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  1. Article by Mr Amar I read, what he says I agreed also. But this type of articles should comes with complete solutions you know ! Only saying don’t buy ozone vegetable purifier explaining scientific reasons is not the end. Rather it reflects that you don’t have any responsibility towards the society…..why let me explain in a generalize manner.

    In a country like India if you show the problem with any social, health, educational issues….you should generous enough to provide the most suitable solution for that. Only that way we can be a better country with good & strong enough society.

    so the review Do Not Buy Ozone Based Fruit Vegetable Purifier must comes with an alternate solution……this is not only for this product only…. equally applicable for all the issues you post…, please come with a solution in the last stanza of reviews.

    A rationalist

    1. Hi Badhan,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion about the article and other contents on the Gadgets Shiksha. We have taken note of your valuable suggestion.

      Thank you once again.

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