Why did my ceiling fan stop working? There could be two possible reasons. Very likely your fan capacitor is dead. If the capacitor is fine, then for sure the fan motor is faulty. You can test this by changing capacitor first. Capacitor price is around 30 Rupees.

The best idea to call an electrician. Fan electrician visit charge in Chennai is 100 Rupees. If you want to do it by yourself, then follow these steps. First, stop the main supply power. Do not unknot the old capacitor completely. Do it step-by-step, one wire at a time. After replacing fan capacitor, release electricity supply from the main board and switch ON power supply to the fan. If your fan is running slow, then the main culprit is the fan capacitor.

Which is the best ceiling fan under 3000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling ceiling fans from 2000 to 3000 rupees range. The recommended ceiling fans are favorite of buyers because of high air delivery, elegant design, low power consuming high-speed motor, and a superior build & design. Moreover, they are a product of top fan brands in India market.

☼ 32W Polycab Eteri Ceiling Fan with Remote

Polycab is one of the best brands in India market for home appliances. If you are looking for a ceiling fan with remote controller for less price then Polycab is the brand to consider. Polycab Eteri ceiling fan is currently a top-selling ceiling fan under 3000 Rupees. You will operate this fan with a remote controller. Although being operated by a remote controller isn’t the only reason it should be your favorite. There are many more.

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By having a 32W BLDC motor, the Polycab Eteri ceiling fan will consume almost half of the energy usually consumed by the regular ceiling fans. Further, the motor has a double ball bearing. That guarantees a long life of it and very noise while in operation throughout its life-cycle, which could be expended up to 10 to 12 years.

Should you buy the Polycab Eteri Ceiling Fan or not? How good is my experience with it so far? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from the ceiling fan of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Polycab Ceiling Fan with Remote Controller. Do check it out.

5-Star BLDC Motor | 32W Fan under 3000 Rupees | #Polycab Eteri | Ceiling Fan with Remote Controller

Price ₹2700 | Amazon
Features 32W BLDC Motor with Double Ball Bearing | Max-Speed: 350 RPM | Air Delivery: 225 CMM | with Remote Controller | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 35W Crompton Energion Ceiling Fan with Remote

The Crompton ceiling fan comes with a remote for operating it wirelessly and from anywhere in the room. If you are specifically looking for a ceiling fan with remote then this Crompton fan is one of the best options currently available on the market in the 3000 Rupees range.

This Crompton fan comes with a BLDC motor and that is why its maximum power consumption is half of regular ceiling fans. That is only 35W. At speed one, it will consume as low as 6W power only, though. The supported voltage range of the BLDC motor, which has a 100% copper coil, is 90V to 300V. The quality of the motor is understood by the fact that the brand provides up to a 5-year warranty.

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Crompton brand claims that the fan will save almost 1500 Rupees annually on electricity consumption. Whereas, the current market price of this fan is 2990 Rupees. Therefore, I can this without ambiguity that it is an affordable ceiling with remote controller.

35W BLDC Motor | कम बिजली खपत करने वाला सीलिंग फैन | #Crompton Energion

Price ₹2990 | Amazon
Features 35W BLDC Motor | Voltage-Range: 90V to 300V | Rating: 5-Star | Max Speed: 370 RPM | 100% Copper Coil | Motor Warranty: 5-Year


☼ 26W Havells Efficiencia Neo Ceiling Fan

The Havells ceiling fan is currently one of the energy-efficient ceiling fans in India market under 3000 Rupees. Its max power consumption is only 26W. Usually, ceiling fans have more than 70 to 75 watts motor, but having only a 26W motor makes this Havells ceiling fan a total energy saver fan. It will save you annually close to 2000 to 3000 rupees on power.

The motor type is BLDC. Brush-less DC motors are more efficient than brushed DC motors. Also, they are long-lasting and more reliable. Another unique feature of the fan motor is having a double ball bearing.

The Havells Efficiencia Neo fan comes with three 48-Inch blades. It is a ceiling fan with remote. The remote has buttons for Power-On, Power-Off, and Speed control.

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Thus, considering everything it would not be wrong to say that the Havells Efficiencia Neo is an excellent fan under 3000 Rupees. Go for it as it will save you money.

