Motor power and cutting depth are the two key factors to consider while selecting a cutter machine. Whether you are looking for a chap saw, circular saw, or any other cutting machine, these two factors matter the most. They make the actual difference between the two cutter machines. Other factors are obviously secondary.

Which is the best metal cutting machine in India market? This review article covers the best-selling chop saw from the price range of 1000 to 20000 Rupees range. The suggested metal cutters are a top favorite of buyers because of their high motor power and ability to cut thicker and larger metal blocks.


► 2200W Bosch GCO-220 Professional Metal Cutter

The Chop saw from the house of Bosch is currently the best metal cutting machine in India market below 10000 Rupees. Why? Because it is the only branded chop saw machine below 10000 Rupees. But that does not mean it is a weak machine. Powered by a super reliable 2200W motor, whose max speed is 3800 RPM, and which is based on German technology for better efficiency, this Bosch Metal Cutter cuts metal block as smoothly as we cut a birthday cake by a knife.

2200W Bosch GCO 220 Professional Metal Cutter

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The Bosch GCO 220 Professional Metal Cutting Machine can easily cut a metal block of up to 129-mm thickness. It can do Mitre cut and Bevel cut. And, this Bosch chop saw can metal blocks in pieces at 0° and 45° angle. Thus, it is perfect for professional works. Order it today if you need a master metal cutter in 10000 Rupees range.

2200W Metal Cutter under 10000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Bosch GCO-220

Price ₹9200 | Amazon
Features Motor: 2200W | Max-Speed: 3800 RPM | Blade-Diameter: 355-mm | Blade-Bore: 25.4-mm | Max Cutting-Depth: 129-mm


☼ 2600W Aimex Chop Saw Machine

The Aimex cut-off machine can smoothly cut metal sheets, steel, aluminum, rod, wood, plastic pipe, and similar other things. That is why a machine like this one is also called a multipurpose saw machine.

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In terms of power capacity, the Aimex chop saw is currently the best option below 10000 Rupees. Because of the 2600W motor, it is very powerful. That is why it cuts fast all types of metals almost. Cutting on this chop saw is fun. The required blade size for this 2600W chop saw is 14-Inch or 355-mm.

The build quality of the Aimex chop saw machine is impressive, too. If used with care, it will easily last more than 5 years. Changing its blade from time to time is what one has to do.

2600W | 14-Inch Chop Saw under 7000 Rupees | #Aimex DT-915

Price ₹6300 | Amazon
Features 2600W Motor | 14-Inch Carbide Blade | Up to 45° Angle Cut | Warranty 6-Months