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Best Circular Saw under 10000 Rupees

Best Circular Saw Machine under 10000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best circular saw under 10000 Rupees? This cutter machine review article covers the best-selling circular saw from 1000 to 10000 Rupees range from top tools maker brands in the Indian market, such as Bosch, Black Decker, Stanley, and others.

► 1300W Endico T30 Circular Saw

ENDICO is an Indian brand, and its products are India made. This brand produces mainly power tools, including the circular saw. It has so far launched two circular saw models: T10 and T30. The T30 model is in high demand because of the build quality it has and the performance it delivers. Those purchased it and using it currently have endorsed it.

The Endico T30 circular comes with a robust 1300W motor. 4-inch and 5-inch blades will fit on this circular saw. The maximum depth it can cut is 39-mm, and 5-mm is the slenderest cut it can do.

The Endico circular saw is not for angle cut. It can't do mitre cuts and bevel cuts. For straight cutting, however, it is an excellent circular saw.

If working with wood is your day job, then you must consider it. The Endico cutter machine will reduce your workload significantly.

Price ₹3600 | Amazon
Features 1300W Motor {12500 RPM} | 4-Inch & 5-Inch Blade | Max Cutting Depth: 39-mm | Minimum Cutting: 5-mm | Use as Table Saw | Warranty: 6-Months


► 1400W Bosch GKS-140 Circular Saw

Recently Bosch brand introduced this 1400W circular saw or wood cutting machine. Its build quality is solid and performance is top-notch. And, it does not vibrate while in use. Moreover, because of the 2-hand control design using it is easier than other available woodcutters on the market those lacks the special control design.

Bosch GKS 140 Professional Hand-Held Circular Saw


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The Bosch GKS 140 woodcutter requires a 184-mm blade. It can cut wood at a 90-degree and 45% angle. To cut with precision it comes with angle cut scale and a parallel guide. Visible cut sight on the base-plate increases its cut accuracy and the Robust auxiliary handle allows cutting stability.

Price ₹6000 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Heavy-Duty Cutting Machine | Visible Cut for Accuracy | Not Heavy | Warranty: 6-Month
Motor 1400W | Copper Coil | Max-RPM: 6200 | Protection Class: ii {Double Insulated}: Does not require a safety connection to electrical earthing
Blade Bore: 20-mm | Blade-Diameter: 184-mm (7.25-Inch) | Max Blade-Thickness: 2-mm
Cutting Cutting-Depth in Wood: {0° Mitre/Bevel Cut → 90° → 64-mm | 45° Mitre/Bevel Cut → 45° → 45-mm}
Build Weight: 3.7-Kg | On-OFF Switch with Lock | Auxiliary Handle | Spindle Lock-Button | Angle-Cut Scale with Wing Bolt | Parallel Guide with Wing Bolt | Retracting Blade Guard with Lever | Base-Plate (290×150 mm) | Chip Ejector | Protective Guard | Hex-Key
Sales Box Circular Saw | Hex Key | Blade | Documents
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