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Best Ceiling Fan under 3000 Rupees

Best Ceiling Fan Under 3000 Rupees in India Market

Why did my ceiling fan stop working? There could be two possible reasons. Very likely your fan capacitor is dead. If the capacitor is fine, then for sure the fan motor is faulty. You can test this by changing capacitor first. Capacitor price is around 30 Rupees.

The best idea to call an electrician. Fan electrician visit charge in Chennai is 100 Rupees. If you want to do it by yourself, then follow these steps. First, stop the main supply power. Do not unknot the old capacitor completely. Do it step-by-step, one wire at a time. After replacing fan capacitor, release electricity supply from the main board and switch ON power supply to the fan. If your fan is running slow, then the main culprit is the fan capacitor.

In this piece, you read about best ceiling fan under 3000 Rupees in India market. Here we cover best-selling ceiling fans from 2500 to 3000 Rupees price range. The recommended fan models are products of reliable home electronics brands.

► Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

For decorative long-lasting ceiling fan, Havells is a favorite brand. Its Leganza fan model is currently a best-selling decorative ceiling fan under 3000 Rupees. Havells brand has made it available in many color combinations to match with popular color choice for home decoration. You can also choose between three-blade and four-blade variants.

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

Besides outstanding build quality and eye-catching, what makes Havells Leganza ceiling fan unique is its superior air delivery, reliable motor, and silent operation. For truly silent ceiling fan, Orient and Havells are two of my favorite brands. Havells Leganza is a quiet ceiling fan.

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You can consider this Havells ceiling fan for a medium to large size room. According to Havells brands, the Leganza ceiling fan model, because of 1200-mm (48-Inch) long blades, is perfect for rooms with an area size in the range of 65 to 100 square feet. For uniform air delivery in the room, its dimensions should be in the range of 8×8 feet to 10×10 feet. In general use, however, the decorative ceiling fan should work ideally for rooms with an area size in the range of 35 to 125 square feet.

Price 2400 to 4000 Rupees
Ideal for Home | Office | Hotel
Blade 3-Blade {Air Delivery: 238 m³/min | 400 RPM | High performance at low voltage | Power Consumption: 74W} | 4-Blade: {Air Delivery: 230 m³/min | 350 RPM | Power Consumption: 72W}
Color Pearl White-Silver | Mist-Honey | Bronze-Gold | Blade with Metallic Finish
Build Downrod Length: 26-CM | Blade Length: 1200-MM | Decorative Feature: Body Ring with Trim
Warranty 24 Months
Sales Box Fan Motor | Blade Set | Downrod | Canopy Set | Shackle Kit | Twisted Wire | Documents

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