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Cheap Cordless Epilator – Best Cordless Wet Dry Epilator Under 2000 Rupees

There are many good reasons why a cordless wet dry epilator is necessary for every woman considering the various aspect of everyday life. However, this piece is not about that. Instead, here we provide suggestions on the cheapest cordless epilator in India. In the Indian market, the best cordless epilator is available in the price range of 5000 to 10000 Rupees. In this cordless epilator review, however, I am going provide a crisp review of cheap cordless epilator under 2000 Rupees. The select epilators are the most recommended options for painless hair removal from legs, face, arm, body, bikini line and underarms area.

Here are cheap & best epilators from the brands unknown to you at various price points. If you are looking for an affordable, durable cordless epilator, read this article until the end. I am sure that you get here an ideal epilator for your need. Still, need assistance in buying an epilator, drop a comment in your language to get an instant response from our support team.

Mainly, there are three types of epilators. The first, which is a specialist epilator, also called single function epilator, designed explicitly for delicately hair removal. For instance, often people buy an epilator for facial hair removal and an epilator for pubic hair removal. Such epilators come with one head and single blade system. They are affordable and well-fit for one's specific need.

The second type of the epilators has multiple heads for hair treatment and skin care. Each head with a unique design and a unique blade system is for removing hair delicately from specific parts of the body. Such epilator often has four to five well-designed head included in its box. Read also Top 5 Budget Epilators for Indian Female Below 3000 Rupees.

The third type of epilators bears a single head with a suitable blade system. Uniquely designed the blade system removes unwanted hair gently from approachable, including sensitive parts of a women body.

The Gadget Shiksha website hosts several trending articles on best cheap cordless epilator with single and multiple blade systems. If you do not find one ideal epilator in this article, do check our previous review on epilators here.

► Liberex Hair Remover – Cheap Cordless Epilator for Face, Arms, Legs, Underarms, Bikini line

Liberex is a well-known brand for cosmetics and electric appliances for women. Search on YouTube, many experts, who are known for giving best beatification and personal care tips, recommend Liberex products.

Coming to the Liberex hair remover, it could be a fantastic hair remover for working women. The Liberex epilator is portable, stylish, durable, and it is master hair removal device. Having this cheap cordless epilator with single head in your care box means, you can ready yourself every day in few minutes. The Liberex epilator removes hair from Bikini line and face area as well.

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It is a perfect cordless wet dry epilator around 2000 Rupees. The build and design of the epilator are fabulous. A single AA battery powers it. It comes a switch to set it ON, OFF, and OPEN. It lacks a control button to manage the speed of the blades, although.

Liberex Cordless Epilator for Face Arms Legs Bikini line

A common problem with cheap cordless epilator is that instead of paring hair they somehow extract them persuasively. That is a painful experience, not skin friendly as well. However, you would feel no pain during the use of this Liberex hair remover. Uniquely designed the double ring blade system on this cheap cordless epilator eliminates hair even from the tricky area quickly.

The cordless epilator shaver also has a LED light, guiding the user to sail through the hairy area and use the epilator properly.

See, the Liberex portable epilator is for everyday use. It would not be effective if used once in a week. It has a tinny head that covers a small area. Hence, it would take longer to finish epilation if used after weeks. Just before bath, use it for three to four minutes every day. That would the right way to take advantage of its efficiency.

I recommend this Liberex epilator, which looks tinny but is quite useful. It is portable, easy to carry in your hand purse as well. Therefore, keep it with you all the time and use it anywhere. The brand Liberex safeguards your purchase with an exclusive offer: 30-Days return and 12-months warranty.

Price 2000 Rupees
Warranty 12 Months
Return Up to 30 Days
Battery Single 2A


► Enem 5 in 1 Epilator Kit for Women

Next is an impressive cordless epilator with built-in rechargeable battery and a fast adapter to power it up quickly. The brand Enem markets the cheap cordless epilator as 5-in-1 beautification tools for women. If you have sensitive skin, then consider this epilator. It is an ideal multipurpose device for removing hair from Bikini area, upper lip, arms, chin, knees, underarms, legs or any approachable part of your body. It also comes with massage head to give relief to your delicate skin. An exclusively designed head is for removing foot calluses as well.

The nine pairs of tweezers can remove hairs as short as 0.5-mm. The advance blade system, which is apparently quite efficient — makes it perfect epilator, a caring friend to Indian women. In low price, the Enem epilator is an excellent cheap epilator & shaver to keep a woman neat & clean.

Enem Cordless Epilator for Women

The ladies cordless epilator consists of a motor unit and five heads. These heads function as an epilator, shaver, brush, Massage head, and Callus Remover.

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Charging the epilator some eight to ten hours gives 40 minutes of use time. It is a cordless wet dry epilator. Hence after use nicely wash it under running water. However, do not keep it attached to a power socket while using it under a bath shower.

