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Best Earphones under 900 Rupees

Best Earphone under 900 Rupees in India

Almost all earphones that come bundled with smartphones offer undesired audio and cheap build quality. More than anything, they do not offer a comfortable experience to the users. All this force the smartphone customers in purchasing a replacement.

In this piece, we cover the latest and best pair of earphones on sale in the price range of 800 to 900 Rupees. Here are cheap and best earphones in India market for smartphones.

► Falatek In-ear Earphone with Mic

In my own opinion, the best earphones for cheap fall in a price range of between 500 and 1000 rupees. Not that earphones priced below 500 rupees are any worse, but as we all know, cheap is expensive.  I have been reviewing gadgets for more than four years now. In as much as I like recommending affordable electronics to my readers, there is a boundary between cheap and a waste of money.  In the case of earphones, 500 rupees is the limit.

Falatek In-ear Earphone with MIC in 850 Rupees

However, for serious music listeners who want affordable, cheap but good earphones, I would strongly recommend the Falatek In-ear Earphones with Mic. Here is why I recommend them to you:

Excellent noise isolation with deep bass: In spite of being cheap, these Falatek in-ear headphones feature noise isolation technology. This technology enhances the sound clarity effectively. Notably, I liked the fact that these earphones have an excellent bass-treble balance.

Comfortable but lacks a clip: The earpieces have an ergonomic design so as to fit your ears perfectly. Actually, the manufacturer twisted the earpieces a little bit (60 degrees to be specific). This design minimizes the stress on the ear canal, just like we see in premium earphones. However, I hate the fact that there was no clip to hook the cable onto my shirt.

Good inline microphone and durable cable: I can’t really complain about the quality of microphone on these earpieces. Additionally, the cord has a flat design which makes it durable and tangle-free.

Price 850 Rupees
Compatibility Android Smartphone | Laptop | MP3 Player | System with 3.5-mm female Audio Jack
Speaker 10-mm Driver | Impendence: 16-ohm | Sensitivity: 108dB | Power capability: 30mW | Frequency response: 20 – 22K Hz | Deep BASS | Natural high-fidelity sound | Crystal clear treble | Passive Noise Isolation
Build MIC | Smart In-Line Control | 1.2-meter Wire | Weight: 9 Grams
Sales Box Earphone | 3xSoft Silicone earbuds (S/M/L) | User Manual
Warranty 12 Months | Customer Service WhatsApp: +91-63000-96540
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► Sony MDR-EX150AP Earphones with MIC

The Sony earphones with mic — is one of the top earphones under 900 rs for your smartphone. It is an affordable replacement for the cheap quality earphone in your smartphone sales box.

Sony MDR-EX150AP Earphones with MIC in 900 rs

Build and Design: This Sony earphone offers more features than you are paying for. It is available in six colors including red, black, white, blue, light blue and light pink. The metallic back of the earpieces provides a premium look to the whole setup.

Sony has made the aux-in cable with a rubberized material that eliminates tangling and does not break easily. Its 3.5-mm connector is angled at 90-degrees, which is convenient for some people and annoying for others.

Comfortable and Easy to Manage: The earphone also comes with three pairs of different size ear tips. These ultra-soft ear tips do not cause pain in the ears and help in isolating the users from outside noise.

Further, its earpieces offer a secure fitting, though they may fall off while running or jumping. The whole setup weighs in at 59 grams only. You also get a small cable management tool that not only helps in separating left and right earpieces but also acts as a cable winder when the earphone is not in use. Moreover, the aux-in cord measures 1.2 meters in length, which is perfect for outdoor usage.

Best in Class Audio Production: This Sony headset is a top-rated pair of earphones below 900 rs. Even its specs sheet proves that so. Its frequency response range of 5-24000 Hz is the widest in this price segment.

Users hear accurate audio without any distortions. The earphone adds a little spice to the highs and lows. In fact, the treble is so high that you cannot listen to a high-frequency song at 100 percent volume.

Sony was also kind enough to feature substantial 9-mm drivers on this device. These drivers produce powerful audio and make users feel like they are in a music studio. Vocals and lower-Mids are impressive, though the earphone suffers when it comes to deep bass.

