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How to Deal with MTS India Fraud and Legal Notice

How to Deal with MTS India Fraud and Legal Notice

Have you been threatened by MTS India for payment of a wrong bill and balance amount? Have you received a legal notice stating to make payment within 7 Days ? Have you been harassed by MTS employees? Have you been forced to pay a bill even after your legitimate request of cancellation of connection? Are you out of option while dealing with MTS India Employees Arrogant Behavior?

My close friend is a victim of MTS India fraud. After getting to know his issue, I decided to expose MTS in the larger interest to India Consumers.

Recently my friend received a legal notice from MTS. The notice had threatening words about making payment of the pending bills somehow in next seven days.  Someone claiming to be an  MTS employee also called up him and threatened that a legal action will follow on the nonpayment of the bill amount. My friend told me, MTS is asking to make payment of a bill,  which is wrongly generated despite a genuine connection cancellation request.

MTS Chennai Fraud BILL

Now the question is how to deal with MTS fraud and cheating. I am sharing some good and important points, which able to give you the clear advantage in the dealing with MTS employees.

Collect Evidence when communicating with MTS customer care

Wrong Path : Phone calls

Right Path : You should communicate through email only. Never trust customer care confirmation, assurance or system generated reference no.

Suppose you got in the legal battle with MTS. In the court, you are trying to prove you have an MTS reference no against your request. The MTS lawyer will argue that due to some system problem MTS does not have any record of such service reference no. Judge will accept this argument. Certainly, a court cannot punish MTS for any system fault.

MTS India Fraud Bill

However, In the case of email confirmation from MTS customer care, you would able to prove your point easily with the right evidence. Just think, if you are in the legal battle with your enemy, would you leave all evidence in the enemy house? Similarly, while you are fighting with MTS, you cannot win a legal battle when all evidence that could help you in proving your claim is with MTS.

MTS will be able to delete your request or system data to abolish all those evidence that goes against them. However, MTS can't do anything with its employee's confirmation/response through email on your service request held in your personal email inbox. Therefore, deal with the MTS customer care through email only.  Email is a genuine evidence according to the Supreme Court of India. Even SMS is now an acceptable evidence.

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Deal with MTS Bill Payment and Wrong Bill Amount

You must pay the bill for used MTS services. MTS India has been involved in wrong business practices that do not mean you should do the same. No remedy will help you if you have not paid a genuine bill amount. But, you should never pay even a single paisa beyond the actual bill amount. If you are getting threat calls from MTS employees, then register a case at the local consumer forum or in your police station.

Register Case Against MTS in local consumer Court and Forum

The consumer court/forum is not like the lower courts in India. Your case will be settled in maximum 3 to 5 hearing.

Deal with MTS Employees Threat

Whenever you get a call from an MTS executive, do not try to explain your story rather tell them to send an email. There are other steps, too, that will teach a good lesson to the MTS employee or someone behalf of MTS. According to @Illuminati (check in the comment section), ask the caller to call after a half hour as network signal is weak or you cannot hear clearly. Meanwhile, install a calling recording app (most of Indian Android phones have a call recording feature). When the second time you receive a call, engage in deep conversation such a way that you build a solid proof. Ask the name of Lawyer,  Judge name, and place name where you need to reach to pay the bill money. Also, ask how much is balance and what happens while you pay this amount. And, what happens if you do not pay.

Now you have a voice evidence that carries threat and fraud intention against you. Visit local police station and register a complaint. Make sure, you file a complaint, not FIR. FIR means an avoidable upcoming court proceeding.

How to Deal with MTS Legal Notice

Simple and Easy way, do not respond. If you have already paid actual bill amount then you shouldn't fear any problem.

How to ready yourself to fight with MTS Fraud

Keep all emails exchange with MTS customer care safely. The emails are an important piece of evidence to get you justice against MTS fraud.

89 thoughts on “How to Deal with MTS India Fraud and Legal Notice

  1. Hi I do agree. MTS is a fraud company. MTS sent me bills for 5648/-. While i paid only the correct amount which is 3018/-, MTS sent me legal notice for non payment of 2630/-. After reading this article, i decided to ignore the notice. If i get any other threating call from MTS, I will approach to consumer.
    MTS is a fraud company. We all have to join hand to fight this evil.

    I request this website to come out with a decent article, explaing how MTS is invove in scam and cheating to Indian Government and honest tax payers.

    1. hmm MTS is big fraud, they r calling me and saying and “i am delhi high court judge speaking ” ” Senior advocate from delhi high court speaking” and asking for money which they think is due but not as per records i have . all r their bills and receipts which they cant hide. as i am upset with their approach i am forcing them to go to the court so that this frauds can be exposed

      1. I am really sorry for your trouble with MTS. Yes Indeed! Recently they sent me 0.01 Paisa bill. Your problem is not going to get over next one to two years. They will keep sending you bills for 70 paisa or 10 paisa or something else.

        Coming to your issue. This is damn lie. Do you really think, Delhi High Court Judge has time to call you up? Look Friend, I would suggest you to take up this issue with TRAI secretary. Draft a nice mail with complete details and send to TRAI secretary with CC to MTS appellant authority. If the secretary doesn’t respond you, send the mail to Telecom Minister with CC to Secretary and MTS appellant authority. Finally Prime Minister and President is there for common public like you and me. I am serious. Take up this matter directly with senior authority of Indian government with request to intervene in your matter.

        I am sure this will force MTS to appoint a person to close your issue with MTS.

