Chaoba, a Chinese company founded in the year 1997 basically designs and manufactures Hair styling gadgets for home and business use. In this article, I am reviewing two best-selling Chaoba hair tools available in the Indian market.

Believing in Bharat’s potential, I have always been against the use of Chinese Goods. However, the fact remains that Chinese manufacturing centers are many miles ahead than Indian factory in terms of making good quality products at affordable price. That is why Micromax to Apple, all top IT companies has manufacturing hub in China.

Professional 2800 Hair Dryer 2000W

The recent product in the hair dryer range by Chaoba is the Professional 2800, comes with 2000W motor for fast and effective hair drying. On Amazon India, it costs just 900 rupees, despite high-end features, which is, in fact, better than other competitive products from Philips, Panasonic, and Nova.

Like any personal gadgets, it is also made using tough plastic, has a long cable, and a slightly curved handle with a few control buttons for adjusting speed or switching between hot and cool air shots.

CHAOBA Professional 2800 Hair Dryer 2000W Review and Specifications

Warranty Issues: Before I move to other details of Chaoba 2800 hair dryer, it should be noted here that buyers shall not be entitled to any service warranty other than shopping website’s 10 to 30 days replacement policy. Therefore, decide to buy it at own risk.

Why this is a Good product: Because of the capacity of 2000W, it is a product in demand, despite warranty caveat. A simple rule of hair dryers is: higher is the watt value, much faster will be hair drying capacity. Another big reason why this hair dryer is doing well is: 2000W hair dryer is rare under 1000 rupees price segment.

Branded or non-branded almost all hair dryer makes painful loud humming noises that become even more unbearable in the morning when the lady in the house has to spend more time in styling her long hair. Here, Chaoba 2800 could bring a great relief. Having claimed for making low noises, it becomes an obvious choice along with its added advantage of high capacity at the low price.

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I should also praise the internal design of the device. It feels quite comfortable in use. Actually, it has a great setup of powerful motor-fan internally with rightly angled soft touch handle – together making it a well-balanced device; certainly easier in use.

Control Options

Let me now explain a bit on control options. The hair dryer has the cool air shot feature in addition to the two primary buttons for controlling heat and air speed. Both sliding buttons can be set to 0, 1, and 2. Users may choose one heat level and one air shot speed from two heat level and two air shot speeds. In this way, users get to choose from four combinations of heat and air – making it a perfect choice for styling hair of all age groups: kids, teens, young, and old generation as well. A hair dryer should never be used for drying infant’s hair.

I would also like to praise though two-meter long cable, which is, in fact, longer than that of Philips hair dryers. Having a long cable with hair dryers could make their use much easier for users.


  • Low cost
  • 2000 watt capacity
  • Cool air shot feature
  • Two heat and air shot speed
  • 2-meter long cable
  • Good quality built and excellent design
  • Ideal for men and women

Cons: Buyers will not get any service warranty

Final Verdict: If I can ignore warranty caveat, Chaoba 2800 looks an amazing product. Its price, which is, by the way, less than 900 rupees, buyers are getting almost all features generally expected in a pricey advanced hair dryer. Moreover, two-speed settings for heat and air along with cool air feature – making it is much more resourceful for hair styling. With five settings for heat and air, it could be a decent choice for most age groups. Yes, it is ideal for men as well.

CHAOBA Professional 2800 Hair Dryer 2000W Review and Specifications

Attachment Types Concentrator
Cold Air Feature YES
Number of Speed Settings Two
Number of Heat Settings Three
Cord Length 2.0 meter
Power Consumption (Watts) 2000 W
Ideal For Women, Men
Buy 500 to 900 Rupees


Professional LCD Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener

This product also has one-year free service support caveat. Buyers will not get any service support other than the advantage of e-commerce websites return policy program. Therefore, buying this hair Straightener without any service warranty security itself brings some risk with it.

What makes this product special: Like Chaoba hair dryer, the Chaoba hair Straightener, too, has some premium features, which are seen only in branded hair dryers generally. It comes with an LED display, temperature control buttons, and ceramic plate.

One of the main features of this hair Straightener is- it gets ready for use in just 45 seconds. As the official specs sheet claims, it heats up fast and reaching to 220-degree effectively, which is roughly five times faster than the heating speed of any other branded hair Straightener out there.

The straightener is made using tough plastic and has an LED panel, too, for showing the current temperature. There are some delicate buttons also near the hand control grip for easy adjustment of temperature. Using such control options, the straightener temperature can be regulated for giving better sensitive care to user’s hair.

Chaoba Professional LCD Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener

Comes with a High-Quality Durable Ceramic Plate

For a better protection of heat sensitive hair, the heating place has a layer of high- quality ceramic plate. This not only gets heated up fast but also makes the Straightener non-stick; an essential feature in order to have its gliding safely through user’s hair. According to specs sheet of the product, the ceramic plate has an enhancement of South Korean ceramic oil technology, which essentially helps spread heat evenly on the plate; as a result, hair gets a full care without any possibility of damage.

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Whether one has thick, curly, or colored hair: Chaoba hair Straightener with speed regulator buttons and an excellent quality ceramic plate would be able to deliver damage free shine and smoothness.


  • Excellent quality ceramic plate
  • Fast heating
  • Heat regulator
  • Compact design

Cons: No warranty and guarantee

Final Thought: This is a good quality hair straightener and it does perform better than some of the branded products out in the Indian market. In fact, the quality of ceramic plate appears to be better than that of Philips's hair Straighteners belong to the 1000 rupees price range.

However, as I have mentioned at the start, buying any Chaoba product in Bharat comes with a caution of no service support. Therefore, it is better to buy Chaoba hair tools online because that will, at least ensure advantage of e-commerce website’s return policy (Amazon offers 10 days and Flipkart has 30 days return policy); such long use and return advantage no offline stores would ever offer.

Display LCD Panel
Heat up Time 45 sec to 220 degree
ceramic Plate Most advanced ceramic heating body (MCH) with South Korea ceramic oil technology
Wire Rotation 220 degrees
Ideal For Women
Buy 700 to 2000 Rupees