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Cheap Headphones with MIC: Best 4 Below 1000 Rupees

Sonilex Bluetooth Headphone in Foldable Design With FM Radio

Even though the headphones market looks crowded with thousands of branded, non-branded headphones up for sale, only a few are truly amazing and are products to invest on. To help you decide one most-valued, here are some best cheap headphones in India for Indian buyers. All the listed headphones have been carefully tested for their durability and sound quality.

Headphones reviewed here are most affordable choices from thousands available online. Buying from them would certainly be worthy and will have you a set of headphones to cherish many years. Read also Best Headphones below 1000 from Philips Sony Audio Technica.

Portronics Aural 202: One of the best Cheap Headphones with In-Line Mic

Budget headphones users are very familiar with the brand name Portronics. In fact, it is one of the brands keep product affordable for masses without lowering the set of quality standards. At the price of 600 Rupees, the Aural 202 is a certain winner. I am yet to digest it is so cheap.

Comfortable: The Aural 202 model is an over-ear type stereo headphone and the both earcups bear a soft cushion for soothing comfort to user’s ears. The comfortable soft band is also an addition for a pleasant experience.

Aesthetic design and the build quality of this Portronics low cost headphones is certainly much more than expected at this price. In addition, the material used in the making looks durable and would last longer. In fact, some noted headphones brands provide a poor quality build on their headphones yet sale at twice the price of this.

Color Options: Portronics made this headphones available in India in three colors. From the color variants Red, Gray, and Blue – I liked the Gray one. That looks much more standard than the rest two.

Lightweight: In general such cheap headphones have more than 200 grams of weight, this than with just 150 grams in weight is certainly a set of headphones lightweight. The light comfortable built results in- it does not feel that heavy while listens to music & audio even for many hours.

Foldable Design: If I were a traveler, I would certainly consider this Portronics cheap headphones for its transformable custom foldable design. A set of headphones in the regular shape requires a good space to store. Then made with a foldable design like the one this has, the Aural 202 headphones require just half of the usual space in a travel bag.

Portronics Aural 202 One of the best Cheap Headphones with MIC

Sound Quality and Technical specifications of this Portronics headphone

I loved noise cancellation feature of this cheap headphones. Depending on ear size, it almost covers more than 80% of users ear and provides a very successful noiseless ambient around them. The flow of rhythm, words, and beats in such noiseless calm provides a very thrilling experience indeed!

Further, even though it is a cheap headphones but it could be a perfect choice for listening most types of songs. The use of Mylar dome also pays. While Bass is just fine, sound quality and clarity remain far better irrespective of the type of music you are listening.

The other technical specs are pretty much similar to what has been generally seen on most budget headphones. Still, this Portronics headphones offers much more pleasant experience to users.

Conclusion! Portronics, with this cheap headphones, has set a standard in the budget headphones segment – what should be the minimum standard on a 600 Rupees headphones. The brand scores full mark in every aspect of this super-aural headphones. Even, the 1.5-meter long cable is a Nylon braided cable- not the usual flat cable, made by a cheap plastic. You would never get such a great quality on cheap headphones other than this.

Portronics Aural 202 is certainly a value for money headphones and one of the best cheap headphones under 1000 Rupees. Consider this; it has a big YES from me. In fact, I will keep this review unit for personal use. Read also Stylish Powerful Philips Headphone Wireless Below 2500 Rupees.

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Mic Built-in; In-Line
Acoustic system  Closed
Magnet  type Neodymium
Diaphragm  Mylar dome
Frequency response  20 – 20KHz
Impedance  32 Ohms
Maximum power input  40 mW
Sensitivity  100±3 dB
Weight  154g
Cable length  1.5 m
Buy Rs. 600


SoundMAGIC P10S Headphones with Mic

Changes in the gadgets and accessories world happen much faster. Take the world of smartphones for instance. Last year we published two exclusive articles on most affordable cheap headphones in best possible quality for Indian music listeners. The quality of the headphones reviewed then is significantly poorer compared to the cheap headphones in the same price- lying down on my desk now for review. These are very affordable cheap headphones but in terms of build quality and sound features – is not less than premium ones. Read also Top 10 Over Ear Headphones Under 500 Rupees.