    2. yes true i got call from some advocate mishra…calling from delhi court…and as per him i was suppose to court for a non payment of 1880

      1. I laugh this comedy. How these companies are making fool to innocent public.

        The basic court process is:-
        1) Case registration at court registrar
        2) Registrar sends a notice to the opposite party and asks for replay
        3) If opposite party gives timely response then
        4) The court registrar shows response of the opposite party to the complainant.
        5) If the complainant is satisfied, then matter is put on to the rest and the case is considered to be settled.
        6) If the complaint is not satisfied with the response then the case goes for Judge hiring where both parties have to appear with their lawyer.

        Come back to Point 3.
        If the opposite party does not respond to registrar notice then the case goes for Judge hiring and a fresh notice is sent to the opposite party to appear before the judge in court.
        Now the opposite party has to appear in court with lawyer on the given date in the court notice.

        If the opposite party does not respond to court notice then Judge gives order to local police to arrest the opposite party by issuing an arrest warrant.
        If Police is failed to capture the opposite party then court gives new order for Kurki of properties that belongs to the opposite party.

        Even after Kurki if the opposite party does not appear in court then money compensation is announced for anyone gives information about the fugitive opposite party.
        Hope this will clarify the confusion related to Indian courts working.

  2. This Russian Owned Company is Big Scam. Under settlement with MTS, I was asked to pay 1636/- towards final payment to close my data account permanently. I had informed customer care executive – I would make payment only after getting final settlement letter. MTS executive Ms. Asha requested me to make payment as she is working to prepare final settlement letter with final payable amount with the help of her Manager.

    I believed her and made a payment of 1636/- through HDFC Bank Cheque No 000008. At the time of giving payment cheque to collection executive, I filled final settlement and data card account closure/cancellation form.

    Collection executive informed me that my account will be closed in next 15 working days.

    I had made the final payment on 28 Mar 2014.

    On 29 Mar 2014, Devendran MR – A Senior executive of MTS, sent me a mail to inform that final settlement letter preparation is going on and he will update me soon.

    Again I believed, thought to give him sufficient time to work on this issue internally. Now again on 05 May 2014, I got a bill of 1000/- to pay.

    I am totally surprised how they can send me a bill while I have already made a payment of 1636/- towards permanent closure of my data card account.

    So far, I have sent many mails to almost all known appellate authority in MTS. However, I am still waiting for a response.

    Today ( 13.05.2014) I got a call from a legal associate Miss Seema, threatening me to make a payment to avoid legal action against me.

    It is purely a fraud of MTS against me.

    1. Hai,
      Did you paid the balance amount or faced any legal charges?
      Because me too got an email from MTS to pay the balance amount, which is utterly wrong. I am getting legal notice, last remainder blah blah bla… & too threatening in the name of a lawyer …

      What U did? How did you proceed further? or did u just ignored even after getting more number of emails\messages from MTS?


    2. MTS delays because u cant go to the appelette authority after some period as per trai regulations for service issues i think it is 6 months , when this period over they start their illegal methods

  3. Post your tweet Facebook post and Google + Post with #MTSFraud and #MTSScam to raise campaign against MTS India Fraud and Cheat

      1. Hi, i brought MTS data card postpaid connection, from the scratch the customer service was worst. Actually, their sales person contacted me through phone and he told me that we can try for 10 days if its not satisfied they will revert and take back the device and give me back my deposit of rs 800. after this confirmation i paid them the amount and got the device.

        after collecting the money the sales person went off and my MTS number was not activate. i was struggled for more than 15 days then the have activate my connection and told me we can have the average speed of 2mbps. but from the day one the speed was 100kbps to 500 kbps. I was continuously complaining for this. every time they told me they want to trace and asked me to switch on the datacard wifi. unfortunately I was not able to understand the trick that they have played. they told this just to close the complaint.

        this struggle went for 45 days which frustrated me very much. out if this frustration i made a request to cancel the connection and asked waiver of the rent. they told me they will check with their manager and get back to me. later i never heard any thing from them. now, I got a notice from lokadalat for repayment of the rent. every time their customer care say something and in actual it will happen something. please help me to come out of this hell.

        my data card number; 8643952266

        Help me and please do not buy any MTS datacard. which is total waste of your money and time…

  4. MTS A BIG FRAUD… My MTS Data Card bill was of Rs 2265/- towards MTS no: 8459210987 which was pending from last 1-2 months I was not able to submit the same due very busy office schedule.After that my connection was disconnected and I received a phone call from 9873153719 (HI-TECH MTS COUNTER IN DELHI) that we will give you a discount and you will have to pay Rs 1600/- for re-activation of your MTS connection.They also told me that he will give a confirmation mail of the same to my email ID.But they did not send any mail confirmation but they sent there representative to my place without any mail confirmation and took Rs 1600/- from me.They gave me receipt of the same and same was updated in MTS also.They confirmed me that the connection will be activated at the very same time , but it has been 4-5 days now the connection is still blocked and I am still receiving messages for non payment of complete amount.

    The Hitech person : 9873153719 also gave me the number of Regional Manager of MTS Mr Krishan Pal: 9136006520, I took them both in conference call and they discussed the whole scenario.Finally Mr Krishan Pal: 9136006520 told me that it our representative mistake he did not know anything. How is this possible ?

    My connection is still blocked and I consider that MTS is BIG Fraud.

    1. I too have been threatened by mts to pay an amount of 1480. I paid the final settlement via a customer care executive personally and i have the final settlement bill voucher even after that bill they are torturing me to pay by sending legal notice msgs .i want to know will they submit all the WEBSITES that i searched in the court if it comes for hearing?

      1. Hope you have paid the genuine bill amount. And if that is so then they will never take you to court; this is for sure.

        How you have used the internet connection is none of the business of MTS or any other internet provider. However, if your connection was used for illegal activity then you need to worry. As far as I know visiting any website is not a crime in India.

