☼ 24.2 MP Canon EOS 800D Advanced Camera

If you are so much interested in having a premium quality images, then you should not think twice to get the Canon EOS 800D, also known as EOS Rebel T7i in America and EOS Kiss X9i in Japan. This digital single-lens reflex camera invented by Canon has a blueprint to grant its users a top class photographic experience. And having toiled for a while with low quality image makers, which have been putting dents in your quality memories, you’re about to make a serious upgrade for a different and much more powerful image in a grand style if you are considering this camera for a buy.

No one can deny desiring good quality images and stylish panorama taken with a gadget that’s so flexible to connect to different devices enabling you to share them very quickly and easily. The Canon EOS 800D is built with one of the most recent researches by Canon in 2017; the multiple phase detection AF.

Your flexibility with EOS 800D flits around new devices with minimum of Bluetooth 4.0, iOS 8.4 and Android 5.0. And the shutter button offers you a live view when used to capture images. To mention just a few, with the DIGIC 7 image processor, which is the latest application-specific integrated circuit by Canon (introduced in February 2017), speed and image stability is swiftly resolved to give you a limitless, fun-filled memories.

Canon EOS 800D DSLR Camera in India

► Canon Camera with CMOS AF System

Further, you can make your movies with 5-axis digital IS as well as the dynamic IS-1. Images from Canon EOS 800D are like no other with its dual pixel CMOS AF system, 1.6x focal length lens, and the adjustable (manual/automatic) AF Point selection. This latest 2017 incarnation of Canon has a shutter speed of 30-1/4000 sec, which also varies depending on the shooting mode.

The white balance is automatic with varying settings to give you options of different compensations including a ranging +/-9 levels of Blue/Amber and Magenta/Green. This is like making the paintings yourself magically. However, you do not need to worry yourself if you have little or no knowledge of photography if you have the Canon EOS 800D because the best quality images are for you at any knowledge level of photography.

The camera also comes with the most improved self-sensor cleaner introduced in all EOS generations to ensure the quality of images produced did not drop at any point as the camera age. And also to relief you from the work of having to clean your camera lens from time to time by yourself which is not completely healthy for the camera unit.

Being that every feature of the Canon EOS 800D is a new deal in photography, it has no comparison with the previous Canon image-makers. It is also important to note that every additional research made by Canon up till 2017 is depicted by the EOS 800D.

Canon EOS 800D DSLR Camera Rear View

Canon EOS 800D’s 3 inches touchscreen of 1,040,000 dots resolution LCD monitor offers a flexible control pattern to everyone, enabling you to swipe through the settings like you are operating a Smartphone. This grants easy access to EOS 800D features from different angles as the screen is designed to support perfect view from different angles.

Sometimes, camera users who are not conversant with high techs such as making connection from digital cameras to their computers are stuck with accessing their digital memories. The worry is less with the 800D as it comes with near field communication (NFC) feature, enabling you to browse through the memories while the camera is in your backpack. The Wireless and Bluetooth connection is rated among the top class and works perfectly well with the most recent versions of wireless connectivity software.

► Camera with Powerful Autofocus

The 24.2Mega Pixel CMOS sensor and most recent DIGIC 7 image Processor simply delivers a powerful resolution and fast image processing respectively. And this applies to pictures and video recording. Meaning, there is no limit to your fun with the 800D image-making breed.

The camera’s ISO range is very flexible to give the perfect focus needed instantly, ranging from ISO 100 – 51200 if extended to suit every lighting condition. To tell you more, the focusing is not affected even if the objects are moving fast as the camera is rated with fast 6 fps continuous shooting to accommodate every level of motion. This tells more about the processor with image making and its ability to attenuate JPEG noise.

Unlike Canon predecessors such as 750D, when the flash is turned off while at indoor, they automatically lower the ISO and switch to a slow shutter speed if your object is moving. And this inevitably drops the image quality while there is no means to communicate with the camera to ignore the fact that the flash is turned off.  This does not apply to the Canon EOS 800D where you can switch to “P” mode to override this scenario.

More on the focus, with EOS 800D’s highly conventional AF system, which is extremely fast, the camera comes with a touch focus feature which enables you to focus any point by just tapping on the screen. Focusing is a swift process for Canon EOS 800D because the image-processing pixel permits both speedy phase-detection focus and imaging measurements at all modes including the movie modes.

Canon EOS 800D DSLR Camera Top View

► 5m Range Fancy Remote control

To extend your photographic pleasure, BR-E1 remote control is available for the use of your Canon EOS 800D, which operates at a maximum distance of 5m. This will surely up your game in making selfie because BR-E1 enables you to access the zooming and focusing features among others to give you just the flexibility you have desired in photography.

