Yes, you can use a computer monitor as a TV with some additional hardware. A computer monitor doesn't have a tuner like a television, that's the main difference. Connecting cable or satellite services directly to your computer monitor is possible with a USB TV tuner.

Are you looking for the most reliable computer monitor under 8000 rupees? If not for gaming, get a computer monitor with an IPS or VA panel. An IPS monitor is known for its wide viewing angles and color accuracy, making it an excellent choice for graphic designers, photographers, and video editors. VA monitors, on the other hand, offer better contrast ratios and deeper blacks, making them more suitable for gamers and movie enthusiasts.

☼ 21.5-Inch Acer HA220Q Full HD IPS Monitor

The Acer PC monitor is proving to be the most popular right now due to its features that are usually found in monitors costing well over ten thousand rupees. In addition to having a 21.5-inch full HD screen, it also features a panel with IPS technology. Full HD resolution and In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology deliver crystal-clear visuals and wider viewing angles. As part of its warranty policy, Acer offers up to three years of service warranty.

With a brightness level of 250 nits and a refresh rate of 75Hz, the monitor delivers smooth pictures with crisp clarity. The 4-ms response time ensures accurate pixel color, making the monitor ideal for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.

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IPS monitors from Acer are known for their impressive build quality and design. The frameless design of the HA220Q model adds elegance, making it aesthetically appealing. Besides, it features HDMI ports, an inbuilt speaker, and an audio port for convenient connectivity to external devices.

Overall, the Acer HA220Q computer monitor offers excellent performance, crystal-clear visuals, and convenient features that make it easy to connect to external devices. Because of these remarkable qualities, buy it today without hesitation! If you are looking for a PC monitor with a speaker, this is the one for you.

21.5-Inch Acer HA220Q PC Monitor | HA240Y | HA270 | एसर ब्रांड का फुल एचडी आईपीएस कंप्यूटर मॉनिटर

Price ₹7800 → Amazon
Features 21.5-Inch | Full HD | IPS Panel | 75Hz Refresh Rate | 4-ms Response Time | 2W×2 Speaker System | Power Consumption: 22W | Warranty: 3 Years