In a world where, capturing every happy moment has become so important a culture to us, having a good camera isn’t really an option, rather it’s a necessity. One would argue that your Smartphone’s camera would pretty much replace a real camera especially judging from the massive improvements that we are seeing in smartphone cameras today. However, to the conventional perception, the thought of having a real camera do the job, actually sounds better. It’s like the way we view automatic vehicles today.

Over 80 percent of vehicles being produced today are automatic. But guess what, despite these automatic cars being better for the average driver, there is still this feeling that Auto’s don’t have and this is the real driving effect. That’s what auto cars don’t have, same with our smartphone cameras today. When you are shooting a video on a DSLR, there is that pride that comes from the inside. A pride you don’t get when using your smartphone camera. This means that apart from owning a smartphone with a high-resolution camera, (for those unprepared photo sessions, where you don’t have a real camera with you) you still need to own a real SLR camera.

The argument isn’t really based on the pride you have when you are using a DSLR for your shooting sessions. Rather it’s firmly grounded on the fact that most DSLR cameras come with additional features. Features you won’t find in a typical smartphone camera. They include things like higher optical zoom levels, exposure balances plus high apertures.

So which is the best camera for an everyday photographer? This article will shed light on the best cameras that we have handpicked for you. It will help you make a good decision when buying your first professional camera. All cameras discussed in this article revolve around the 25000 Rupees price tag and are entry-level professional cameras.

►Sony DSC-HX90V Camera Point & Shoot Camera

The battle between point & shoot cameras vs. DSLR cameras is quite hard to resolve. Generally, DSLRs win all the time whenever this question arises. Nevertheless, as the days go by, camera manufacturers are adding more advanced features to their P&S cameras so that they can withstand the challenge from DSLR cameras.

Sony DSC-HX90V Camera Point Shoot Camera in 25000 Rupees

All the same, the choice of camera you choose to buy will pretty much be determined by your budget and also your needs. Notably, most ordinary camera users settle for the cheaper and less bulky Point & Shoot cameras. Professional photographers on the hand prefer SLR’s owing to their versatility and professional shots.

The major point and shoot camera and DSLR difference lie in the size of the sensors and the type of viewfinder. P&S cameras have a fixed (non-interchangeable) lens with a small sensor, while DSLR cameras have big switchable lenses and big sensors. Of course, each of these cameras has its own upsides and downsides. In today’s article, we review a rather interesting Point and shoot camera in India, the Sony DSC-HX90V. Here is all you need to know about it.

→ Practical pocket-size design

One of the major reasons why people opt for point and shoot cameras is portability. The Sony DSC HX90V is built in a simple uncluttered shape that allows it to fit perfectly in your pocket. In addition, this camera has a rough grip end for a secure grip when taking photos.

The manufacturer has also provided an optional set of accessories, which include a shoulder strap, a lens jacket, and a soft body casing. Moreover, the LCD display on this device is wide enough for clear shots since it measures about 3 inches. Also, this LCD display can tilt up to 180 degrees, meaning that you can take selfies comfortably.

Good DSLR – like Image quality: One of the reasons that make the HX90V the best point and shoot camera in India under 25000 rs is the image quality. Sony integrated a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 30x optical zoom lens into this camera for added clarity. This lens combined with the 18.2 megapixels Exmor R CMOS sensor helps the camera to take high-quality DSLR- like images even in low light conditions.

For video shooting, this camera supports several Full HD video output formats, which include MP4, XAVC S and AVCHD. Moreover, this camera can take images in slow motion even when the objects are moving.

→ Affordable Digital Camera with OLED Tru-Finder

Arguably, the SONY DSC HX90V is the cheapest point and shoot camera in India with an OLED Tru-finder. Normally, most point and shoot cameras use conventional electronic viewfinders or rangefinders. In contrast, DSLR cameras use optical viewfinders, which are generally more powerful than electronic viewfinders. However, OLED Tru-finders provide the user with a DSLR-like experience. Also, this type of viewfinder is more durable and practical for a pocket camera. Other features in this camera include Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC sharing.