26W | Super Energy Efficient Fan under 3000 Rupees | #Havells Efficiencia Neo

Price ₹2990 | Amazon
Features 26W | BLDC Motor with Double Bearing | 48-Inch (1200-mm) Blades | With Remote | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 75W V-Guard Exado Pro Designer Ceiling Fan

The V-Guard ceiling fan is a rare combination of an attractive design, powerful motor, and easy low-cost maintenance. Its design is such that has an appeal to amplify the attraction of the room ceiling. The 75W motor with 100% copper coil is capable of hitting 400 RPM. A well-known fact about fans is that the faster blades rotate higher will be air delivery. The air delivery of this V-Guard stylish fan is 240 CMM. That is indeed one of the best on the market. V-Guard provides up to 3-year of warranty for the Exado Pro designer fan model. That means no extra expense on servicing this fan for up to 3 years. Metallic paint on this fan with anti-dust property keeps away dust. This eliminates the need to clean up the blades every day.

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Design, high air delivery, and anti-dust body are the three main USP of the V-Guard Exado Pro ceiling fan. Whereas not having a remote control to operate the fan and high power are two major cons of this designer fan considering the options available on the market.

75W | Decorative Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees | V-Guard Exado Pro | #VGuard

Price ₹2800 | Amazon
Features 75W {RPM: 400} | 100% Copper Coil | Blade: 48-Inch | Air Delivery: 240 CMM | 100% Anti-Dust | Warranty: 3-Year


► 75W Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar Designer Ceiling Fan

The Luminous designer ceiling fan is indeed a special one. It is one of the few selected ceiling fans that looks premium and also gives high air delivery. Designer ceiling fans are infamous for poor air delivery.  Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar designer ceiling is a rare exception as this high-speed ceiling fan has been recommended by its users for high air delivery as well.

The high-speed motor of this Luminous fan is totally reliable. I am making such a big claim because this 14-Pole motor comes with double-sealed ball-bearing. The copper coil in the motor is another pro that confirms its high efficiency as well.

Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar fan is a perfect option for those who need a premium designer ceiling fan for high air delivery. You could trust it because It is one of the best-selling designer ceiling fans in India market.

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This designer fan is available White and Black color options. Ideally, you should select the fan color as per the color on the wall and roof of the room where you plan to install it. However, if you are not able to decide between the color options, then blindly choose the white color variant. It looks awesome!

Designer Fan | Best Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar

Price ₹2990 | Amazon
Features Ideal for Room Size up to 120 sq ft | Super Designer Ceiling Fan | 100% Rust-Free, Corrosion-Free | Silent Motor | German Paint Technology | Long Blade with Wider Tips for High Air Delivery | Made in India | Warranty: 2-Year
Cooling Air-Delivery: 230 CMM | Sweep: 1200-MM (48-Inch)
Motor 75W | 14-Pole Double-Sealed Ball-Bearing Motor | 100% Copper Coil | Max-Speed: 350 RPM
Build Body & Blade Made from High-Quality Aluminium | Gross-Weight: 5.5-Kg


► 72W Havells Fusion Decorative Ceiling Fan

The Havells ceiling fan impresses with its exotic rich looks and modern styling. It is a perfect ceiling fan for a well-decorated room.

Most of the designer ceiling fans have poor air delivery. That is not the case with this Havells designer ceiling fan, though. The Havells Fusion ceiling fan gives high air delivery. Its air delivery is 225 CMM, which is on the higher side of the ceiling fan air delivery index.

We usually recommend energy-efficient ceiling fans. Those fans whose max power consumption is either 50W or less than 50W. This Havells decorative fan isn’t energy-efficient as it features 74W motor.

Still, we recommended it because of these three big reasons. The first is Havells brand trust. The second is the elegant design of this Havells fan. And, the third is its high air delivery.

Intelligent and beautiful girls are called beauty with brain. Havells Fusion ceiling fan is beauty with high air delivery. Also, its current market price is very right. Therefore, it is one of the best decorative ceiling fans in India market below 3000 Rupees.

