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100% Fix – Computer Mouse Left Click acts like Right Click

Left Click acts Right Click Computer Mouse Issue

Is left-click of your computer mouse acts like, right-click? Does left-click bring up right-click context menu continually? Then here is an easy solution to fix the problem.

First, I thought there is some issue with my computer mouse. Also, my old mouse was more than a year old. So, I bought a new HP mouse. Even with the brand-new mouse, I had to face the same problem. How is it possible that the left-clicking of a new computer mouse acts like right-clicking? So, the issue was not in the mouse instead in the computer system.

I started searching on the internet for a workable solution. I tried whatever meaningful solution I got, but the issue was still there. So, I thought why not try a hard-hitting method. In the computer architecture any attached peripheral adds functionality by its driver. Hence remove and reinstalled the mouse driver could solve the problem. And yes, it worked. You could try this method if you are experiencing a similar issue.

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  • Mouse Driver uninstalled (→ from device manager)
  • Shut down your computer system by Windows key in the keyboard
  • Un-plugged the mouse from the CPU
  • Restarted computer system
  • Plugged the mouse to the CPU

This fix will only work if there is no issue with your computer mouse. Test your computer mouse with another computer system or a laptop to validate its ability to function normally. If your computer mouse passes the test, then try the above method to solve the issue. However, if it operates abnormally even with other systems, then get a new computer mouse. 300 Rupees is more than enough budget for a general use computer mouse.