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Best Computer Monitor under 25000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitor under 25000 Rupees in India Market

How to connect tata sky to computer monitor? You cannot direct connect TATA sky to a computer monitor. You will need a TV Tuner. Currently, the best TV Tuner is iBall CTV27, and its current price is 1700 Rupees. Your setup will be from TATA Sky to TV Tuner and from TV Tuner to System. This way you will watch TATA Sky on your computer monitor. The iBall TV Tuner also has an Audio-Out Port. Therefore, you have to two options for Audio, one is system audio out and second is TV tuner audio out.

Which is best computer monitor under 25000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling computer monitor from 20000 to 25000 Rupees range. Here you read about computer monitors of top brands HP, Samsung, LG, BenQ, and others.

► 27-Inch HP Curved Computer Display {Z4N75AA}

The HP computer monitor is one of the best monitors among the newest launched monitors under 25000 Rupees. It is a curved monitor. Its excellent design and spectacular full HD screen make it an exciting choice. Are you looking for a high-end computer monitor for multimedia production? Here it is.

27-Inch HP Curved Computer Display Z4N75AA

The 27-Inch screen of this HP curved monitor has 23.59×13.24-Inch active area. The display panel is VA with LED back-lit and screen resolution is full HD. 60Hz refresh rate and 5-ms response mean this HP computer monitor could play well all types of games. However, it is more suited as a professional computer monitor for commercial use.

The HP 27-Inch curved monitor competes with Samsung’s 27-inch curved monitor and LG’s 27-inch Borderless computer monitor. For Audio out, computer monitors of the Korea brands have inbuilt speakers whereas this HP computer monitor has only Headphone Out port.

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Which is the most valued among the three suggested computer monitors under 25000 Rupees from the three most reliable brands in the global market? Since the 27-Inch screen is too big, I would prefer buying a curved computer monitor for better viewing coverage.

Between the Samsung curved computer monitor and HP curved computer monitor which one should you buy that you have to decide. Their price could be one of the factors to consider besides their specs.

Price 24000 Rupees
Features 36-Months of Warranty | Security-Lock Ready
Screen 27-Inch (Active Area: 23.59 x 13.24 Inch) | Curved | 1920×1080 Pixels Resolution | VA Panel | 60Hz Refresh Rate | 5-ms Response-time | 300 cd/m² Brightness | 0.310-mm Pixel Pitch
Connectivity HDMI | DisplayPort | Headphone-OUT
Build Screen: {Mercury-free LED backlighting | Arsenic-Free Display Glass | Low Halogen} | Tilt: -5 to +25°
Sales Box Monitor | Power-Cord | DisplayPort-Cable | HDMI-Cable | Documents


► 29-Inch LG IPS Computer Monitor for Professionals

LG is one of the best computer monitor brands in India market for wide IPS display monitors. The 29-Inch ultrawide computer monitor of this Korean brand is a recommended monitor under 25000 Rupees by computer experts and users.

This IPS monitor excels in terms of screen quality, connectivity options, build quality, and performance. You can optimize it as per your work requirement. It is a perfect full HD monitor for professional works. You can also use it as a big screen to give office presentations by connecting it to a laptop. It has the features to protect the user’s eyes, withal.

LG Ultrawide IPS Computer Monitor for Professionals

Scrolling left right and up down is like speed breaker while working on large documents. However, this LG IPS monitor with ultrawide 29-Inch screen makes the scroll bar on documents disappear. Everything is in front of you, nothing hidden either left, right, up or down.

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Further, this LG monitor has the wherewithal to be a perfect computer monitor for artworks. It is one of the best computer monitors for graphic design in 25000 Rupees range {another brilliant choice could be BenQ BL2420PT}. Besides its wide 29-Inch IPS screen, it supports Hardware Calibration (True Color Finder) and sRGB over 99% to provide accurate color expression.

Price 29UB67 @ 25000 Rupees | 34UB67
Features 5W×2 Speaker System | 4-Screen Split | Hardware Calibration {True Color Finder} | | PBP {Dual Link-up} → Connect with CPU and Laptop simultaneously | Dual Controller S/W | Reader Mode | Flicker-Free | Color Calibrated | Installation: {Table-Top & Wall-Mount} | Up to 3-Years Warranty
Screen IPS Display | Pixel Pitch: 0.26×0.26 mm | 300-nits brightness | 5-ms response time | sRGB 99% over Color Gamut | Mega Contrast | Intelligent Auto Resolution
Connectivity DVI-D | 2×HDMI | DisplayPort | 4×USB | Headphone Out | Audio-In
Build Power Consumption in Active Mode: 31W} | Stand: {Base detachable | Tilt (-5° to +35°) | Swivel: (-45° to +45°) | Height Adjustment | Pivot: (90°)}

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