72W Designer Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Havells Fusion

Price ₹2600 | Amazon
Features Decorative Ceiling Fan | Color Variants: Indigo Blue & Pearl White | Guarantee: 2-Year
Motor 72W | Double Ball-Bearing | Max-Speed: 350 RPM
Cooling Blade-Length: 48-Inch | Air Delivery: 225 CMM


► 80W Usha Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan {Striker Platinum} {Striker Galaxy}

Whether you install an air conditioner or air cooler, you will still have to install a ceiling fan. A cheap looking in a well-managed room is the same as wearing a suit with Hawai chappal. Designer ceiling fans are very costly. Therefore, you should consider buying a branded, energy-efficient semi-designer ceiling fan with some unique features. I suggest Usha Striker Platinum and Usha Striker Galaxy ceiling fan.

Recently Usha relaunched its popular basic ceiling fan model the STRIKER in a new avatar with DUST RESISTANT quality. Usha brand named the new variant Sticker Platinum and Sticker Galaxy. Thus, in a conventional design, Usha Striker is a basic ceiling fan model whereas Usha Striker Platinum and Usha Striker Galaxy are a semi-designer ceiling fan model with an anti-dust coating. They are currently the best anti-dust ceiling fan under 3000 Rupees.

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The Usha anti-dust fans come with a powerful motor and aerodynamically designed blades. Their performance is super silent, and air delivery is excellent. Thus, they are the best ceiling fans for bedrooms in your house.

Best Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | #Usha Striker Fan

Price ₹2600 | Amazon
Features Anti-Dust Fan | Aerodynamically-Designed blades with High-Lift angle | Superior-grade Electric Steel Lamination for Long-Life |  Silent-Operation | 24-Months Warranty
Cooling Max-Speed: 385 RPM | Max Air-Delivery: 240 CMM | Sweep: 1200MM
Power 80W Motor with 100% Copper-Coil


► 77W Crompton Avancer Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

The four factors that you need to consider while selecting a ceiling for bedroom are design, anti-dust coating, air delivery, and noise. The Crompton Avancer fulfills these parameters. Therefore, it is one of the best ceiling fans to buy in 2000 to 3000 Rupees price range.

The Crompton anti-dust fan impresses with its design, performance, and air delivery. It will give KONE KONE TAK BHARAPUR HAWA. Its design will enhance the look of your bedroom.

Crompton Avancer Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

Making a ceiling fan as new as it was on day one is one of the hardest parts of home cleaning work. To reach the height of a ceiling fan, you need to arrange a tall table, which is very hard to find. While cleaning a ceiling fan, you will have to look upward direction that is not very convenient. Calling a technician is not a solution as well. You will still have to arrange a tall table.  Therefore, the best idea is to buy an anti-dust fan.

Anti-dust coating on motor unit and blades of Crompton Avancer ceiling fan will prevent dust, moisture, oil to settle. Every run you will run the fan, it will become as new as it was on day one.

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Those who have been using Crompton Avancer anti-dust ceiling fan have rated it as a value for money ceiling fan. This fan does not dance while rotating blades and also its operation is less noisy. It is one of the best Crompton Greaves fan models in the market.

Price ₹2800 | Amazon
Features 48-Inch Blades | Dust-Resistant Coating | 10-Days Returnable Warranty | 2-Years’ Service Warranty | Moderately Quiet Ceiling Fan
Cooling Max Speed: 370 RPM | Max Air Delivery: 230 CMM
Power 77W Motor | Annual Power Consumption {8-Hours Daily × 365 Days at Full-Capacity}: 225 Units approx.


► 74W Havells Leganza Semi-Designer Ceiling Fan

For decorative long-lasting ceiling fan, Havells is a favorite brand. Its Leganza fan model is currently a best-selling decorative ceiling fan under 3000 Rupees. Havells brand has made it available in many color combinations to match with popular color choice for home decoration. You can also choose between three-blade and four-blade variants.

Besides outstanding build quality and eye-catching, what makes Havells Leganza ceiling fan unique is its superior air delivery, reliable motor, and silent operation. For truly silent ceiling fan, Orient and Havells are two of my favorite brands. Havells Leganza is a quiet ceiling fan.

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You can consider this Havells ceiling fan for a medium to large size room. According to Havells brands, the Leganza ceiling fan model, because of 1200-mm (48-Inch) long blades, is perfect for rooms with an area size in the range of 65 to 100 square feet. For uniform air delivery in the room, its dimensions should be in the range of 8×8 feet to 10×10 feet. In general use, however, the decorative ceiling fan should work ideally for rooms with an area size in the range of 35 to 125 square feet.

