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Best LED Monitor under 9000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitor under 9000 Rupees in India

Which is the best computer monitor under 9000 Rupees in India market? In this piece, we cover the best-selling computer monitors from 8000 to 9000 Rupees range. Here you read about Full HD monitor of top computer brands in India market HP, AOC, Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung, LG, BenQ, and others. Whether you need a home use monitor, office monitor, or gaming monitor, you will find here a suitable computer monitor in your budget.

► 24-Inch Samsung Curved Monitor {LC24F390FHWXXL}

The Samsung LC24F390FHW monitor is undoubtedly the best computer monitor under 9000 Rupees for general computing and entertainment. For YouTube creators, especially, this Samsung monitor is an excellent option in less price. The curved profile of the screen makes it very comfortable in terms of ensuring maximum viewing coverage for the user. How it feels to work with a curved computer monitor could be understood only when you work with such a computer monitor.

Samsung LC24F390FHW 24-Inch computer Monitor Curved Display

However, this Samsung curved computer monitor may not be an ideal choice for gamers. The reason being the panel type, screen response time, and refresh rate. VA panel has the lowest point among the three most popular display panel types for gaming. Further, the screen response time of this Samsung computer monitor is just 4-ms and refresh rate only 60Hz.

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Thus, Samsung LC24F390FHW is an ideal computer monitor for all usages other than gaming. Presently, it is the best computer monitor for home use under 9000 Rupees. Not just I am saying this, but also those who bought it and currently using it.

Price 8800 Rupees
Features Curved Screen | Screen Curvature: 1800R | AMD FreeSync | Eye-Protection | Game Mode | Power Consumption: 25W
Screen 24-Inch | Full HD | VA Panel | Brightness: 250 nits | 4-ms Response Time | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Native Contract: – 3000:1 | Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega | 72% NTSC Color Gamut | Samsung MagicBright | Samsung MagicUpscale | Flicker-Free |
Connectivity HDMI | Headphone-Out | D-Sub


► 24-Inch BenQ Full HD Computer Monitor {GW2470HL}

With the rated eye care technology, this BenQ computer monitor is an excellent choice for those who work most of the times looking at a digital screen. BenQ’s eye care technology for the GW2470HL model includes a flicker-free display with Low Blue Light Plus technology for less harmful rays from the screen.

BenQ GW2470HL Full HD Computer Monitor with Eye Care

Technically and visually, the 24-Inch Full HD screen of this BenQ monitor is highly impressive. That too, despite having a VA panel. The screen refresh rate is 60-Hz, and response time only 4-ms. Whereas, the native contrast is awe-inspiring 3000:1. NTSC 72% color gamut literally means 100% sRGB. That is incredible considering the market price of this BenQ monitor.

The connectivity options of this Benq 24-Inch led monitor are HDMI, D-sub, and Headphone-out. 3.5-mm Headphone port on monitor means you don't have to unplug the connected sound system to insert the 3.5-mm audio pin of your earphone or headphone.

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Thus, the BenQ GW2470HL is an excellent 24-Inch monitor. On sale for 8990, it is one of the best 24 Inch computer monitors under 9000 Rupees. It is an excellent computer monitor for home use, office, and business. Though, it does not have the wherewithal that must be in an ideal computer monitor for professionals like creator, developer, and designer.

Price 8990 Rupees
Features 72% NTSE Color Gamut | Eye-Care Technology (Flicker-Free Screen | Low Blue Light Plus Technology} | Active Power-Consumption: 30W | 39-Months Warranty
Screen Display Area: 527×296.4 mm | VA LED Panel | Full HD | 3000:1 Ultra High Native Contrast for Depth and Definition | Wide Viewing Angle both sides | 8-bit Color Display | 250 Nits Brightness | 4-ms Response Time | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | 16.7M Colors | Pixel Density: 93 PPI
Connectivity Headphone-Out | D-sub | 2×HDMI


► 21.5-Inch Dell Full HD IPS Computer Monitor {S2218H}

The Dell full HD monitor is an ideal computer monitor for home use and office use. I wouldn’t recommend it for artworks production and gaming. Actually, the screen refresh rate and response time are 76Hz and 6-ms respectively. Plus, it has no special features that must be in a computer monitor for designer and developer.  However, it is an excellent full HD monitor for movie watching, reading online, and general computing. Yes, this Dell IPS monitor comes equipped with two decent 3W speakers. You can also plug your smartphone with it.