Washing the heads under running water is essential to maintain proper hygiene. Every time, you use it, clean the head — keep it in open air for a few hours then securely store. That would give a long life to your epilator kit. The cheap cordless epilator is an all-in-one solution and an ideal option to carry on a tour as well.

Price 2000 Rupees
Head 5
Type Wet & Dry
Key Feature Epilator, Shaver, Callus Remover
Warranty 6 Months



► Cheap Cordless Epilator Keda KD-191B 3-in-1 Beautification Tool

Keda is a famous brand for affordable personal care appliances. Keda Epilator KD-191B is a 3–in-1 beautification kit consists of a shaver and a Callus Remover as well. The cordless epilator and shaver set is ideal for removing hair from face, arms, legs, and bikini area.

The epilator shaver with advanced blade system is efficient in removing hair as small as 0.5-mm. Post epilation your smooth skin would keep it delicacy up to six weeks. The blade system on the epilator and shaver head features rotating stainless steel blades, dexterously removes hair even from the sensitive area. While most of the cheap cordless epilators lack speed control option, it has. Having two-speed option helps the user to maneuver over the epilator (or shaver) for a better result.

Cheap Cordless Epilator Keda Dry Beautification Tool

Further, the Keda Epilator & shaver — is only for dry use. You cannot use them under running water. However, the given three heads are washable. First, you need to unlock and extract the head and then nicely clean it under running water. Charging the epilator close to eight hours provides around 35 minutes of use time, withal.

You can trust the low-cost epilator set. Besides, the regular 10 Days replacement warranty by the e-commerce website, Keda provides 12-months of exclusive warranty for it. The Keda cordless epilator set is perfect for Indian ladies. In 1500 Rupees, it a complete solution and it is accurately priced as well.

Price 1500 Rupees
Head 3; Epilator, Shaver, Callus Remover
Ideal to use face, arms, legs, and bikini area
Type Dry | Washable Head
Warranty 12 Months
Charging 8 Hours for 35 Minutes of Use time


► Other Recommended Cheap Cordless Epilators under 2000 Rupees

Until now in this article, I looked at popular multipurpose epilators in 2000 Rupees from the brands those are not known in the Indian market. Next, I am going to look at the best epilator cordless from the top epilator brands in India. These are single head epilator for multipurpose use, the type three. Read also All in One Veet Electronic Trimmer Kit for Gentle Hair Removal.

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Havells FD5050 Epilator: Priced at 1950 Rupees, the Havells Epilator is an excellent, reliable option in the market. The pro factors on this Indian brand epilator include its 20 Tweezers System and Anti-Pinch Technology, which delicately pluck even the finest hair from roots. Further, it has two-speed option to control its use and get a better result. To use the epilator in bikini area, Havells also ships a sensitive cap. That works as protection cap while using the epilator over sensitive skin.

Havells FD5050 Cheap Cordless Epilator

With this Havells epilator, you need not wait for charging to get over. Just plug it into a power point and start using it. In fact, that makes it, even more, a relatable epilator. It also thoroughly fit to use anywhere in the world. Looking for an epilator to be in your care box during your international tour, here it is. The brand Havells provides two years of home warranty, withal. Thus, The Havells epilator is a recommended cheap cordless epilator at the current price. Buy: 1950 Rupees

Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator: The Braun Silk epilator is one of the best-rated epilators under 2000 Rupees in the Indian market. It bears the advanced blade system, which makes epilation painless. On this epilator, the brand Braun provides two years of warranty.

Braun Silk Epil Epilator Cheap Cordless Epilator

If you are not willing to buy the Havells Epilator, but liked the technical specs, here is a Braun epilator, which has parallel features. Adding to that is the Braun’s soft-lift technology– built-in on the epilator. That effectively lifts flat-lying hairs and places them before blades. It also comes with the 20-tweezer system, a recommended feature for every epilator for removing hairs from the root quickly and delicately. Buy: 1900 Rupees

Panasonic ES2291D503 Cordless Epilator: Under 2000 Rupees, the Panasonic Epilator is one of the best cordless epilators in India. The lady shaver is ideal for gently eliminating hairs from legs, arms, and face. If you are looking for a cordless facial epilator, here it is. Panasonic provides 24 months of warranty on this fast epilator. It is a cheap cordless epilator ideal for dry, wet use.

Panasonic ES2291D503 Cordless Epilator

The blade system on this epilator is a rotating disk. That is effective in delicately removing hair to make skin soft for many weeks. The Panasonic cordless epilator only lacks function to shave sensitive area like bikini line, although. It is undoubtedly a fitting cordless epilator for those emphasizes the quality of the gadget over the number of accessories. Buy: 2000 Rupees

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