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Best Computer Monitor under 8000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitor under 8000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best computer monitor under 8000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling computer monitors from 7000 to 8000 Rupees range. The recommended desktop monitors are from top computer brands, such as HP, Dell, Acer, BenQ, Asus, and others.

► 24-Inch MarQ Flipkart Full-HD IPS Monitor

This MarQ Flipkart computer monitor is currently the cheapest 24-Inch IPS monitor in India market. Buyers are assured for 2-years of on-site repair and replacement warranty from the brand.

Having screen properties similar to computer monitors of other top brands does not mean its screen quality is actually that good. Computer monitors last long. That’s a fact. My AOC monitor has been in use for the last 8 years. Yet, it is in well & good condition. Will this MarQ Flipkart IPS monitor last even 5 years? I don’t think so?

24-Inch MarQ Flipkart Full-HD Computer IPS Monitor

Then why it has been reviewed and recommended here? Because it is the cheapest 24-Inch IPS computer monitor currently. Its screen quality is not that bad. And who knows it may last more than 5-years.

Is there any better alternative to this MarQ Flipkart IPS monitor? Yes! But you will have to increase your budget by 1500 Rupees. LG 22MK600M desktop monitor is one of the best multipurpose IPS computer monitors in India market presently. Its current market price is ₹8690.

Price ₹7290 | Flipkart
Features Superior Color-Accuracy | Flicker-Safe | Warranty: 2-Years
Screen Panel: IPS | Resolution: Full-HD | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Response-Time: 15-ms | Brightness: 250-nits | Aspect-Ratio: 16:09 | Color: 16.7M | Modes: {Movies, Gaming, Eye-Care, Standard}
Connectivity HDMI | VGA
Build Tilt:  -25° to +25° | Wall-Mountable


► 22-Inch Acer ET221Q Full-HD IPS Monitor

The Acer IPS monitor is currently a top-selling computer monitor in India market in 7000 Rupees range. Buyers prefer it because of its superior build quality, excellent screen quality, lots of convenience features & functions, and 3-Years of on-site service warranty commitment from the brand.

22-Inch Acer ET221Q Full HD Computer IPS Monitor

Acer ET221Q computer monitor features an IPS panel. So, it is a perfect desktop monitor for gaming, productivity as well as entertainment. Its screen specifications back my endorsement for it.

The screen resolution of this Acer monitor is 1920×1080 Pixels. Its screen refresh rate is 60Hz, and screen response time less than 5-ms. Any quality screen from a reputed brand with such configuration will handle all types of picture frames processing tasks with ease.

Price ₹7190 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Almost Bezel-less Screen | Flickerless | Bluelight-Shield | 6-Axis Color Adjustment | Acer Vision-Care | Comfy-View | TCO-Certification | Mercury-Free | On-Site Warranty: 3-Years
Screen Panel: IPS | Screen-backlight: LED | Resolution: Full-HD | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Response-Time: 4-ms | Brightness: 250-nits | Aspect-Ratio: 16:09 | Color: 16.7M
Connectivity HDMI | VGA | Audio-In
Build Zero-Frame Design | Power-Consumption: 16W | Tilt:  -5° to +20°
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