Designer Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | Havells Leganza

Price ₹2400 to ₹4000 | Amazon
Ideal for Home | Office | Hotel
Cooling 3-Blade {Air Delivery: 238 m³/min | 400 RPM | High performance at low voltage | Power Consumption: 74W} | 4-Blade: {Air Delivery: 230 m³/min | 350 RPM | Power Consumption: 72W}
Color Pearl White-Silver | Mist-Honey | Bronze-Gold | Blade with Metallic Finish
Build Downrod Length: 26-CM | Blade Length: 1200-MM | Decorative Feature: Body Ring with Trim
Warranty 24 Months
Sales Box Fan Motor | Blade Set | Downrod | Canopy Set | Shackle Kit | Twisted Wire | Documents


► 74W Crompton Aura Prime Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

To reach the height of a ceiling fan and then cleaning it thoroughly is one of the toughest jobs. Therefore, the anti-dust coating becomes one of the must-have features for ceiling fans. Every time you give power supply to an anti-dust ceiling fan, it will become as clean as it was on day one. For affordable anti-dust ceiling fan, Usha and Crompton are two best brands.

Crompton Aura Prime Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

There are four variants of the Crompton anti-dust ceiling fan in the market. They are currently best-selling anti-dust fans in 2000 to 6000 Rupees range. Available with 600-MM to 1400-MM blades, the Crompton anti-dust fan is best for bedrooms, study room, living room, shops, showroom, and office use.  They have aerodynamically designed blades and a super-quality motor. Therefore, they are best ceiling fans for comfortable cooling, relief from the heat during the peak summer season.

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I would rate the Crompton Aura Prime ceiling fan highly for its aerodynamically balanced blades with anti-dust coating and silent operation. Are you looking for a quiet ceiling fan in 2000 Rupees range? Here it is. Currently, there is no any other branded anti-dust ceiling fan in 2000 Rupees range with this many pro factors.

Price (Rs.) 2850 2500 2200 5500
Blade (MM) 600 900 1200 1400
Motor 65W 62W 74W 84W
Speed (RPM) 875 410 380 285
Air Delivery (CMM) 120 155 230 270
Room Size (Sq Ft)  Up to 6×6 6×6 to 8×8 8×8 to 10×10 10×10 to 15×15


► 48W Orient Energy Star Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan

For silent fan and energy efficient ceiling fans in India market, Orient is among the top three brands. Currently, one of the best power efficient fans with quiet performance in 2000 Rupees range is Orient Energy Star. This fan comes with 5-Star rated 48-Watt motor, though the air delivery as good as that of ceiling fans with more than 70W motor.

Orient Electric Energy Star Ceiling Fan

The annual power consumption of this Orient energy efficient ceiling fan will be around 175 units if used 10 hours daily, 365 days in a year at its full capacity. This is almost 88 units less compared to similar usages of a ceiling fan with a 72W motor. You are not compromising on air-delivery but saving 88 units annually with the Orient fan. Besides, the three aerodynamic designed blades also help achieve high air delivery while keeping humming noise to a minimum.

The build and design of this Orient quiet ceiling are decent. It is available in five different color options. Thus, choose the variant which best suits the décor of the room where you wish to install it.

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Orient rightly promotes this fan, which is undoubtedly the best ceiling fan for cooling a room, as an energy saver ceiling fan. BEE, bureau of energy efficiency ranting certified it with 5-Star for its electricity saver ability.

Price ₹2100 | Amazon
Features 48-Inch Long Aerodynamically Designed Blades | 48W Motor with Copper Coil | Motor with Double Ball Bearing | Motor with BEE 5-Star 2018 Rating | 2-Years Warranty | Max Wings Speed: 320 RPM


► 65W Bajaj Regal Designer Ceiling Fan

The Bajaj Regal is a luxury ceiling fans in a premium design. Also, it is a full aluminum body ceiling fan with super clean metallic surface finish. The design and color of this Bajaj ceiling fan are charming and attractive. I would love to install this designer ceiling fan in my bedroom.