If you love deep thumping frequencies, then this earphone can be a disappointment. In that case, I would suggest choosing an over-the-ear style headphone.

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The alphabet “AP” in the product name suggests that it features an inbuilt microphone. This point is worth a mention here because Sony also sells another variant of this device without “AP” in the name, which does not come with a microphone.


  • Super-wide frequency response range of 5-24000 Hz
  • Large 9mm drivers
  • Inline remote with built-in microphone
  • Rubberized cable offers a tangle-free experience
  • Low impedance
  • Highly comfortable
  • Comes with a handy cable management tool
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Adequate 1.2-meter aux-in cord

Cons: Bass levels are not that deep and sometimes deep frequencies feel like artificial

Verdict: Sony MDR-EX150AP can be an excellent replacement for the earphone that came bundled with your smartphone. You would love listening to music on it. Its frequency response range has impressed me. Moreover, it comes with the largest possible drivers on an earphone, which generates terrific audio. Unarguably it is one of the best in-ear earphones under 900 Rupees.

Connectivity Aux-in
FR 5-24000 Hz
Driver Size 9-mm
Design Earbud
Weight 59 grams
Dimensions 17 x 5.4 x 3.6 cm
Buy 899 Rupees


► JBL C200SI Earphones with MIC

JBL mainly sells premium products, but the profit potential of the dominating Indian budget market has forced this brand to change its strategy. Last year, it launched the C200SI headset in the market. This device is currently available for an amount of 899 rupees. Are you looking for best bass earphones under 900 rupees? Here it is.

JBL C200SI Earphones with MIC in 900 rs

Average Performance: This headset sports 9-mm driver with a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 22000 KHz. Bass levels in the audio are much more profound than other headsets of the same price segment could generate in their audio.

Surprisingly, it generates well-balanced audio at all frequencies. Treble is high but does not cause pain in the ears. Vocals remain crispy and easily audible no matter at what volume you are listening to the song. Further, the impedance of the JBL headset is slightly high at 16 Ohms, though there will be no problem in using it with a smartphone or a portable music player.

Impressive Design: Even at this price point, JBL was able to use high-quality build materials. This headset would last for a long time with users. Each driver of this JBL Headset sports a slightly curved back and fits into ears tightly. Further, the small rubber piece covers the wire joints and prevents them from breaking during the use.

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Inline Remote: This JBL Headphone features a single-button inline remote for receiving calls. Its microphone records decent quality audio as well.

Good For:-

  • Great build quality
  • Balanced audio
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Deep Base
Connectivity 3.5-mm Jack
Inbuilt Controls Single Button
Microphone Yes
FR 20-22000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver Size 9-mm
Buy 899 Rupees


► Cowon EM1 Earphones

Once you jump to researching various products and designs, you cannot ignore the Cowon EM1 for your earphones. Do you wish to hear a clear sound? Then Cowon EM1 is the best bet! With these very best earphones, you can catch every single beat of the tune.

Cowon EM1 Earphones in 850 rs

The tremendously high 103dB per mW sensitivity of the headphones lets you enjoy loud music on a high scale. In like manner, it avoids sound spin even at high volumes. The powerful 10-mm driver units offer a profound quality regardless of whatever music genre you play, withal.

The bass-treble ratio is augmented as well, so all the distinct sounds with thumping bass are clearly perceptible. Even if you push the volume to maximum, sound does not tear at all. You get an outstanding experience in such a way.

You can encounter privacy issues. As there are hovels on the rear side of the earphone, the person sitting alongside you can take note of your chat. There is get a single switch to attend or disconnect calls. You can play or pause music with the same button. This earphone is a little painful and has the propensity to drop out of your ear.

Though the company boasts to providing an experience that can take you to a different world, the product has some glitches. Likewise, with a cost of 850 INR, the product sounds to be overpriced as well.

Driver 10-mm
Sensitivity 103 dB/mW
Max power input 20 mW
FR 20-22000 Hz
Cord Length 1.2 m
Warranty 6 Months
Price 850 INR