21.5-Inch Dell Full HD IPS Computer Monitor S2218H

Besides the trust of Dell brand, the ultra-thin profile of this full HD IPS monitors with a slim bezel around the screen and incredible screen clarity are its main attraction. They are the reasons why it should be your next computer monitor. It is undoubtedly one of the 5 best computer monitors under 9000 Rupees.

Price 8500 Rupees
Features TUV Certification for Flicker-Free | Comfy-view stops Blue Light |
Screen 21.5-Inch | Full HD | 76Hz Refresh Rate | 6-ms Response Time | 250 nits Brightness | 0.248 Pixel Pitch
Connectivity VGA | HDMI | Audio-Line Out | Audio-Line In
Build 2×3W Speaker | Ultra-Thin Bezel IPS Panel
Sales Box Monitor | Power-Cord | Power-Adapter | HDMI-Cable | Documents


► 22-Inch Acer Full HD Gaming Monitor {ET221Q}

One of the top 10 monitors under 10000, in India is the Acer ET221Q gaming monitor. Compared to HP monitors, Acer products are less common in India. However, in the gaming realm, the brand is practically unbeatable.  In this article, we explain our experience with one of Acer’s bestselling gaming monitors, the 22-inch ET221Q.

Of course, any good gaming monitor has to be at least 21-inches in width. The fact that this Acer monitor measures 22-inches, already implies that this product is fit to challenge other gaming monitors in this price category. Here’s what we found worthy of mentioning in the Acer ET221Q monitor.

Acer ET221Q Full HD Gaming Monitor in 9000 rs

Impressive display with ComfyView: If you are looking for a budget gaming monitor in India, then this monitor should be on your list. First, Acer engineers tried to mimic the stylish bezel-less design that is prevalent in most of today’s gadgets. The manufacturer calls this feature the ZeroFrame design. Actually, the frame on this device is almost imperceptible, and hence the gamer gets an immersive and fascinating view.

The manufacturer also beefed this screen up with the popular ComfyView setting. This technology reduces the amount of external reflection building up on your screen especially from your room’s windows or from bulbs and other light sources.

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178 degrees wide viewing angle: In addition, this is one of the few gaming monitors in this price range that have an extensive viewing angle signage. What this feature implies is that the pictures remain undistorted no matter which position you observe them from.

The maximum angle tolerance for this computer LED monitor is 178 degrees. This is actually more than enough to support multiplayer gaming even in a reasonably crowded room. No matter what position the players sit from, they can actually see their movers clearly.

Sturdy build with tiltable stand: Regardless of having an ultra-thin frame, this 22-inch computer monitor has a firm stand. In actual fact, this stand kind of gives the screen a virile or manly look, thus making it ideal for heavy gamers. Obviously, you don’t want to game with a girlish, weak, ladylike monitor. This product is limited exclusively for heavy gamers who can play games from morning to evening.

Definitely, there are so many better-looking monitors than the ET221Q out there, but for a real gamer, toughness is a significant factor to consider. The stand on this device is adjustable and tiltable, meaning you can always bend it to suit your sitting position. Gamers really don’t use inbuilt monitor speakers for gaming. Still, Acer included a set of primary speakers in the ET221Q PC monitor.

Price 8800 Rupees
Feature Zero frame | Bluelight Filter | Flickr-less | Comfy-View
Screen IPS Panel | Full HD | Pixel-Pitch: 0.248-mm | Refresh-Rate 60Hz | 4ms Response Time | Brightness 250-nits | 16.7M Colors | Color Bit : 6 Bit + Hi-FRC | Color Saturation 72% NTSC
Speaker 2 × 2W
Build Dimensions: 39.6 x 49 x 21.3 cm | Weight: 3.5 Kg | Power Consumption 16-Watt | Energy-Star Rating
Sales Box Acer ET221Q Computer Monitor | Power Cord
Warranty 36-Months | Acer Customer Care 1-800-11-4100


► 22-Inch LG Full HD IPS Computer Monitor {22MP68VQ}

In recent years, LG has launched some outstanding LED monitors with excellent features. One such computer monitor is the model number 22MP68VQ (formally 22MP58VQ). With an average 4.5 ratings online, it is one of the top LED monitors under 9000 Rupees in India market. Its screen size is 22-Inch, screen resolution is full HD, and the screen features IPS panel. Moreover, LG brand offers up to 3-Years of home service warranty. It comes with LG's signature technology split screen and reader mode, withal.