SoundMAGIC, a British brand, has been in the business of producing good quality headphones since the year 2005. It is, in fact, one of the few brands recognized globally for headphones with the best build and sound quality. It also makes cheap headphones without compromising on quality standards.

Build and Design: Going by the trend in 600 Rupees price segment, the build quality of SoundMAGIC headphone is so-so. The sound quality of this, however, is certainly adorable. Bass is powerful and deep, treble is well-balanced, and thanks to an intuitive design, sound leakage problem is not that effective.

Further, this is a cheap headphones, but the material used in making (mainly plastic) has a quality. We tried to rub the cushion pad hard but failed in making a dent there. The headband although feels stiff, it should be little more flexible for more comfortable wearing.

The MIC on the 1.5-meter wire is another pro feature of this budget headphones. This lets you attend calls and respond in your voice while listening to music.

SoundMAGIC P10S Headphones with MIC

Technical Features and Sound Quality of this SoundMAGIC headphones

Sound production by SoundMAGIC P10S is very exciting. In fact, it produces more powerful BASS than the one discussed above. But when compared based on noise cancellation effectiveness, I found the Portronics headphones a far better choice.

Technical specifications of this SoundMAGIC headphones are more or less similar to the most headphones found in the budget segment. Therefore, I would compare it more on the front of sound quality, BASS production, and Noise cancellation features.

The SoundMAGIC headphones is a better choice in terms of sound clarity & loudness and powerful BASS. Further, in terms of Treble balance as well – it is a genuine choice compared to – that of the brand Portronics. However, the Portronics headphones should be trusted for a durable build quality and assured effective noise cancellation.

Conclusion! At 154 grams weight, Portronics headphones is light in weight than this SoundMAGIC P10S cheap headphones. This SoundMAGIC Headphones weighs 200 grams in weight.

Further, the effective noise cancellation ensures the end user's experience with the Portronics headphones remains much more pleasant. Still, the SoundMAGIC P10S is a perfect alternative and it scores better than the Portronics headphones in terms of Sound quality and clarity. Read also Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones with 12 Hours of Battery Life.

Transducers  Dynamics, 40 mm Neodymium
Frequency range  20 Hz-22 KHz
DC resistance  32±4.8 Ohm Sensitivity 103±3 dB
Connector  3.5,L,style plug gold-plated
Maximum input power  100 mW
Item Weight  200 g
Product Dimensions  20.2 x 16.2 x 3.4 cm
Compatible Devices  Android, iOS, Windows
Buy 625 Rupees
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On-Ear Dynamic Wired Headphones JBL C300SI

JBL, being one of the most followed cheap headphones brand after Philips – has been immeasurably trusted by Indian music listeners. I have a JBL headphones. Every day when I am tired of working, I get settle down with it and it takes me to the world of music where I hear only rhythms, beats, and beautiful lyrics. A set of quality headphones gives you every reason to enjoy life every day. In addition, it is also boosting your mental stamina if you relax with your favorite songs during hectic work schedules. Read also 5 Best Headphones Under 1000 Rupees.

Only when one pays attention to the sound carefully would notice that how one JBL headphones is slightly different from another. Otherwise, most JBL headphones sound same – rich and natural. Here I am looking into JBL C300SI headphones model that being currently one best-selling cheap headphones under 1000 Rupees.

Build and Design: I have been a fan of JBL when comes to a durable build quality on headphones. My JBL headphones, in fact, have been through reckless assault in every possible way yet it functions as the same way as it was at the first time when I had used it.

Coming to the C300SI, it seems a pretty controversial headphones model as some likes it, and others do not like it at all. I liked the build quality and sound clarity of this, though. The weight of this is 209 grams, a heavier built indeed – yet it feels very comfortable when put on. Being a JBL headphones user, I would never doubt the quality, JBL ensures on its range of headphones.

JBL C300SI Headphones below 1000 Rupees

Technical specs and Sound Quality of this JBL Cheap Headphones

The JBL C300SI headphones come with a set of high power drivers for impeccable audio. When comes to clarity even Sony could not beat the brand JBL, this has been my experience. The Gold plated connector further ensures the audio received, captured from the audio output jack well. The JBL C300SI when comes to delivering audio, it would never disappoint.

