► Sound One Bluetooth Earphones with Extra Bass

Music lovers become skeptical when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. This is mainly because the audio quality is degraded when transferred over some sort of wireless technology. But what if I tell you that there is a Bluetooth headphone that gives superb audio quality and can be purchased under your budget? Yes, you read it right.

The Sound One BT-788 Bluetooth Headphones are available in the market for just 1590 rupees and work flawlessly.

Sound One BT 788 Bluetooth Extra Bass Headphone Online in India

Simple Setup: The headphone is ultra-light and easy to wear. There is only one wire to connect the left earpiece with the right one. You also get to choose from multiple color variants. The design of the earpieces is attractive.

I am quite disappointed with the build quality as it is made up of cheap plastic, which in my opinion will not last longer. It seems the manufacturer has spent all the money just to improve its sound quality without caring much for the built.

→ Not Good To Wear While Working Out

People like to wear this type of headphone while working out. Unfortunately, the Sound One BT-788 Headphones fail to perform on this front. Firstly, this product features canal buds instead of in-ear headphones. Moreover, the earpieces do not get any kind of around-the-ear support, which makes the whole setup vulnerable to fall when the user jumps or starts running.

Sound One BT 788 Bluetooth Extra Bass Headphone Review

Impressive Audio Quality: As I mentioned in the introduction, the headphone can produce audio in superior quality. Furthermore, this product also offers CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology. It generates really deep bass levels. Upon closing my eyes, I could not tell if the music was playing in my ears or in front of me.

The APT-X format helps in generating the best audio without wasting much power. Moreover, these headphones work on the latest Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It also offers onboard controls for controlling the tracks and receiving calls. I will also compliment this Bluetooth headset for a powerful inbuilt   microphone, which can record good quality audio.

→ Lasting Power Backup

The manufacturer has equipped this device with a 90-mAh battery. This number sounds too low, but you will actually get around four hours of power backup out of it.

Pros Features:-

  • Generates superior audio
  • Deep bass levels
  • Impressive sound-stage
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive finish
  • Inbuilt noise cancellation
  • Good battery backup


  • Bad build quality
  • Does not mount properly to ears

Verdict: The Sound One headphone is a perfect choice for those people who want great audio quality over wireless connectivity without spending a lot of money. However, beware of its build quality before making a purchase decision final.

Price 1600 Rupees
Connectivity Bluetooth
Battery Backup 4 Hours
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 2 cm
Weight 18 grams
Warranty 1 Year


► Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Headset

You will agree with me, the brand Nokia rules our heart. It had failed to respond challenges posed by Android smartphones so finally ended up being sold out to Microsoft. However, after years of silence, the brand is ready to bounce back. Reports suggest Nokia is working on a new series of smartphones based on Android operating system.

Today, I have a unique gadget Nokia BH-503 a Bluetooth stereo headset to discuss in this review article. It is one good device to listen to songs as well as accept and reject calls. Before I jump into its description, I would also rate it as a powerful microphone to transmit distortion-free voice over the network. Furthermore, if you hate a device with wires, then this is one solution from Nokia comes totally wire free.

 In the box: The unit, Charger, Good quality bag, User manual and warranty card

Before we start with the details, let us understand this product in a brief. It is a wireless device, works with almost all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and iPods. A powerful battery fuels it, which is even quickly rechargeable. It does not come with a 3.5-mm audio jack so compatibility is only limited with Bluetooth enabled gadgets.

→ Music and Call Control

On the right side is the four buttons for calling, forward, backward, and play/pause controls. There is one LED indicator light right below the brand logo. It blinks pretty much every time when the headphone responds to an instruction. For the volume control, still you need to check in the right side precisely on top. It also supports calling so is the microphone present in the ring of volume control at the bottom that too on the right side. After a successful pairing, you can organize everything calls and music player from headphone control options.

  • Volume up key
  • Volume down key
  • Multifunction key
  • Indicator light
  • Rewind key
  • Play/pause key
  • Fast forward key
  • Charger connector
  • Microphone (in-built)

Build and Design: The first thing I notice here is its thick speaker, which implies to a more powerful audio system inside. The headset comes in the “Behind the Neck” design. Its color, which is a combination black and red, looks striking as well. All the controls are on the right side keeps the left side off loaded. The LED indicator blinks in three different colors to indicate various statuses.

The volume rocker is really stiff not very convenient in volume manipulation. While testing, most of the time I had to increase/decrease sound from the smartphone application. To start and shut down it, all you need to do is just long press the power button on the right side under the logo.

What also concerns me is the band, which is not ideal for all head size. I mean it is not actually fit for you if you have a big head. The band does pinch ears and after continuous usages for 10 to 20 minutes, you find uncomfortable to continue.Nokia BH 503 Review Specifications Price Online in India

→ Excellent Sound Quality

Amazingly, it is a good Bluetooth headset at an affordable MRP of 1000 rupees. Sharp tone, lows, and highs all produced well by this Nokia headphone. Although I did notice, some cracking in full volume at high note but that is manageable. The fact is, you should not listen to songs at very high volume because that is neither pleasing nor good for ear health.

In a regular volume, it manages well with Mids, highs, and lows. If you enjoy listening to rock, hip-hop or pop songs, this is one good headphone to produce clear bass and natural sound. Furthermore, I would highly recommend it to those want to listen to loud music. At high volumes, it is simply the best.

Charge the Battery: The Nokia headset has the non-removable battery setup that gets fully charged in one and half-hours. The green LED notification indicates the battery has reached 100% mark. When fully charged you can use it non-stop 13 hours of calling or playing music. Exceptionally, in the standby mode, it will stay alive up to 10 days.

→ Pair and Connect To Enjoy the Music

The Headset will connect with gadgets have a Bluetooth A2DP connectivity support. The Bluetooth profile is widely supported as a primary profile across all Bluetooth enabled devices.

To pair it with a smartphone all you have to do is switch on and it is ready for pairing. Now on your smartphone search for nearby Bluetooth enabled devices. You will see the Nokia BH-503 appearing in the search result. Select the headset and enter the pass code 0000. If the pairing is successful, then the headset will automatically appear in your smartphone Bluetooth menu list as connected.

Pros Features:-

  1. Extremely effective in playing of loud music
  2. Clear and noise free calling
  3. Powerful battery
  4. Fast charging
  5. A good quality bag in sales box
  6. Stylish and attractive
  7. A Product of brand Nokia

Cons: Not comfortable for users have big head size

Final Verdict: Nokia is Nokia. I love this brand. The BH-503 is a good quality stereo headset available at an affordable price. Go for it if you enjoy listening to loud music with powerful Bass.

Price 1300 Rupees
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight 150 gram
Connectivity Bluetooth