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#Creative Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling

Creative Aurvana ANC Headphones in India

Creative Aurvana ANC Headphones

In the very many years that headphones have been in existence, there has been one unending flow in these gadgets, the menace of external sound interference. What I mean by external sound interference, is the unpreventable intrusion of sound playing on headphones, by peripheral noise emanating from surrounding environments. No matter how hard headphone designers have tried to counter this weakness, it has remained a pain in the neck for all these years. Some designers have tried installing some powerful drivers in their headphones, but you still find some reasonable interference coming from surrounding vibrations. Other stylists have tried padding the ear cups heavily, but this too hasn’t worked.

The breakthrough that offset this nuisance came from a simple technology known as ANC (Active Noise canceling) technology. Among the best headphone models that have taken ANC technology to the limits is the Creative Aurvana ANC Headphones. This product will totally isolate you from a noisy market environment, with the slightest raise in volume. I had a privilege of using these headphones at my local bus terminal and believe me, you can hardly hear a honk from a bus 10 meters away. Of course, this means that the product should only be used in a safe environment, to avoid any accidents. Nevertheless, here are some super features of the Creative Aurvana headphones.

This Headphone has a comfortable yet Robust design

The Creative Aurvana headsets are incredibly light so you won’t have a weighty feeling over your head. They are made of a combination of plastic and some metallic plates, thus making this product quite durable. Both the headband and ear cups are padded in a sponge stuffed leather wrapping for extra comfort. I like the gleaming metallic plates on the sides of each ear cup and the AURVANA logo engraved across these plates, this code looks outstanding.

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Beneath the logo are three small fissures which are covered in a thin mesh casing. I tend to think that is the exact position that the noise cancellation mics are located. Moreover, this product is made in a foldable design and comes with a zipped casing. The ports are fixed on the left ear cup and here you get a 3.5mm audio port, a noise cancellation switch, and an ANC mic. The triple-A batteries are fixed on the right ear cup right beneath the right ANC mic.

Creative ANC Headphones is made for Excellent sound quality

This product has an irresistible sound output. The 40mm Neodymium drivers are fashioned to deliver high-quality sound with up to a 20 kHz frequency response. With the extra Leatherette padding there is very little sound loss and the padding also helps reduce external sound interference. In addition, the designers of this product embraced ANC technology to the fullest.

Each ear cup is fitted with its own ANC mic to put the external noise away. The sound distribution delivered by the drivers is uniform. The bass, mid, and high tones were evenly balanced even though at high volumes the bass pretty much dominates the sound. Creative asserted that their Aurvana headphones were about 87% effective in noise cancellation, although I think they underrated their product.

Connectivity: As pretty as they seem, the Creative Aurvana headphones are still wired headsets. I think for a product that is priced for over 6700 Rupees, Bluetooth connectivity wouldn’t have been that much of hustle. However, the removable 3.5mm audio cable means that there is no sound loss like in many wireless headphones. Moreover, the cable gives users a surety that if the cable gets damaged, you can always replace it, unlike in headphone models with a fixed cable.

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Creative Aurvana Headphones Supports Call reception

One good thing about this pair of headphones is that it supports call reception. I wouldn’t complain about the quality of the call but there is a small hitch on the microphone. The mouthpiece mic for this product is hidden inside the cable. This means that you have to be considerably loud when talking to someone through these phones, or they won’t hear you clearly.

Pricing and verdict: This product is an expensive affair as it is priced at 8700 Rupees. The fact that they don’t have wireless connectivity nor an SD slot discourages me from recommending them to you. The reason being, what do you need a pair of 8000 Rupee headphones for, if they are still wired like 300 Rupee sets? I would only recommend these headphones for people who own music studios or for DJ’s. Otherwise, they are not ideal for everyday use.

Creative Aurvana ANC Headphones Review and Specifications

Price 9000 Rupees
Brand Creative
Product type Headphones
Driver size 40mm
ANC technology Yes- with Dual ANC mics
Material Plastic combined with metallic plates
Battery type Standard AAA batteries
Battery life 40 hrs
Call reception Yes with inline mic and receive button
Connector 3.5 mm removable cable
Cable length 1.5 mm
Padding material Leather
Bluetooth No

Users Review and Opinion

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