LG IPS Computer Monitor 22MP68VQ 22MP58VQ

Gamers may consider this LED monitor because of built-in top-line hardware that is well-managed by LG's exclusive software to deliver extraordinary performance in active mode. Plug a joystick with it to play games. With features such as Plug & Play, response time control, and 6-Axis control, despite not being a gaming monitor, it is an ideal gaming monitor.

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There is not much to say when the buyers and users of this LG full HD IPS monitor have rated it “Value for Money.”  It is a perfect monitor for home use, office use, and business use.

Price 8990 Rupees
Features Reader Mode | Intelligent Auto Adjustment | Key-Lock | Plug & Play | Response-Time Control | Color Weakness | Flicker-Safe | Automatic-Standby | 6-Axis Control | Smart-Energy Saving | Super Resolution+ | 4 Screen Split | On-Screen Control | Black Stabilizer
Screen 22-Inch | Full HD | IPS Panel | 72% Color Gamut (CIE1976) | 16.7M Colors | 250 nits | 1000:1 Contrast Ratio | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 5-ms Response Time | Anti-Glare Screen | Picture Mode: {Custom, Reader, Photo, Cinema, Game, Color Weakness}
Connectivity D-Sub | DVI-D | HDMI | Headphone Out
Build Base Detachable | Tilt: -2° to 15° | Power Consumption: 13.7W


► 21.5-Inch Asus IPS Computer Monitor {VZ229H}

Asus started as a vendor for supplying hardware to top IT giants HP, Dell, Acer, and others. But today, Asus is not just an IT vendor, it is a reliable global brand. HP, Dell, and Other such big names do not manufacture hardware. Instead, they just assemble the components bought from several vendors. Asus, whereas manufactures as well as assembles most of its products. Therefore, I hold high regard for this Taiwan Company.

Asus IPS Full HD Computer Monitor VZ229H

Asus VZ229H is one of the best IPS display monitors under 9000 Rupees in the market currently. Its screen size is 21.5-Inch and screen resolution full HD. The ultra-thin, frameless design of this IPS LED monitor gives it an appealing look. Further, it has Asus’s signature technology for Eye Care protection technology. Also, its screen surface is non-glare.

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The Asus IPS computer monitor could be an excellent choice for professionals. According to the specs sheet, the screen color gamut is 72% NTSC that is almost 75% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB. With sRGB 100% this computer monitor could be useful for basic multimedia design and production. Whereas NTSC 72%, IPS Panel, Full HD screen resolution, and built-in 3W speaker system are the factors why it is an excellent computer monitor for video watching.

Price 8900 Rupees
Features Ultra-Slim Profile | Frameless-Design | Flicker-Free | Low Blue Light Filter | SPLENDID Video Preset Modes: 8 Modes (sRGB/Scenery/Theater/Standard/Night View/Game/Reading/Darkroom) | Skin-Tone Selection: 3 Modes | Color Temperature Selection: 4 Modes | QuickFit (modes): Yes (Alignment Grid/Photo Modes) | GamePlus (modes): Yes (Crosshair/Timer) | VividPixel : Yes
Screen 21.5-Inch | 1920×1080 Pixels | IPS Panel | Display Viewing Area (HV): 476.06 x 267.79 mm | Brightness: 250 cd/㎡ | Response Time: 5-ms | 16.7M Color
Connectivity HDMI | D-Sub | 3.5-mm Audio Jack
Build Screen Thickness: Only 7-mm | Display Surface: Non-glare | Speaker: 1.5W x 2 Stereo RMS | Active Power Consumption: 15.23W | Kensington lock
Sales Box Monitor | VGA Cable | Audio Cable | Power Cord | Power Adapter | Documents
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