Daniel Klein is a Hong Kong-based wristwatch brand sells premium quality watches for men and women. In this piece, I list my favorite Daniel Klein Exclusive wristwatches for pretty ladies in India. Meet here my favorite ten best Daniel Klein watches. Gift one of them to a lady very special in your life and win her smile with her heart.

We often get our followers’ message to provide some suggestions on best women watches or best watch to gift on marriage anniversary or what best he or she could present to his or her friend on birthday and so on. Therefore, we occasionally publish a piece to help our followers for a fitting birthday gift. Read also Seiko Wall Clock Review in India – 23 Best Seiko Watches in Online Stores.

→How to select the best gift for a lady on her birthday?

A perfect gift selection is an art. It tests you in and out. She would judge you by measuring your gift on her special day. A gift speaks, but it speaks in the language of silence. It expresses your emotions and your feelings for her. Your present would tell her how well you know her likes & dislikes. Further, how sincere you are for her, how much effort you are ready to put forth, and also how well-connected you are with the changing trend and today’s fashion.

Therefore, whenever you want to present something special to someone special, that too on her birthday take extra precaution. Look for better ideas on the Internet, seek the help of your trusted lieutenants, friends, or you can ask us.

The occasion of birthday is something very special. So be a special person for her and put your best foot forward to get the best of the best you can buy and present her so that she feels — she is very special for you.

What could be better than a wristwatch? Daniel Klein is one of the best brands for women watches. This brand has an excellent collection of designer watches at affordable prices.

→Why is Daniel Klein Watches a perfect gift for Lady Birthday.

Until last week, I was unheard of the Daniel Klein brand. However, I have become a fan now. Recently, to gift my friend on her birthday, I was looking for a fancy watch. My budget was around 5000 Rupees. I wanted to present her a wristwatch, which could very well match with all her dresses. I searched on the Internet for a suggestion, any solid idea to move in the right direction but did not get a convincing solution.

However, my quest led me to a beautiful collection of wristwatches in exceptional design. It was a Daniel Klein exclusive collection of women wristwatches.

The model I liked had MRP just 2600 Rupees. I got better than what I was looking for. I saved approx. 2000 Rupees as well. I got a designer wristwatch, which has all the right qualities, and it would perfectly match with any dress in any color. What more I want; I am satisfied with my selection.

A regular wristwatch has only essential functions to show time, date, and week name. Therefore, in the selection of a wristwatch, only design, and the brand name matters. In a watch, a brand is not just a level name; it also represents product’s build quality & durability. However, if you are looking for a smartwatch, then the domain is completely different.

→Are Daniel Klein brand watches reliable and durable

Is the Daniel Klein brand a reliable name, a valued brand, a reputed level for a wristwatch? I do not know. However, I must say, in 5000 Rupees budget, Daniel Klein watches are excellent options in the Indian market. They bear outstanding design. Check the Titan wristwatch for women collection. You cannot get Titan women watch with an inspiring design in less than 4000 Rupees. Besides, Daniel Klein provides 12 months of warranty. That assures on the quality part; the products are not cheap Chinese goods.

I do not recommend Daniel Klein watches, however. Should you buy a Daniel Klein watch or not — is something you have to decide. I can only present relevant facts before you.

I searched online and found no debate and discussion on whether to buy Daniel Klein Watches or not. There is only one Quora page, which got only nineteen responses, half in favor of the brand and against half. The page was created last year hence is not relevant today.

However, based on my experience I would say Daniel Klein exclusive watches do worth. If you are thinking to gift a wristwatch, I insist on having a look at the best models of Daniel Klein watches. Trust me you would end up buying one. This time take a change as I did, gift a Daniel Klein watch to a lady on her birthday.

I am going to reveal the model I bought. In fact, it is one of the best Daniel Klein Women Witches under 5000 Rupees. My gift got huge applause. My friend liked it, too. That motivated me to cover Daniel Klein exclusive watches, ideal for gifting someone on this website.

→My favorite Daniel Klein Women watches under 5000 Rupees

Daniel Klein watches price in India is in between 1250 Rupees to 6500 Rupees. However, here I list only ten best Daniel Klein women watches, which are on sale under 4000 Rupees. That would cover customers of all price segment. Further, in my selection, I have also included Daniel Klein chain watches and Daniel Klein Blue Watches, which are best in demand.

For my personal use, I prefer big dial watches with strap in black color. However, to gift my lady friend especially, I would prefer a watch in golden design that has a small dial with a plating. I do not know how much accurate this fact is – blue and golden are two best colors for a women wristwatch. Moreover, a wristwatch with a golden or silver dial would go well with all color of dresses. In fact, the selection of 10 best Daniel Klein women watches has been with given emphasis to the fact that the watch should match all color of dresses and sari.

The suggested Daniel Klein watches are made out of stainless steel. They are waterproof, too. Daniel Klein offers up to one year of warranty. That translates into 12 months of warranty for the watch and only 6 months of warranty for plating on them. To avail post-sale service, you need to email to Daniel Klein customer service at [email protected]. I do not think this brand has service on call facility in India. Read also Gift This Titan Raga Watch and Say “Something Special” To Her.

Daniel Klein Gold Dial Women Watch DK11170

Price 1575 Rupees


Daniel Klein Gold Dial Women Watch DK10881

Price 1590 Rupees


Daniel Klein Gold Dial Women Watch DK11099

Price 2000 Rupees


Daniel Klein Silver Dial Women Watch DK10797

Price 2650 Rupees


Daniel Klein Golden Dial Women Watch DK10705

Price ( Recommended ) 2600 Rupees


Daniel Klein Silver Dial Women Watch DK11066

 Price 2600 Rupees


Daniel Klein Blue Dial Women Watch DK11519

 Price 2820 Rupees


Daniel Klein Blue Dial Women Watch-DK11181

Price 3000 Rupees


Daniel Klein Gold Dial Women Watch DK10860

Price 3322 Rupees


Daniel Klein Silver Dial Women Watch DK10706

 Price 3600 Rupees