  5. Myself Sivapiriyaa, House wife from Srirangam, Trichy Dist, Tamilnadu.
    I have purchased M Blaze data card on 12.09.2014 & no receipt has been given for the dongle purchase. The data card number is XXXXXX0162

    Got a call for activation on 13-09-14. As I’m being a House wife they asked for a deposit of Rs.1000.
    The deposit amount has been given on 15-09-14 to Siddiq XXXXXX7772 who is a sales person from Reliable Marketing, 1 Municipal Road, PLA Showroom, Maruthi Complex, Cantonment, Trichy – 1 but without any receipt.
    The dongle Activation date is 16-09-14.
    When asked about the deposit amount they told that it will be reflected on the 1st month bill. As it did not get reflected, we checked with customer care and they said to check in the third month bill.

    Till Dec 14 we had no problem with the connection and we were paying our bills properly. Once we have shifted our location to Chennai West Mambalam from Jan 15 we were unable to use the service because of the connection issues and the problem with connectivity started.

    Even on several compliants from 28-01-15 the customer care persons did not agree & care about it to provide a solution for that.
    Compliant Number: 7523
    So we requested for disconecction on 02-02-15 but it has not been done.

    Once the connectivity issue started we had thrown away the dongle.

    So they have started to pamper us to pay the bills and without resolving our problem also.

    The customer care person confirmed us by stating they had no records regarding the collected deposit amount from us.

    Then we spoke with the Sales Manager – Palani : xxxxxx0792 of Reliable Marketing and also with Billing Incharge – Senthil : xxxxxx0930 from the same company.
    Palani agreed about the deposit amount collection and also told that for around 5 members the deposit amount has not been uploaded.

    But no response has been received regarding the receipt of the amount after that.
    To have a follow up we had contacted Mr. Senthil so many times, who will always try to disconnect the call by saying so silly reasons.
    So to make a conclusion we directly visited the Reliable Marketing office where we found only the watch man to answer us and no staffs were also available.

    For the past 2 to 3 weeks we were getting threatening calls from so called advocates of Delhi for paying the outstanding bill amount of Rs.2574.
    We are also ready to pay the outstanding amount for the data we have used once the proper usage bills has been shown and it must be subtracted with the deposit amount collected.

    A person called Madhi stating himself as from the collection recovery department came to our house for verification and after explaining all the situation he understood that the sales team had issue with us. He also assured us to tell his name if we get any calls reg the payment.
    We are getting calls from the so called advocated from Delhi court once in atleast three days and remainder messages daily.
    When we asked to whatsapp the identity card of the so called advocated no one has sent us yet.
    This is creating more frustration on us. If any compliant has been filed on us we must have received a legal notice but it has not happened

    Today (23-5-15-Saturday-14:19pm) Rahul-XXXXXX2042 an assistant of Kishore-XXXXXX9523 saying as an advocate from Delhi court called us and asked us to pay Rs.20000 as a fine amount and asking for our debit card and credit card numbers for getting the cash. Mr.Kishore was forcing me to pay the amount within 10 minutes or else legal proceeding would be taken on me and we need to be there at Delhi court if not a warrant would be issued against my name. My doubt is will the courts be opened on saturday and without hearing our concern can a warrant be issued? Once Kishore has disconnected the call, Rahul called me again to know the debit card details and I just disconnected the call. As they are asking for the card details it looks like fraudulent activities from MTS or by using MTS’s name.
    And these so called Advocates from Delhi speaks fluent Tamil.

    1. Hello Mam,

      My god I cannot believe how much trouble MTS and its associates are giving you. Never share you credit card or debit card or bank account details to anyone. Coming to legal action, I have already shared a dedicated comment on the proceeding of court and notices. They are just threatening you to extra more money.

      This is clear case of cheating and fraud. In my opinion, you should stop talking to them and respond through either email or hard documents. Trust me, there are not going to do any thing legally. If call comes, ask them to send notice or whatever through mail as you will respond through mail only.

      I have already got a MTS notice once.

      You have to close this issue and cannot keep it in idle mode.

      There are few steps, that you should take to make your position stronger.

      Step 1. Send a mail to MTC Chennai Appellate authority. Explain the problem and make it clear that you are ready to pay for usages.
      Step 2. Send a mail to TRAI [email protected]
      Step 3. Register a grievance with the CM of Tamilnadu at

      This will be sufficient to get MTS come under pressure and appoint a person to listen your problem and opt for settlement.

      1. Hi,

        Here is my story. I got MTS connection. I hardly used the device and I just took it because I needed some backup for my TATA Photon, as I was working from home regularly. The MTS fellows sent me a bill of Rs. 3200 at the end of the Ist month. I told them I have not used the connection so I wouldn’t pay. The help-desk people sent some arbitrary bill. I maintained that I would NOT make the payment. Later they said they would review the bill and sent another bill for INR 688. I told them them I would not pay and in the meantime I changed my house. They went to my previous address and inquired. They could not get my changed address. I left my company and shifted to Canada. They are still sending sms to my India number. I just don’t care. Fraud company should be dealt with the way they should be….

    2. Hi sivapriya even i have the same issue but i just ignore it .Now that they have sent me a lokadalat notice i am just ignoring it and carrying on my work because they are cheating people with wrong promises.If you want any legal advice do mail me [email protected]

  6. I have already closed my account in Dec 2014. However, today MTS billing department sent me a message with recent usages of data card.

    MTS is a shameless company. Request all to stay away from this scam.

  7. Today I got call from some lawyer and his assistant from civil court demanding me to pay bill for the connection which I got disconnected 1 year ago.

      1. That assistant never called again. Now I totally doubt legitimacy.
        I think he’s some recovery agent.
        He also told me that civil court judge will call me.