Bajaj Designer 4 Blade Ceiling fan with 14-Pole Motor

Most of the design ceiling fans in the market are just a showpiece. They are more for decoration and less for air delivery. However, Bajaj Regal designer ceiling fan with its powerful motor and uniquely designed blades provides KONE – KONE TAK HAVA. Install this ceiling at a good height. Its high air delivery will cover a good 12 sq ft room. In terms of air delivery, build quality and design, Bajaj Regal is a promising ceiling fan.

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A designer ceiling fan with high air delivery and a less power consuming motor is an unlikely combination. Bajaj Regal ceiling fan makes it possible. This 4 Blade ceiling fan provides high air delivery but consumes less power. That is why It is one of the best ceiling fans in India market.

Price ₹2500 | Amazon
Features Designer Ceiling Fan with Metallized Ornament and Body Ring | 14-Pole 65W Motor | 48-Inch Long Aluminium Blades | Max-Speed: 330 RPM | Air-Delivery: 225 CMM | 2-Years Warranty


► 75W Luminous London Mayfair Decorative Ceiling Fan

With several models covering all price points, Luminous, the inverter company has become one of the fastest-growing ceiling fan brands in India market in recent months. Most of the Ceiling fan models of this Indian brand has a luxurious design. For instance, the design of the Luminous London Mayfair ceiling fan model. This type of semi-decorative ceiling fan is better than ugly looking standard ceiling fans and expensive high decorative ceiling fans. Apparently, the unique British style design of this Luminous ceiling fan looks beautiful.

The fan blade is made of Aluminium and has a twisted design for high air delivery. The 75W copper motor of this fan can rotate the blade system 350 times in 60 seconds at its full capacity. At the most top speed, the max air delivery is 230 CMM, which is according to industry standard.

Technically is there any difference between a 1300 Rupees Luminous fan and this 2500 Rupees semi-decorative ceiling fan? NO! The design of Luminous London Mayfair Ceiling fan makes it twice costlier than its standard version.

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If you are ready to pay for a British style luxurious design, then go ahead order it now. Presently this Luminous ceiling fan model is one of the best-selling semi-decorative ceiling fans in 2500 Rupees in India market.

British-Style Decorative Ceiling Fan in 2500 Rupees {हिंदी में} | Luminous London Mayfair

Price ₹2500 | Amazon
Design Unique British style design | Elegant blade trims inspired by the Tulip flower
Motor 75W | Copper Coil | 350 RPM
Blade 48-Inch Long | Made of Aluminum | Wider blades for better air thrust | 230 CMM Air Delivery
Warranty 2-Years


► 85W Usha Bloom Daffodil Dust-Resistant Designer Fan

Usha is one of the most trusted ceiling fan brands in India market. The Bloom Daffodil ceiling fan model of this Indian brand is a recommended option if you need a ceiling fan for a big size room under 3000 Rupees.

Usha Bloom Daffodil ceiling fan model is a favorite of buyers despite it being a pricey option, because of its extra-long blades, the anti-dust coating on its body, and premium design. Unlike standard ceiling fans, the wing size of this Usha anti-dust fan is 50-Inch approx. Also, it features a powerful 85W motor, which can rotate the blades 380 times in 1-Minute. So, it is a perfect ceiling fan to delivery air in every corner of a big size room.

Usha brand introduced this designer ceiling fan in four color variants: Gray & Black, Red & Black, Golden & Brown, and White. Apparently, that is 7 color options. So, select the one that has one of its colors matching the wall color of the room.

Along with this ceiling fan model, the Usha brand provides a complete installation kit. All you have to do is to arrange a local electrician, who is an expert in installing ceiling fans.

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No doubt about it that Usha Bloom Daffodil is one of the best dust-resistant ceiling fans under 3000 Rupees. Its large wings and premium design are a bonus. So, go for it!

85W | Best Designer Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Usha Bloom Daffodil

Price ₹2700 | Amazon
Features Designer Fan with Dual Color | Novel Silane Paint Technology from PPG Asian Paints: {Dust-Resistant | Oil & Water Resistant | Scratch & Stain Resistant} | 2-Year Warranty
Motor 85W | Max Blade Speed: 380 RPM | Copper Coil | Performs well even at low voltage
Blade 1250-MM (50-Inch Approx.) | 240 CMM
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