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Best Coffee Maker Machine below 2000 Rupees

Best Coffee Maker Under 2000 Rupees in India Market

Drinking coffee is good for health. Drinking every day four to six cups of coffee is bad for health. Anything too much is always bad for health. My suggestion is to drink less but drink best. To drink the best, you need a smart coffee maker.

In this piece, you read details of best coffee maker under 2000 Rupees, which are currently top favorites of those who drink coffee regularly. Here we cover top coffee maker machines which are on sale in the price range of 1000 to 2000 Rupees. None of the coffee makers reviewed here is a coffee maker with grinder. To brew coffee with them, you need fresh coffee powder and water.

► Philips Coffee Maker

We all love to have a nice smelling cup of coffee in the morning. The caffeine present in it stimulates the senses of the human body.

Philips HD7431 Coffee Maker

The product that we are going to discuss here is the Philips HD7431 Coffee Maker. Its current price makes it one of the most affordable coffee makers in the market.

I have to admit that this coffee maker comes in a highly compact outer shell. It is hardly 11-inches tall and weighs in at 1.11 KG only. In addition, the manufacturer was able to give this machine a nice look even at this price point. It comes in a black painted body, and it is made up of durable materials. The broad base gives excellent stability to the whole setup.

→ Generates Nice Smelling Coffee within Minutes

Without a doubt, this is a powerful coffee maker machine under 2000 Rupees. At the highest capacity, it consumes 700 Watts of power. The machine takes not more than 10 minutes to brew the coffee. Moreover, users do not need any expertise to use this device.

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This Philips coffee marker has a single button to control the brewing procedure. However, before pressing that button make sure that you have filled the filter with coffee powder and the tank with the desired amount of water. I suggest using two coffee filters instead of one, as it will help in enhancing the taste.

→ Easy to clean and use coffee maker

Philips has made sure that each component of this machine is dishwasher compatible. The jug that comes along is fully transparent, so the users will be able to see where the stains are located.

Pros features: –

  • The jug can hold about 0.92 liters of coffee at once
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great performance
  • Makes medium grade coffee
  • Drip stop functionality

Verdict: I have been using this product for quite some time and until now have not faced any issues. But yeah, the people who do not know how to make good coffee or those who have not used a coffee maker in their past may face some problem with it.

Price 1500 Rupees
Capacity 0.92 Liters
Power 700 Watt
Brewing Time 10 Minutes
Build Dimensions: 218 X 198 X 290 mm | Dishwasher Safe | Weight: 1.11-Kg
Warranty 1 Year


► Tefal Apprecia 6-Cup Coffee Maker

Tefal is a 60-year old French home and kitchen appliance brand. This French company sells high-quality electronics products at affordable prices. I already reviewed the Tefal steam iron box for this website. Therefore, I am well aware of this brand and the quality it provides to its products.

Tefal Apprecia Coffee Maker

The coffee maker machine price is 1700 Rupees. One of the best coffee makers under 2000 Rupees, Tefal Apprecia, is a perfect machine for Indian kitchens. It is super easy to use. Most of its parts are detachable. This machine requires coffee powder, water, and electricity supply. Its principal parts are water container, filter, and jar, which collects black coffee. You can mix boiled milk in ready black coffee, but you cannot premix the same.

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To make tasty coffee in this machine, do read its instruction carefully. It can prepare six small cups of coffee in one go. Although it comes several smart features, my favorite is keep-warm. This Tefal coffee maker also has a high-quality permanent filter.

I recommended Tefal Apprecia coffee maker for three best reasons. First is Tefal brand’s reputation in making a quality product. Second is the build & design of the coffee maker, and the third is its smart convenience features.

Price 1700 Rupees
Features Keep Warm | Steam Nozzle | Anti-drip Valve | Brew Strength Control | Removable Drip Tray | Illuminated On-Off Switch | Hot Plate | Removable Filter | Permanent Filter | Swiveling Filter Holder
Capacity 6 small cup coffee in one go
Build 2-meter wire | 600-Watt heating system | Weight: 1.8-Kg | Dimensions: 18.5 × 27.5 × 25 cm
Warranty 2 Years | Tafel India Customer Care 1860-200-1232 | [email protected]
Accessories Included in sales box: Permanent filter & coffee measuring spoon.


► InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

To make the south Indian style of coffee rich in taste, this French press coffee maker is ideal. It does not have a boiling system. Its working is very simple, though. Add required coffee powder into the glass jar. Next, add required hot water to the jar. Wait for three to four minute and then using the press component, press the coffee powder towards the bottom to filter and separate black coffee to the upper side. This is the best way to exact true aroma and flavor of coffee powder.

InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

It is not an automatic coffee maker or electric coffee maker. Therefore, the chances of it being not working one day are nil. You have to be careful about its use and storage, however.

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Build quality of this coffee maker in 1500 Rupees is excellent. Its jar is borosilicate glass carafe. That does not break easily is what the brand claims. To ensure coffee is filtered well the press component has the 4-part micro-filtration system. Therefore, the brand is true to its claim that no coffee grinds in your brew.

The InstaCuppa coffee maker is a value for money product at its current price. Its build quality is superior, and it does perfectly what is meant to do. I already explained how it works. If you are okay to the way of its working, it is the best option then.

Price 1500 Rupees
Features Measurement Marker on the Jar | 4-Part superior filtration system | Cool-Touch Handle
Build Borosilicate glass carafe | Stainless Steel Stand
Capacity 600-ML
Warranty 12-Months


► American Micronic 750ML Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter

American Micronic is one of the best brands for a high-quality product with lots of features in less price. Recently this US brand introduced its automatic coffee maker in India market. The coffee maker price is only 1500 Rupees. This machine comes with many smart features to ensure making tasty coffee every time is just a child’s play.

American Micronic Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter

Unlike the above discussed 600-ML electric coffee maker, the capacity of American Micronic machine is 750-ML. That much black coffee should be enough to fill 6 standard size cups.

To win against branded coffee makers, this low-cost coffee maker comes with many convenience and safety features. It has automatic temperature control and dry boil protection. That means it can regulate its temperature and not start its operation in case its containers are empty.

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→ Smart Coffee Making

Auto pause and restart brewing feature of this coffee maker make it very user-friendly. Suppose you need a cup of coffee urgently, and the brewing process is yet to complete. As soon as you remove the glass Jar or carafe, the machine stops the brewing process and when carafe is placed back, brewing auto starts.

Further, this coffee maker in 1500 Rupees also has Anti-Drip function and removable, reusable filter. Transparent water tank allows you to observe the brewing process. Coffee is ready, but due to some work, you cannot drink now, for such situation this machine has a keep-warm function as well.

Build quality of this electric coffee maker is of high quality. If used with care it wouldn’t break easily and remain functional many years to come. Still, you are not convinced? Products of American Micronic brand are certified by US gov quality control agency and EU market quality control agency.

→ Should you buy this automatic coffee maker machine?

American Micronic coffee maker is undoubtedly one of the best coffee makers in 1000 to 2000 Rupees price range. For its price, it is a value for money product. Do not miss it.

Price 1500 Rupees
Features Automatic Temperature Control | Dry Boil Protection | Anti-Drip Function | Removable, reusable filter | Keep warm | Auto Pause and Restart Brewing
Build Transparent water tank | Food grade plastic | Easy to clean & maintain
Capacity 750-ML for 6 standard size cups
Warranty 12 Months

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