        1. Hi Ankus,

          MTS has been involve such malicious prank with customer.And, the brand has cross all limit of decency. You assignment is right that they played a trap to fraud against you.

  8. Next time such fraud calls comes in, do these steps:
    1. Install any call recording app in your mobile phone.
    2. Note down the name and number of the caller.
    3. Ask him about the name of judge.
    4. Call the police and tell them that this person is making fraudulent calls.
    And finally the person who was trying to get to in court will be in jail himself.

  9. I am cheated by MTS.


    1. I worked in Global Village and happened to meet airtel representative for Airtel connection and when he visited my house, we found that Airtel speed is very bad at my home. He suggested to take MTS whose minimum speed is 4 MBPS (Data card number – 8453706897). We agreed to take it without a demo as we believed him.

    2. The new connection was activated on 27th August 2014.

    3. Right from day 1, I was facing speed issues and was hoping that the issue would be resolved soon.

    4. I have raised below complaints till now and not even single one is addressed properly:

    a. SEP/9441 – Raised on 21st Sep 2014
    b. SEP/12509 – Raised on 27th Sep 2014 since first request was not addressed.
    c. DEC/14084 – Raised on 30th Dec 2014 – I got a call on 1st Jan and MTS representative checked my speed and confirmed that it is less that 200 kbps and when I checked the complaint status today morning, I got to know that ticket is closed.

    I talked to one of the highest authority of MTS – [email protected] and dropped mails to him on the issue on January 2nd 2015 (Yes, I do have proofs for the same). He promised that issue would be resolved soon.

    But no luck, I continued to make the payment and raise complaints.

    d. JAN/9173 – I spoke to MTS floor supervisor earlier and she promised that issue would be resolved by 27th Jan, if not she suggested not to make any payment.
    e. My issue is not resolved till today and I called MTS care on 31st Jan at 11 AM, they said they will call me back within 30 mins. Unfortunately till today morning I did not receive any call from MTS.
    f. I called MTS again today morning and got one more promise that speed issue would be resolved by 4th Feb.

    I made several calls to customer care and wrote mails on the same. But no luck.

    Finally I requested them to discontinue the service on 10th Feb 2015 and I did not make any payment since I did not get the service for my previous payments.

    I was served a legal notice to make the payment (Ref No. : TRI/MAY-15/0779) and today my brother got the call to make the payment. Since I am not in India and would not want to fight a legal battle in India, I talked to Legal person and made the payment.

    I do have all proper proofs for all above points.

    These are my questions to ‪#‎TRAI‬
    1. Why the Indian customer has to make the payment even though service provided is not as promised?
    2. I have sent a reply to Legal notice over mail and copied all TRAI official mail IDs ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected]), but no response. Do you really care for customer?

    I am still waiting for an era in India when customer would be treated respectfully…

  10. I’m using your Postpaid MTS 3G+ Data Card (XXXXXX3321) connection from June’2015 and it was activated after 20th June’2015 i don’t know the exact date. I already paid your 2 Bills. When i was purchasing the connection that guys told me that after paying your 3 bills you can make your connection prepaid. So, the issue is 3rd bill is about to receive & i want to make my connection prepaid any how? So, Will you guys help to make my connection prepaid?


    1. Hi Deepak, we are not part of MTS India. This is just a platform to raise voice against MTS bad service quality. Please send an email to MTS customer care and demand to change your connection plan from postpaid to prepaid. Avoid calling customer care rather send email. If you do not get any satisfactory answer from the customer care, take up with senior management and appellant authority of MTS Delhi.

  11. They are really big time fraud, i purchased their dongle and it becomes faulty just after 3 months of use, i submitted the device at one of their service center, but they never got it repaired and never returned the device. I escalated the issue to their appellate authority as well but no help from them as well.

    Even then they kept on generating the bill and now harassing me to pay the bill amount. Really a big time fraud company.

  12. Informations are very useful.. I have got so many calls from the above-mentioned persons stating that before 2 p.m. pls make payment, else face in the court. I bought dongle from MTS on December 1, 2014, and it got activated in Jan 19, 2015. The days between the December 1st to Jan 18th I had called MTS so many times, but each and every time i should narrate them what had happened. I said them, I do not want connection at all. They never did that. Finally after 4 days of usage, Jan 19th to Jan 23rd, the connection got disconnected and asking me to pay the bill for Rs. 2056/-. from that time i am getting calls from XXXXXX2611 and other numbers and harassing me to pay the amount.

  13. I also got the same problem
    I bought MTS data card and used it properly for 3 months. After that I got signal issues and couldn’t use the 12gb plan amount for that month.I used only 3gb.but I got bill for total 12gb.I calculated and paid the amount for 3gb.Then I asked them to disconnect but they didn’t and kept on adding the bills for further 2 I got a SMS saying that it is a legal notice from advocate that I should pay the bill amount or they will file a case against me in Chennai court.what can I do??? pls help asap .if anyone wish to give solution mail me @[email protected]

  14. Dear Friends,

    These bastords neither have any advocates nor interested to waste money in Indian Judicial System, At a single hearing Judges are well known about the company’s how they harass their customers, you won’t get into problem and even they have to pay back to you for the loss of business you might had due to disconnection of internet. They are making fake email id’s and drafting letters under Indian laws by themselves, ask them to come to court and tell them I would pay there only & also do a full & final settlement of your account at the court only.

    Please don’t get worried, rebuke these mts bastords and say I am not interested to pay and internet services are not appropriate & worth bills generated on my account. Please come to court and let me know court no. when & where to appear.

    Just go before Judge and say they have been harassing my family and me , life threatening. I want to close my account but they are constantly generating bills even after barring my internet services & also request Judge to please ask MTS or their representative to bring information on their pending accounts in court as per right to information act.

