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Best Ceiling Fan under 5000 Rupees

Best Ceiling Fan under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Beautiful color on walls, designer window curtain, decorative table lamp, an antique almirah, and a long wooden bed are some essential elements for a well-decorated bedroom. A room decoration, however, cannot complete without a designer ceiling fan.

Which is the best designer ceiling fan under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling designer ceiling fans from 4000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested premium ceiling fans are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their design, build and high air delivery performance.

► 35W Luminous NEW YORK TIFFANY Designer Ceiling Fan

Excellent build, premium design, energy-efficient motor with high performance, high air delivery, and low price are the factors that make a ceiling fan an ideal ceiling fan. Combining all these factors on a ceiling fan looks like an impossible task, though. If it has been an easy job, many brands would have done it by now. Luminous, the famous home inverter brand, has done it. Recently it launched a designer ceiling fan NEW YORK TIFFANY, which features just a 35W motor. And, its current market price is 4600 Rupees only.

Luminous NEW YORK TIFFANY 5-Star Designer Ceiling Fan

NEW YORK TIFFANY is a designer ceiling fan with a 5-star BLDC motor. The Luminous brand provides a fully functional remote control to operate this designer ceiling fan wirelessly. The design of this designer ceiling fan is such that it will match all roof & wall colors and all types of room decoration.

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Thus, Luminous NEW YORK TIFFANY is the best designer ceiling fan under 5000 Rupees.  Apparently, it is not just a designer ceiling fan instead of a 5-star designer ceiling fan. It looks elegant, its power consumption is very less, it gives high air delivery, and it will match perfectly with any roof color & wall color. Here, I cannot miss mentioning that Luminous is a well-known brand, a trusted brand in India market, withal.

Price 4600 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features 5-Star Designer Ceiling Fan with Remote Controller | Warranty: 2-Year | Made-in-India
Motor 35W | 100% Copper-Winding | BLDC Motor | 50% more energy-saving than standard ceiling fans | Max-Speed: 350 RPM | Motor Burning Chances: 0% {Converts AC to DC Current Flow}
Cooling 1200-mm (48-Inch Blade) Long Blade | Air Delivery: 225 CMM
Build Aluminum Blades | Glossy Powder-Coated Paint for Superior Finish


► 72W Crompton Uranus Designer Ceiling fan

Crompton and Havells are two best brands in India market for a designer ceiling fan under 5000 Rupees with good air delivery.  Currently, one of the best designer ceiling fans in 4000 to 5000 Rupees range is Crompton Uranus. This designer ceiling fan is a top favorite of buyers. The fan in golden ivory color looks spectacular. You could see for yourself how beautiful it looks. It has the design to make mood right! Crompton brand markets it as a super-premium ceiling fan for bedroom.

Crompton Uranus 4-Blade Designer Ceiling fan

Besides the design part, the fan is just a regular fan. It comes with a 72W motor and 48-Inch long three blades. At its highest performance, the wings can make 320 turns in 60 seconds and thereby ensure 200 CMM max air delivery. Air delivery of this Crompton super premium ceiling fan is not that good.

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While most of the designer ceiling fans in the market are just a showpiece, Crompton Uranus premium ceiling fan provides good air delivery. However, you shouldn’t consider it expecting high air delivery. It is a perfect ceiling fan for rooms with air conditioner installed.

Price 4700 Rupees
Features Royal Decor | Superior metallic finish with exquisite motifs on blade | Decorative lampshades | Convenience of pull cord for speed and light control | 24-Months Warranty
Specs 48-Inch Four Blades | 3 Lamps 72W Motor | Wings Speed: 320 RPM | Air Delivery: 200 CMM
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