signal strength is beaming.

Build and Design

The device looks quite portable and carries enough juice in its lithium polymer battery for long five to seven hours of active working. It carries a 2000mAh battery, a SIM card port, and a microSD card port as well. There is three notifications LED glows on top: first for power status, second showing Wi-Fi signal strength, and third, the last one for showing actual network signal. The DIGISOL device is in gray & blue design looks quite appealing as well.

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A perfect alternative to Reliance Jio Mi-Fi device

DIGISOL priced it at 5000 rupees although I cannot confirm its actual price as it is officially not made available for sales. Since it is priced 2000 rupees more than what Reliance has set for its Mi-Fi device, the pertinent question is now – is this device worthy enough.

In addition to the arguments I gave out in beginning, the DIGISOL device is also compatible with 3G network, features an USB port, and its antenna for signal reception is very efficient in converting even a few bars of signal from the nearest tower into a good internet speed.

Pro Features

  • Compatible with 4G and 3G networks
  • Long lasting 2000 mAh battery
  • LED status for battery, Wi-Fi signal strength, and Tower signal
  • Can connect to many devices together
Price 5000 Rupees
Supports 4G, 3G network
Connectivity Options SIM and USB port
Battery 2000 mAh

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