    Ask them to bring complete my usage detailed.

    If MTS is a genuine and sincere company ask them to also bring complete details of service tax they paid to present in court with complete billings they did in current financial year, so that it would be clear that this company is sincere or fraud.

    Don’t worry , they all are fraud.

    Advocate Bharat Bhushan
    Tis Hazari Courts, New Delhi
    +91 9810633508

  15. So good to hear you Mr. Bharat Bhushan. It has just been 15 days since I have bought the internet connection. The bogus customer service gave me a suspicion, followed by the unpredictable connection, I was assured of the fraudulent nature of their operation. I have sent email for disconnection twice today (15th Oct’15) and till now no acknowledgement have been received. Even earlier for a minor issue I emailed them and they don’t even send computer generated acknowledgements. I regret not reading the huge amount of complaints against these morons before buying. I was feeling a little trapped. But I feel confident now.

    I am sending the email again this time to TRAI and [email protected] too.
    Thank you for this forum.

  16. I am writing this post with reference to a problem facing on MDN No- 8459620616 & Account No- 1101309697 (User – Amit Kumar Singh). I have the issue of slow internet and weak network on MTS internet and I have raised the issue several times but didn’t find any solution. Finally, I stopped paying bills. I got several calls and emails from MTS for payment, they said that problem has been resolved and I can use MTS Internet service conveniently.

    As per my plan Monthly bill amount is Rs 627 and my account was suspended after a month, but I don’t know how I am billed RS 1233. I had a word with MS Mandeep – 9873807646 regarding the bill she waived off an amount of RS. 370 from my MTS bill of Rs 1233 and assured me of better service and. Believing her I paid the RS. 863 as per the instruction of MS Mandeep. Now she is not responding to my call and MTS customer reps are telling me to pay the remaining amount of RS. 370.

    Please help me.

  17. All of you who have been wronged get together and file complaint against MTS, at least state wise or district wise. Together we will have stronger evidence, can go for the best lawyer, and get the maximum compensation from them. More over we should make a web page or a group and post records of their ill doing so as to prevent other innocent people from being cheated.

    I am sitting on some call recordings and smses from MTS. I am going to file a consumer court case in Kochi, Kerala. Anybody in kochi interested in joining forces pls mail me. Anybody with legal knowledge on consumer court filings also please mail as I could always use all ideas.

    1. Hi, I am interested in joining hands with you. Its been more than one year they are threatening me for the disconnected data card bill. Tried reaching their CEO but no use. There is no response from any of their team. I used to get a rude call from Adv Sreejith,Cochin. A culture less lady used to contact me saying she is from Adv Sreejith’s office and then starts here threatens. Another time two guys called me from Delhi consumer court. I am seriously thinking of filing case against them. Please contact me.

  18. TRICKS PLAYED BY MTS with me
    1. Rude/arrogant/bossy calls – shove it down their ***, be more bossy.
    2. E-mails threatening to go to court.
    3. A senior specialist from collection dept of MTS/Systema shyam will send a request to Lok Adalat that you had taken a connection and xxx payment is due. He will also request Lok Adalat to send u a notice and to help them get the amount due and to solve the case amicably. Lok Adalat then will send u a notice via postal stating —> A complaint (complaint No.) has been registered at District Legal Services Authority, which will be taken up on (date) and requesting your presence on the date to talk and amicably reach a solution. If you have sufficient docs to support your innocence, ignore the notice (do confirm by showing the notice to a good lawyer, if it is the same notice)
    4. Calls posing as advocate and even judge. Play along for the fun of it (if u have time to kill); build up the climax and then break it to them that you know he is a fake. Oh boy, u would love it!!:-)) BUT FIRST CONFIRM HE IS A FAKE – I had truecaller id app on my phone, it had shown the call was from MTS and many had rated it spam. THOUGH I VERY SERIOUSLY DOUBT IF A JUDGE OR AN ADVOCATE WILL CALL AND ASK U TO COME TO THEIR OFFICE AND PAY MONEY, MAY BE IN FILMS OR THE MINDS OF STUPID PEOPLE AT MTS.

  19. MTS is a fraud company. They offered 5Mbps data speed and I was getting 4kbps. I complained several times but I didnt hear anything from them. I am forced to pay unwanted bill amount of 2188. Lets fight against MTS and wash out them from India

  20. MTS executives practice all unethical methods to extort money from a customer. They impose hefty bills and then harass customers to pay it. If any customer refuses to pay the wrong amount bill they threaten of legal action. They send forged legal notices through email and pose themselves as an advocate or judge and try to scare people.

  21. I had similar problem of these frauds and their fraudulent act. Let us all unite together and fight. Let them know what it means to be fake. We should not pay even a single paisa against these frauds.

  22. Hi
    I am also facing problem by MTS . Today i received call Delhi civil court by ( As that person said), they warn me and said as soon as Police will take action on my address … So please guide me what i do to do?

    1. Dear,

      You haven’t done any theft , police didn’t has role in this, say to them .Also tell these MTS fellows Now please let us be at court to clear the amount and tell them also that whatever consequences, I will clear your dues in front of magistrate only. Send me summon & don’t make call, whatever your due would be clear in court only now as you have brought it legally. Also never pay them now , As they might generate fake billings. If your services are barred , keep the letter (email stating , that your services are barred) for a proof that the services are blocked from so and so date.

      I assure you that you won’t get in any problem & these people don’t have time. I was one of the sufferers of MTS , I clearly stated to them that please come to the court and collect your dues in front of magistrate. Since then I haven’t received any calls or I haven’t paid to them to date for their fake billings.

      People, please be at ease . You haven’t murdered anyone or stolen something.

