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Best Ceiling Fan under 4000 Rupees

Best Ceiling Fan from 3000 to 4000 Rupees in India

Do ceiling fans use much power? Not exactly! The power consumption of the ceiling fan system is the lowest among the three most preferred cooling solutions in India air conditioner, air cooler, and fan. This video will help you to understand the significant difference between these cooling solutions and comparative analysis of their power consumption.

Usually, ceiling fans have a motor capacity in the range of 48W to 85W. Close to 70% ceiling fan models on sale in the market have a 72W motor. If a ceiling fan with 72W motor is used 10 hours daily at its full capacity, then the maximum power consumption will be less than 20 units in a month.

In this piece, we cover the best ceiling fans from 3000 to 4000 Rupees price range. You will learn about ceiling fans of Havells, Orient, Usha, Gorilla, Luminous and other reliable home electronics brands in India market. The suggested ceiling fans have been rated by fan experts and their users.

► BEE 5-Star Ceiling Fan with Remote Control Gorilla Renesa+

Usually, a ceiling fan lasts five to seven years. If you decide to invest in this Gorilla 5-star rated ceiling fan, you will be saving not less than 5000 Rupees during its lifespan on operational cost compared to an ordinary 1500 Rupees ceiling fan. You will recover the excess expense of 2500 Rupees in buying this energy efficient fan within 24-months of its use.

Gorilla Renesa Energy Saving Ceiling Fan Remote Control

The fan also comes with a fully-functional remote controller. In nights, you don’t need to leave your bed to reach switchboard to reset ceiling fan speed for your sleeping comfort. You will have its remote next to your pillow on the desk.

Gorilla Renesa+ is a semi-designer ceiling fan with 48-Inch blades. This ceiling fan is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms. It comes with a BLDC motor, and its operation is super-silent. More you can learn about the BLDC motor in this article, written by Arindam Paul, one of the founding members of Atomberg Technology, the company behind Gorilla fans.

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Ceiling fans for hotel rooms must have an attractive design, low power consumption, and convenience that makes customers happy. Gorilla Renesa+ fulfills these criteria. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that it is the best ceiling fans for hotel rooms.

Price 4000 Rupees
Features Ideal for Room Size up to 12×12 feet | 3-Years Warranty | Remote-Control with Buttons for {Speed Selection | Boost | Sleep-Mode | Timer | LED ON/OFF} | Operate Multiple Fans with One remote | Save Up to 2000 Rupees on operational cost
Cooling 5 Speed Levels | Max-RPM: 350 | Max Air-Delivery: 230 CMM
Power Total Power Consumption 28W | Operating Voltage: 140V to 285V | Power Surge Protection | BEE 5-Star Rated
Build 48-Inch Blades | BLDC motor | 1W LED Light | Semi-Designer Ceiling Fan


► Gorilla Efficio High-Speed Power-Saving Ceiling Fan with Remote

Most people of urban India live in small houses varying between 75 – 150 sq ft. For such small dwellings, the Gorilla Efficio high-speed but silent ceiling fan with three blades is a perfect choice.

The Gorilla fan is a super energy efficient ceiling fan. Its power consumption at its top speed is only 28W. Still, its air delivery is better than the ceiling fans of established fan brands in India market.  No matter how well the room is furnished and colored, the brown-touch of this ceiling puts everything in harmony, withal.

Gorilla Efficio Ceiling Fan with Remote

The Gorilla fan is available with 900MM, 1050MM, 1200MM, and 1400MM long blades. As per the room size, you should select the blade size (sweep). While the 900MM and 1050MM sweep fans are perfect for small rooms, and the 1200MM sweep fan is suitable for bedroom and medium-size rooms. The 1400MM sweep fan with broader air delivery coverage is an ideal ceiling fan for living rooms and central hall whereas.

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You need not think twice if your primary concern is the power consumption of your new ceiling fan. The energy-efficient ceiling fan from the brand Gorilla is quite popular in the online market for excellent airflow and minimal power consumption. It is the most energy efficient ceiling fans in 3000 to 4000 Rupees price range at present.

Price 3200 Rupees
Features BEE 5-Star Rating | Super Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan | Quiet Ceiling Fan | Friction-less BLDC Motor | 28W Max Power Consumption | 48-Inch Long Blades | Wings Speed: 350 RPM | Air Delivery: 220 CMM | Ideal for Room Size up to 10×10 ft | 3-Years Warranty | Voltage Range: 140V to 285V
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