Conclusion! Unlike the two headphones discussed above, this cannot help users to answer calls. It lacks an in-line MIC on its flat cable. So think before you decide.

If you are looking for a multipurpose cheap headphones to use with smartphones, tablets, LED TV, and laptops, pick either a JBL or a Philips headphones.

The C300SI model is also about delivering comfort and care to users by ensuring audio in the best possible sound. On this JBL headphones, audio you are listening to – sound much more realistic with the perfect balance between rhythms and vocals.

Self-adjusted earcups of this cheap headphones provides a great comfort, and correspondingly noise cancellation, too, which is, in fact, the first requirement to enjoy the music in a true sense.

All in all, I like this JBL headphones. If the price of this headphones, 900 rupees, is in your budget, do not wait for a second opinion, go ahead and buy it.

Moreover, if you are finding hard to consider one from the two, discussed above, this cheap headphones from JBL is again a perfect choice. It comes with the wherewithal to impress you in every manner. Whether it is the build quality and sound, it does impress.

Features On-Ear Type, High Power Drivers
Weight 209 Grams
Buy 900 Rupees


Foldable Sonilex SL BT02 Bluetooth Headphone with FM Radio

I do not recommend this product. Surprised? Then why it is being discussed here? Actually, the Sonilex wireless headphones is not just a popular cheap headphones, in fact, much more. It is a well-functioned FM radio and has the feature to read MicroSD card slot as well. Read also Top 10 Headphones Between 600 To 800 Rupees.

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I would certainly recommend this Sonilex headphones to those young friends who do not mind sometimes sound quality rather a device with lots of features to get entertained through various ways. Sonilex SL BT02 is a perfect multimedia device through and through.

Build and Design: It does look stylish and feels durable, too. But this Sonilex Headphones is horribly overweight. It weighs more than 300 grams, exactly 360 grams. Could you believe this? In fact, even if I get this free of cost, I would never dare to put it on my ears. It would not be that comfortable listen to music or FM programs on this as ear pain and headache catch up very quickly.

The foldable design is one of the pros I could notice on this cheap headphones. Another pro has to be its long lasting battery backup: close to seven to eight hours of backup is possible in ideal usages.

Getting SD card slot onboard, which provides the option to play songs from a regular SD card – sets this cheap yet premium in terms of features – in a special group of best headphones. At the end, Bluetooth range is extended up to 50 to 80 meters. Is this a pro? No!

A sensitive MIC is also included in the list of hardware still, it may not be the best headphones for calling. Sound quality is not that good. In fact, the calling experience remains poor all the times.

Sonilex Bluetooth Headphone in Foldable Design With FM Radio

Other Features and Sound Quality by this Sonilex headphones

What I really like about this headphones is that the manufacturer hasn’t compromised the sound quality in the lust of giving many features in just one set of headphones. Yes, the Sonilex wireless headphones provide amazing sound – loud and clear.

This is an Over-Ear headphones so not much is there to say in terms of noise cancellation. That is a big letdown as just because of a cut off from ambient noise could ensure thrilling experience while listening to music. But here the thing to understand is – all the over-ear headphones have the same problem in proving sufficient noise cancellation. Still, the cushions on both ear pads of this cheap headphones provides some amount of noise cancellation. In addition, because of the good quality of ear pads, sweating around ears do not make it uncomfortable in use.

Conclusion! All said and done, the Sonilex cheap headphones have more reasons to disappoint buyers. First, the brand Sonilex is not reputed, eventually, it does not want to build a brand identity. That is evident from the fact that the headphones model I reviewed has no warranty & guarantee. On it, the best you could get is the 10 days replacement warranty from online shopping websites. That too seems not easily available as the sellers themselves struggling to get the commitment from the manufacturer on the issue of malfunction other than the manufacturing defect.

Another problem with this cheap headphones is – it being not light in weight. You should never invest in a set of headphones that weighs more than 200 grams, give or take 20 grams.

In a long use, the Sonilex device gives ear pain and headache because of overweight build. But the sound quality and other features including its foldable design is certainly some noted pro features with it. I would recommend this only for some special requirements.

Features Bluetooth, FM Radio, SD Card Slot
Weight 360 Grams
Buy 900 Rupees

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