  23. today i got a call from 084XXXX0767 that there has been a case lodged by some sanjay chowdhury (advocate) no. 099XXXX7781 in delhi court for same issue. I will pay 500 bucks to avoid such harassment but this is a serious crime by mts. So I request everyone to harass them also. Atleast i guess no one can lodge a complaint for calling them frequently(even sanjay chowdhury).

    1. MTS India is running a business like chit Fund such as Sarada, Rose valley and so on Directorate of Grievance New Delhi will take action against, we can also write letters to the editors of leading news papers.

  24. Hi,

    I cancelled the data card connection properly 10 before my service period ends and i paid the full month rent with tax, 1025 a scientiest from MTS office said i must surrender data card then i ran, jumped to bring the data card and finally within half an hour i surrendered the data card and my underwear but these idiots after 8 months there was a call from Delhi Court Kulfi Cell that you should pay or we will file Gas :p
    Billing period is 16/3/2015 to 16/3/2015

    MTS creating useless problems with peoples and every user faces some issues, example: my friends whoever uses this service.

    Hope people will put a END CARD soon to this Crap MTS service.

  25. the some problem continues wit me also the i have already cancelled the connection but we are getting a call from delhi court and within 2 hours police will arrest u so kindly take a action against them and stop thest phole call

  26. Hello People, I wrote an Email to that F00kin’ MTS about my Issue. And they have stuck up with the wrong niggah.

    There is a very serious and annoying issue by MTS that I’m suffering from – MTS Company is Lying about speed of Internet Pack.
    I have bought the MTS Postpaid Data Card in Last Week of December, 2015. The seller was an MTS Dealer or Agent and delivered me the Product at my Place. The offer was 599/- per Month with “9.8Mbps 3G+ Speed for 10GB data” usage and UNLIMITED usage at 512kbps for a Month.
    Then, a Customer Care Person called me about Verifying the Plan’s Details. He said 9.8mbps [email protected] (5gb/day and 5gb/night) with Unlimited [email protected] for Month. Plan of 599 Rs + Taxes will be Billed Each Month. This was verified by 2-3 Customer Care Person.

    I Verified the Plan and Activated Data Card.

    After using the Data Card,
    It was Totally False Promise, the Speed of 3G+ Never got higher then 300KB/s.
    That was Very Very Embarrassing and Disgusting.
    But, as my Needs got Fulfilled with that speed, I didn’t Bothered.

    After Spending up 5GB, I tried to use the net and the speed wasn’t even 2Kb/s.
    Then next day a Customer Care Person Called me up and Told me about the Plan.
    I told about that Speed Issue of UNLIMITED Usage.

    He said speed of Unlimited Data is 32kbps.

    I was Shocked, I told him that you Register a Complain, But, he said I can’t call customer Care.

    My Beliefs on MTS was Shaken Up. And Now, I want it to be Fixed ASAP. Follow your Promise MTS. And make the Unlimited Data usage Speed 512kbps and 9.8mbps speed of 3G+.


    Refund My Money of Data Card and take back your Data Card.


    If they didn’t Refunded me or changed there fraudings with me, then I’m gonna drag them into media. And Sting on them also.

  27. Hi
    MTS is a Big fraud company,they are big lyiers,I was using Mblaz in 2013 and Due to some reason i wanted to cancel the same after using some month,and i Have settled all bill and asked Customer care to Cancel It.they said in Another15 Days it will automaticaly Disconnect,I asked agian and again please send Email or SMS Regarding this, they said No problem Sir this Oral intruction is Enough He said.and I Didnot Recorded this conversation,this is the Big fault which I have Did at that Time..
    After 2 Months they have sent next months Bill I was surprised and called Customer care they are saying You used and you must pay It.then i Fought with them and finaly i Decided to pay and get rid of this bloody Company issue..
    again after some 3 months i have received one call and saying that you have not filled your bill Please fill ASAP..I was Realy blown up at that time,i was fired that person and disconected the call.again after some moth one call had come and His name I forgot he was saying my senior lawyer told me to call you Regarding MTS Bill,iam calling from tees hazar court Delhi..Imeadiatly You have to Pay 1000 Rs with in 10 Min Else Yo have to appear in Court Tomorrow only.He said.I said You do what do you want to Do iam Ready to face..he disconnected the call..
    no calls or Email or SMS till yesterday..
    then 17-02_2016 Yesterday evening I got a SMS saying that Imeadiatly You have to Pay 1000 Rs else you have to face leagal action..
    Again Im sayin them If they call saying from the court..
    Goto Big Crooks..

    1. Same case happened with me too. When I requested for disconnection of service they told me that there is no need of acknowledgement no .As you pay the bill of the current your connection will automatically get disconnect.After three month still I am receiving messages regarding bill pending.Yesterday I got a call from the number XXXXXX4412 mentioning himself as Mandeep advocate at tees hazaari court.He forced me to pay the bill within 2 hours otherwise legal notice would be send to me.I told him i will pay only if a MTS authority will give me a written assurance face to face .Then he said I can’t manage it,After that I disagreed with him.He gave me his Contact number XXXXXX7646.When I asked for my billing and usage details he could not explain but only asking for bill payment.I have been getting calls for 2 months. suggest me what action should I take

      1. Same things happening to me from last 2 years for a bill amount of only Rs.250/- , whereas I have an email from MTS saying all dues cleared.
        Ajay, please dont put the ‘X’s on phone numbers, we also need to check that these are the same numbers or not.

      2. almost same conversation took place with me.I asked for face to face settlement on affidavit and asked for for usages history then they try to change the track and somehow say to make payment.Actually they are fraud (a third party recovery person on commission base).They don’t have direct authority with MTS.You may observe their mail address is also fraud not genuine email id is used by them.

