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Best LED Monitor below 9000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitor under 9000 Rupees in India

In this piece, we cover best-selling computer monitors from 8000 to 9000 Rupees range. Here you read about Full HD monitor of top computer brands in India market HP, AOC, Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung, LG, BenQ, and others. Whether you need a home use monitor, office monitor, or gaming monitor, you will find here a suitable computer monitor in your budget.

► 21.5-Inch Dell Full HD IPS Computer Monitor {S2218H}

The Dell full HD monitor is an ideal computer monitor for home use and office use. I wouldn’t recommend it for artworks production and gaming. Actually, the screen refresh rate and response time are 76Hz and 6-ms respectively. Plus, it has no special features that must be in a computer monitor for designer and developer.  However, it is an excellent full HD monitor for movie watching, reading online, and general computing. Yes, this Dell IPS monitor comes equipped with two decent 3W speakers. You can also plug your smartphone with it.

21.5-Inch Dell Full HD IPS Computer Monitor S2218H

Besides the trust of Dell brand, the ultra-thin profile of this full HD IPS monitors with a slim bezel around the screen and incredible screen clarity are its main attraction. They are the reasons why it should be your next computer monitor. It is undoubtedly one of the 5 best computer monitors under 9000 Rupees.

Price 8500 Rupees
Features TUV Certification for Flicker-Free | Comfy-view stops Blue Light |
Screen 21.5-Inch | Full HD | 76Hz Refresh Rate | 6-ms Response Time | 250 nits Brightness | 0.248 Pixel Pitch
Connectivity VGA | HDMI | Audio-Line Out | Audio-Line In
Build 2×3W Speaker | Ultra-Thin Bezel IPS Panel
Sales Box Monitor | Power-Cord | Power-Adapter | HDMI-Cable | Documents
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► 22-Inch Acer Full HD Gaming Monitor {ET221Q}

One of the top 10 monitors under 10000, in India is the Acer ET221Q gaming monitor. Compared to HP monitors, Acer products are less common in India. However, in the gaming realm, the brand is practically unbeatable.  In this article, we explain our experience with one of Acer’s bestselling gaming monitors, the 22-inch ET221Q.

Of course, any good gaming monitor has to be at least 21-inches in width. The fact that this Acer monitor measures 22-inches, already implies that this product is fit to challenge other gaming monitors in this price category. Here’s what we found worthy of mentioning in the Acer ET221Q monitor.

Acer ET221Q Full HD Gaming Monitor in 9000 rs

→ Impressive display with ComfyView support

If you are looking for a budget gaming monitor in India, then this monitor should be on your list. First, Acer engineers tried to mimic the stylish bezel-less design that is prevalent in most of today’s gadgets. The manufacturer calls this feature the ZeroFrame design. Actually, the frame on this device is almost imperceptible, and hence the gamer gets an immersive and fascinating view.

The manufacturer also beefed this screen up with the popular ComfyView setting. This technology reduces the amount of external reflection building up on your screen especially from your room’s windows or from bulbs and other light sources.

178 degrees wide viewing angle: In addition, this is one of the few gaming monitors in this price range that have an extensive viewing angle signage. What this feature implies is that the pictures remain undistorted no matter which position you observe them from.

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The maximum angle tolerance for this computer LED monitor is 178 degrees. This is actually more than enough to support multiplayer gaming even in a reasonably crowded room. No matter what position the players sit from, they can actually see their movers clearly.

→ Sturdy build with tiltable stand

Regardless of having an ultra-thin frame, this 22-inch computer monitor has a firm stand. In actual fact, this stand kind of gives the screen a virile or manly look, thus making it ideal for heavy gamers. Obviously, you don’t want to game with a girlish, weak, ladylike monitor. This product is limited exclusively for heavy gamers who can play games from morning to evening.

Definitely, there are so many better-looking monitors than the ET221Q out there, but for a real gamer, toughness is a significant factor to consider. The stand on this device is adjustable and tiltable, meaning you can always bend it to suit your sitting position. Gamers really don’t use inbuilt monitor speakers for gaming. Still, Acer included a set of primary speakers in the ET221Q PC monitor.

Price 8800 Rupees
Feature Zero frame | Bluelight Filter | Flickr-less | Comfy-View
Screen IPS Panel | Full HD | Pixel-Pitch: 0.248-mm | Refresh-Rate 60Hz | 4ms Response Time | Brightness 250-nits | 16.7M Colors | Color Bit : 6 Bit + Hi-FRC | Color Saturation 72% NTSC
Speaker 2 × 2W
Build Dimensions: 39.6 x 49 x 21.3 cm | Weight: 3.5 Kg | Power Consumption 16-Watt | Energy-Star Rating
Sales Box Acer ET221Q Computer Monitor | Power Cord
Warranty 36 Months | Acer Customer Care 1-800-11-4100


► 19.5-Inch AOC LED Monitor {E2070SWNL}

American brand AOC is a popular brand when it comes to select a good monitor at an affordable price. Even the You Tubers who are tight on budget front choose this brand for creating their setup. The AOC E2070SWNL is a 19.5-inch LED monitor, which you can purchase for just 5800 rupees.

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Bigger and Brighter Display: This desktop monitor has the LED backlit panel that offers superb contrast ratio. Its backlit is enough powerful to be used in offices that are installed with bright lighting systems. Motion refresh rate is decent considering the price point. In fact, You will get a nice movie watching and gaming experience on this monitor as it has a better display resolution of 1600 X 900 pixels. However, the limited viewing angles will disappoint a number of customers.

AOC E2070SWNL 19 5 Inch LED Monitor

→ Energy efficient computer monitor: The crystalline display helps this device run on much less power. It consumes just 18 Watts of electricity in active mode and just 0.5 Watt of electricity in standby mode. Moreover, the monitor supports a wide voltage input range of 100 – 240 volts, which means it will not be damaged in case of power fluctuations. Built-in Eco Mode lets the user choose from five different display settings.

Sturdy Build: AOC is highly criticized in the market for its bad design policy and you should not expect this monitor to be appealing. However, the materials that the manufacturer has used in the making are of good quality. Its outer shell does not flex easily. The best thing is you will be able to mount this display on a wall.

→ Screen Plus Feature of this AOC computer monitor

The AOC monitor helps a lot in managing the work-space of user’s desktop. Using the Screen + software, one can divide the screen into four parts and assign each part a specific window. Those prefer to executive multiple tasks at the same time will be benefited most from this functionality.

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No HDMI Port: Unfortunately, there is no HDMI port on the back. All you are getting is a single VGA port that transmits low capacity analog signals. This means it is very much limited to use in a desktop setup. In addition, users will not be able to use this AOC display to play HD videos or connect it with a TV tuner for live TV programs.

Pros Features:-

  • Build quality is good
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Consumes just 18 Watts of power
  • Eco Mode
  • Screen + feature


  • Viewing angles are really bad
  • Lacks HDMI port

Verdict: Considering the price point, this AOC monitor does offer some nice features that include Eco Mode and Screen + functionality. However, you should also consider the above-listed cons before making a purchase decision final.

Price 5700 Rupees
Display Size 19.5 inch
Resolution 1600 X 900 pixels
Contrast Ratio 600:01:00
Response Time 5 ms
Viewing Angles 50 (Vertical) and 90 (Horizontal)
Connectivity VGA
Warranty 3 Years
Power Consumption 18 Watts

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