Fuzzy design and weight: The camera did not come without the looks of ancient designs that enable the special feeling of a powerful camera and the weight is about ‎485g, which is approximately 17.1oz. A bulgy gripping extension at the right edge when holding the camera for a shot has every control button smoothly attached to the proper positions for easy access. A feeling of it would allow you know that the Canon EOS 800D is indeed a delivery of the 1990s camera with a high-tech spec. And the camera edges are well contoured for a comfortable grip. A sight on the Canon EOS 800D will surely tell you a story on how technology and designs have grown so far in the recent times to improve flexibility.

► Advanced Low-light sensing

This feature is sponsored by the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which has made a lot of waves in every recently produced camera after replacing the hybrid CMOS AF III. This stunning ability from the AF gives the camera an edge in low-light conditions to perform absolutely well. This feature does not favor any production category of the device; video recording and pictures are taken care of by this special AF assignment. A low-light condition does not affect the tracking of face detection nor does it annul the smooth zone; these features work perfectly well not slowing down any form of sensitivity of Canon EOS 800D..

Exposure and Metering system: Operating with a DIGIC 7 processor, Canon EOS 800D accedes 63 segments (9× 7) metering divisions. This sponsors the estimative metering, which is connected to all AF points. The metering consist of spot metering which is ~2.6% of LCD screen or ~3.5% of viewfinder for optical viewfinder metering mode, the center-weighted average metering and a partial metering, which is ~6.0% of LCD screen or viewfinder. The metering range is EV 1-20 at 23 °C, ISO 100 on live view and 50mm f/1.4 lens ISO 100 at optical viewfinder.

Canon EOS 800D Review and Specifications

► Wireless Connectivity

Canon EOS 800D is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion Battery (LP-E17) of 1800 mAh, which is better reserved on viewfinder at 23oC temperature. The battery indicates a four level lifeline and can give up to 600 shots on the approximate. However, EOS 800D power saving ability can be activated at 30seconds and up to 15 minutes idle time when on viewfinder.

Flash: The camera comes with an in-built (Integrated Speedlite Transmitter) flash with ~3 seconds recycle time, an x-sync time of 1/200 seconds and a red-eye reduction lamb.

Canon EOS 800D also has a provision for external flash source which could be used to support the in-built flash coverage that extends up to 17mm focal length, effective up to 10m (32.8ft) concave distance at the direct view and 7m (23.0ft) at the sides for outdoor shooting. The flash distance for indoor is approximately 7m (23.0ft) for direct distance and 5m (16.4ft) for maximum distance by the sides at an angle 80o.

The flash can be accessed through the menu for a turn off or other options as the case implies. A quick access to the flash settings is achieved by double pressing it’s flash button or one time press when an external Speedlite is mounted.

Wireless connectivity: Having said that the Canon EOS 800D has all the near field communication connectivity (NCF), including top class Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, this Rebel does not come with an in-built GPS. But to prove its modern attribute, GPS can be added to the camera easily through the GP-E2 GPS Receiver.

► Conclusion

Since the introduction of Canon rebel brands, photography has grown continuously to seek for an upgrade from time to time among the Rebel users. And every one interested in making digital memories surely does not want to miss the opportunity of getting a better image.

The Rebel T7i or EOS 800D is delivered in two different lenses depending on the user’s choice; the 18-55mm IS STM, which is fairly cheaper than the newer 18-135mm IS USM lens. We can imagine that the newer lens is definitely better but I can tell you that getting the tool (EOS 800D) is the major concern towards the quest of making classic images.

The precision ability of the auto focusing feature which makes this Rebel incredible in imaging is solely powered by the 45-point All Cross-type AF system and the AF micro adjustment is only a record broken by this Rebel.

This is the first camera with a DIGIC 7 image processor made by Canon. And its accuracy is sponsored by the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology which replaced the previous hybrid CMOS III used by its predecessors.

The AF system comes with phase-detection and the lens of 24.2 Mega Pixels suits the 6.0 frames in a second uninterrupted shooting speed. You would be right if you see Rebel T7i as a camera for persons with interest in photography mild to moderate. In fact, it is specifically designed for beginners with great taste of good qualities. Most professional photographers are very much comfortable with EOS 800D and the camera has what it takes to capture a lot of memories for you.

The battery life which can give up to 600 shots as against the processor with 960 shots is addressed by the image size (induced by the quality) produced by the T7i Rebel. Quality has come to make a contribution in your digital memories with Canon EOS 800D. And to boost your photographic desire, you sure need one in your backpack. Buy : 60000 Rupees