  28. Hi,

    Its true that MTS is a big fraud. I have requested the MTS people to disconnect my number ( DATA CARD) four months back but every month they raise bill and ask for the payment.
    I have not been using their services since past four months but they are not disconnecting the connection.
    What to do? please advise against such fraud?

  29. I closed my connection properly as they said. They told me to pay my due amount, and when I try to do payment, it showed payment failed. So I made payment again. Now payment was made twice. I called customer care, they said settlement will be done by cheque in 45 days.

    But still didn’t get any cheque and not responding to my emails.

  30. This is regarding non payment of bills on this data card No. XXXXXX0114.
    The data card purchased is used for more than six months without any issues and the bill amounts are paid every month in time due to MTS. But from the month of December 2015 the problem has been made at MTS end as detailed below.

    1. That the bill amount for the month of November 2015 should be deducted with Rs.100 /- advance amount i have paid in the month of November. But this was not shown in the bill.

    2. From the month of December 2015 there is no connectivity in my area. proof for Complaint mails are availble.
    As such the bill amount for November 2015 alone is Rs.650/- is due from my side.
    3. As informed by MTS field engineers visited my home, the connectivity problem is due to removal of 2 transmitters facing the Seneerkuppam north area in Karayanchavadi Tower. and also said that it will not be replaced or rectified.

    4. Due to this unfair trade policy of MTS i have spent Rs1200/- to buy the device from them is not usable.
    5. Even after sending and informing several times to your executives on the issues they have not provided me a proper reply they have only provided abusive replies (No.+9181XXXX5141). They started sending threatening SMS like Final reminder from MTS Legal Team your driving licence will be blocked case will be filled under section 468 ready to attend cibil case in chennai high court– like that
    The instrument (Data Card) is bought on mutual trust that mts has to provide continues service. But thry have failed at their end and demanding Rs.1350/- as bill from me is untenable. As this is a complete negligence on providing service at MTS side. This caused me severe mental agony.
    planinng to take up in appropriate consumer forum for suitable action.

  31. I had a monthly plan of Rs 1100 which had the benefit of unlimited. But then I got the bill amounting to Rs 6234. After 2 years I got a call from MTS that I am A.K. TYAGI (the lawyer ) and REKHA CHAUDHARY (INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT) calling from district court stated that there was no reply of legal notices so you have to appear for the hearing at district court Delhi with your lawyer. Or else pay your actual amount with Rs 6000 penalty. I am in some serious problems thats why I paid the whole amount with penalty. Now they are like we will give you the NOC from court in 3 to 4 working days. Now I am waiting.

  32. I did not had a MTS data service.But 2 days back i got a msg stating that lok adalat has been raised and pay the amount of Rs 721 immediately to avoid legal action. what should i do? I do not how my phone number got trapped here!

  33. MTS is the fraud. They kept sending the bill even after we disconnected. What TRAI and the government is doing. they cheat poor public.

  34. I didn’t use data from MTS but they sending bills and sending SMS daily. any problems will happen? any dispute come from in immigration? please reply anyone thank you.

    1. Hi Praveen, do not worry. Nothing will happen. However, through an email, you must inform MTS that without using their service, you are getting bill alert. And, if this harassment is not stopped, you will initiate legal action against them. This will solve your problem.

  35. Hi everyone,
    I am also in serious mess with MTS.
    1. I was made to purchase an MTS dongle worth Rs.1000 from MTS.
    2. The plan I purchased was of Rs.999 with 10MBPS data speed unlimited plan, but the speed I received was never more than 200KBPS. Hence I was never able to use the connection.
    3. From the day I got the connection, I started to place the complaint to customer care and appellate body, and ultimately disconnected the connection before the completion of one month.
    4. I had complaint to customer care which told me that it will take about 3-4 weeks to rectify the speed issue.
    5. I further communicated the same to appellate body of MTS and requested them to repay my dongle amount. They agreed for the same but generated exorbitant bill on per day basis which was never communicated to me earlier.
    6. I was in communication with appellate body for more than 8 days, and they never even once told me that I will be charged on per-day basis. As soon as I came to know about it, I disconnected my connection, and still got a bill of Rs.800.
    7. After this communication started a series of threatening calls from MTS.
    8. Today I have received a legal notice by email from some laywer.

    What do you suggest I should do?

    1. Do not even bother. I had the same situation. Pls check my above post under Viju. Backup and keep a record of the mails and SMS that you had sent them. If you are game and have time to spare, go to the consumer court. It will be awarded in your favor. They cannot do anything, just do not fall to their plays of advocate calls, even Lok Adalat notice (anyone can send notice from Lok Adalat for 50-100 bucks),that is for out of court settlement.

  36. That cheater mts company has sent me wrong bill and now sending message that your case is in the state court you have to present on 22 oct 2016 for proceding what to do man with this sms??

  37. HI,

    Myself SUNDAR im using MTS data card for the past 2year. sudendly i faced connectivity problem in the MTS data cfard, i call to the mts custmer care. they toid me ur device is problem plz buy a new device , i buy a new data caed for the same number. again i faced same problem ,again i call the customer care , they told plz check OS or ur laptop is working my outstanding balance is 1786rs. now im facing threatening call from lyers from delhi .
    plz help me what will i do????

  38. I have recently filed a case against MTS fraud where notice is issued to MTS. Anybody harassed or being harassed by MTS fraud may join me.

    1. dear sarit,
      i m also having a very bad experince of MTS. my mts dongle device not worked properly. i called the customer care for the new device they told to contact their retail shop praveen communication thennur trichy tamilnadu for new deivce, but the retail shop told device is unavailable now kindly come after one week, after one again they told device is unavailabe come after one week but they didn’t give device for two months. without device i didn’t pay the bills.
      i contacted customer care again they told you have to pay 750 for device then only you will get device. they didn’t tell this information before. Poor customer care and the worst retail shop didn’t tell the proper information and also betroyed me. because of this my bill exceeded to rs 2324.
      they continously sending text, called me to pay bills or legal action will be taken but i didn’t pay bills and i also got notice from allikulam court chennai to attend lok adalat to settle. I didn’t attend the lok adalat as per my advocate advice.

      But still they sending SMS. i got the lok adalat notice from the same court again.

      please fight against the fraud mts service.

  39. 1) MTS service is not do as they promised, speed is very less, sometimes takes long time to download (around half an hour) even to download 50 MB data. That makes the customer to disconnect and go to some other service provider. No use if complain. After I used for 2 days, thought to disconnect, however I could manage for 6-7 months.
    2) Once if disconnected from MTS by paid of final settlement, again they send the bills continuously for further coming months. Continues sending the irritating messages
    3) Received the lot of calls from the customer care to pay the amount, which I don’t use. Each time I explain about the disconnect. They say as still active.
    While I disconnect from the MTS, I was requested the final settlement amount Rs216, and I paid that, and spoke with customer care, they said, account will get deactivated after 4 days, if you like, you can move into prepaid within 4 days, else your account, will get permanent disconnect. I did not like to move prepaid. As they said, should have disconnected permanently, but still active.
    4) I mailed the customer care, no answer for my question. They reply unnecessary details.
    5) Why should I pay the amount, which I don’t use..? Once I requested to disconnect, if they don’t do, who is the responsible, which indicates they purposefully do this kind, to cheat the customer and collect the money.
    6) Daily they sent the message as appropriate legal & civil proceedings initiated, due to non paymt of Rs… kindly make the payment to avoid the legal action.
    7) Mean time I got the threatening call from a unknown number as “calling from lower court and case is against you, if you need detail regard that I give you one advocate number, call him and talk, else need to come delhi court”
    I got this dongle card from tamilnadu, to settle the amount I need to go Delhi court. Just think about how cheat and try to collect money from customers for unused data.
    8) This kind of irritate and threatening will make the customer not to buy postpaid service from any other service provider too.
    Please suggest what to do..?

    [email protected]

  40. A biggest mistake in my life I have done is taking the MTS data card. I am still facing problem with these mts guys, got frustrated and mentally upset with their approach.
    3 months ago their executives called me as usual to pay the pill and he offered me some discount on immediate payment and accepted for cancellation of my account which was actually in deactivate status by that time, after I did the payment instead of cancellation, they activated the account again and generated the bills for next two months and now they are calling me frequently and sending threatening emails and messages with some legal notices in email. I don’t understand how to deal with these guys, can someone throw some light what I can do with them.

    1. I am unable to understand why you are afraid of fake or wrongly generated bill as you are claiming that you have not been using MTS services.

      If you have paid the bill for your actual usages of MTS services then do not worry, nothing is going to happen. Even if they drag you in court (which is certainly not going to happen), no problem you will have a say before court and claim for compensation against mental harassment.

      Please consider my personal advice, when comes to service or complaint or requesting for any activation and deactivation to any company or even government, use email.

      My personal experience says that Email is the best tool for approaching your service provider. Even for my prepaid connection issue, I use email and every time I receive 100% solution to my issue. In fact, email is less time consuming than calling to customer (Press 0, Press 1, and Press 9…..)

      Use email to communicate with MTS and relax. And, never trust unofficial mail, I mean you should not be trusting [email protected]. Replay your appropriate answer only to the official communication.

  41. Can someone advise how to deal with below MTS Lok Adalat Notices. I have been getting these emails and SMSs from MTS since past 2 weeks saying that,

    “Whereas, the above dispute is referred to the LOK ADALAT under Section 20[ii] of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.The said dispute is being taken up for consideration before the Lok Adalat being organised by this Authority on 30/01/2017 at 11.30 AM in the

    Kindly clear the Outstanding amount Rs.2500/- ON OR BEFORE LOK ADALAT on 30/01/2017. To avoid your appearance in Lok Adalat. Otherwise attend Lok Adalat and settle the matter to avoid further Legal proceeding .
    For any clarification in this regards, you may contact Sam. Mobile No. xxxxxxxxxx.

    This is an auto-generated email and reply to this mail id is not monitored.

    1. dear ramanan
      i m also having the same problem. i got notice from the allikulam court. I consul with my lawer, he told no need to attend the lok adalat just throw the notice.
      you received mail from them, just delete the mail or report spam the mail.

  42. MTS is harassing me for bill payment of rs 1990 for the past 2 weeks. This is happening despite me sending them a mail on 25-February’17, almost 2 months back to stop my services and tell me the correct amount till 28-February’17 which I paid at the time being. After that I was assured that the services will be stopped and no more bill will be generated. But now MTS is threatening with legal notice to pay the amount for the usage of the months March and april. What should be the correct course of action from my end now???

  43. MTS is a cheat service provider , they threat over phone to send to jail /legal action. Customer of MTS should avoid their service.

  44. For my data card, in the month of march i had to pay 1321, but due to mistake i payed 13221 and since then im calling them and asking them to refund my 11900 and have made complains about it constantly but every time i call customer care, they say they have reverted it through net but i never recieved it and in return they dont give me any details. Then they asked me to email in the customer care, i keep emailing them, they say they will send it through cheques but again they dont give me any further details and now whenever i email them, they dont reply me and when again i called in the customer care, theyre telling me i never made any complain but i have all the complaint ids and all proofs of it.
    Please help what should i do?

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