Best Digital Camera for Beginners below 25k (हिंदी में) | Sony DSC-HX90V

Price 24990 Rupees
Key Tech 18.2-MP | CMOS Sensor | Sensor Size: 1 /2.33 | Max ISO 12800 | Max FPS : 7 | BIONZ X Processor | 5 Flash Modes | Max Full HD Recording @ 60 fps| 0.2-type electronic viewfinder
Lens ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T Lens |30X Optical Zoom | 120X Digital Zoom| Aperture Type: 5 blades | F-number (Maximum Aperture): F3.5 (W) – 6.4 (T) | Focal length: f=4.1-123mm
Max Shutter Speed iAuto (4″ – 1/2000) | Program Auto (1″ – 1/2000) | Aperture Priority (8″ – 1/2000) | Shutter Priority (30″ – 1/2000) | Manual (30″ – 1/2000) *7 sec
Feature Slow Motion image | Auto Image Rotation | Flash Red-Eye Correction : On/Off | Face Detection |  Smile Shutter |  Quick Zoom |  Self-portrait timer | Awesome selfies with a 180-degree tilt LCD | Intelligent Active Mode | Customizable settings for personal command | Fast Intelligent AF  | Control ring and grip take hold
LCD 3-Inch | TFT 7.5 cm (4:3)  | Manual Brightness Control | Display Selector (Finder/LCD) : Auto/EVF | MF Assist Magnification : 7.7x, 15.3x
Body Battery : Li-ion | Weight: 218 Grams
Connectivity Wi-Fi | USB 2.0 | One-Touch NFC | GPS
Warranty 24-Months
Sony DSC-HX90V | Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-BX1 |  AC AdaptorAC-UB10C/UB10D |  Micro USB cable |  Wrist Strap |  Instruction Manual |  AC Power Code


► Canon PowerShot SX60-HS Advanced Digital Camera

If you have read our earlier camera reviews, you must have realized that Canon cameras are really pricey if compared with their equal matches from Nikon, Casio or Fujifilm. However, there are many satisfying reasons for this exorbitant trend in Canon products. For one, Canon cameras are well-designed and secondly they are way more durable than most of their competitors.  The Canon PowerShot SX60-HS is an entry-level camera designed to satisfy the needs of a newbie or an average Photographer in the DSLR scope.

Canon PowerShot SX60-HS Digital camera

It features a 16.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with an additional DIGIC 6 image processor from Canon’s own HS developers. In addition, you are getting a camera with up to 65 times (65X) optical zoom and 4 times digital zoom which gives it a total combined zoom of 260 times (260 X). Can you believe it! At 260X this thing is actually a microscope, I bet you can even spot your blood cells if you extend that zoom barrel on your skin.

Even so, having a high optical zoom capability isn’t enough to lure the professional photographer’s heart. So Canon further included an optical stabilizer for this camera, so as to ensure optimum precision when shooting. The designers also made sure that this product will have a tiltable or Vari-angle LCD screen which comes in handy when shooting from tricky positions, like overhead shots. The LCD screen itself measures 3 inches and can flip or rotate for up to 270 degrees. The LCD screen’s resolution is a good 922k dots, which is practical for a small SLR camera like this one.

I also liked the fact that Canon included a 0.2-inch viewfinder on this gadget, something that most cameras in this class seem to lack. The product is also compatible with a hot shoe, which helps in boosting the camera’s flash and also controlling it’s off-camera Speedlite wirelessly. Canon was very considerate when they include Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities on this device. With these utilities, you can easily share your videos and photos to online video sites like YouTube and Facebook. The NFC utility helps you share stuff you shoot on this camera, with other devices like laptops and tablets.

The grip is ergonomically designed so that you won’t tire when shooting for considerably long sessions. It’s also textured for a firmer grip. This camera can shoot in full HD (1080 pixels), making it an ideal product for Vlogging or shooting short films and interviews. The camera weighs 1.4 pounds and uses standard Lithium batteries.

Price 27000 Rupees
Model PowerShot SX60-HS
Continuous shooting 60 fps
Screen size 3.0 inch tiltable (270 degrees)
Touch screen No
Wi-Fi and NFC support Yes
Weight 1.4 pounds
Image stabilization Yes
Megapixels 16.1 MPs
Color Black
Optical zoom 65X
Average User Rating 4.5/5 stars


► Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera

As mentioned earlier, the only area that Nikon seems to have an edge over Canon, is pricing. Nikon cameras tend to offer more at cheaper prices than Canon products. For example, the camera we are about to see here, is cheaper than the Canon PowerShot SX60-HS by almost 2000 Rupees, yet it features a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. You can’t compare this to Canon’s 16.1 MP sensor in their PowerShot SX60-HS. The fact that both cameras have image stabilization capability, means that the stronger (24.2MP) image sensor will give far much better videos and images than the weaker sensor.

Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera Specifications

The Nikon D3300 is, by all means, a video shooting camera. Its long range inbuilt microphone and Nikon’s own EXPEED 4 image processor in this device tells you that it will capture some really nice images and video footages. Nikon included picture control utility on this device, which enables you to manipulate different aspects of the images, so as to suit your video shooting needs.

The camera weighs 460 grams on average and comes in 3 conventional colors. You can choose between, Black, Gray or Red, depending on your preferences. The extended ISO range of about 100- 12800, has helped suppress noise on this device when shooting videos outdoors. The camera also offers a maximum of 5 frames per second in continuous shooting mode, making it one of the best cameras in the market today for shooting moving objects.

In addition, it also includes a 0.85x viewfinder and image editing capabilities. This camera actually allows you to retouch your photos even without the need to transfer them to a phone or computer which has an image editing software. Nikon gives you 13 special effects on this device which you can edit your photos with so as to add a sparkle onto them. The camera has a WU-1a wireless adapter that is designed to help you control the camera wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet.

With the help of Nikon’s wireless mobile utility app, you can easily share photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.  This camera supports recording of videos in Full HD (1080p) thus ideal for Vlogging. Even so, the product lacks an Auto Focus motor and hence it has to be mounted with external AF lenses so that it can Autofocus. The LCD display measures 3 inches and it has a 921 dot resolution, with an added 420 pixel RGB sensor metering tool. Read more about Nikon D3300 at Top 3 Nikon DSLR Camera under 50000 Rupees.

Price 25000 Rupees
Model D3300
Continuous shooting 5fps
Screen size 3.0 inches
Touch screen No
Wi-Fi and NFC support Yes
Weight 458 grams
Image stabilization Yes
Megapixels 24.2 MPs
Color Black, Red, Gray
Full HD shooting Yes 1080 p
Average User Rating 4.7/5 stars


► Sony DSC-HX400V Digital Camera

There can be nothing better than a bridge camera for those photographers who have just started their career. These types of cameras are available at affordable price and also offer the DSLR-like experience to the end users. The Sony DSC-HX400V is one of the trending bridge cameras available in the market right now. It has satisfied the needs of many pro beginners with excellent image quality and the advance control panel. One can grab this device for as low as 23,665 rupees in the online shopping mall.

Sony DSC HX400V Digital Camera Price Online in India

20.4 MP Sensor: On this Sony camera, the pixel count of 20.4 MP on a 1\2.3-inch sensor might not attract many customers, but believe me, the image that you will capture will be in superior quality. Wide dynamic range and accurate colors make the final picture appear to be alive, like an exact true life moment.

Further, this Camera device is also good for photography in low-light and its ISO can be bumped up to 12800. If you have to complete a photography session in really dim light, then use the pop-up flash for accurate light on the subject for the perfect clicks.

Articulating Display: The flexible 3-inch display of this camera makes focusing on the subject from high or low height a lot easier. However, the screen cannot be flipped and rotated to the other side, which might disappoint most of selfie lovers. For outdoor shootings, the electronic viewfinder will prove to be much helpful.

→ 50x Zoom Camera

High zoom level is an USP of almost all bridge cameras and this device is no different because of a power zoom setup on board. Even if the subject is located around 200 meters away, you can easily capture every detail using the (up to) 50x zoom feature.

Loaded With a Bunch of Connectivity Features: The Low budget MRP has not stopped the manufacturer from putting almost all modern connectivity features on this camera. Inbuilt Wi-Fi can be used for file transfer and remote control. NFC will save time by instantly pairing the camera with your smartphone or tablet. This Sony camera also features GPS connectivity that can be used for tagging location to the captured images.

Classic Design: The body of this Sony Bridge camera feels really comfortable in the hand because of DSLR-like design. There is also a ring on the lens that is used to smoothly zoom or perfect focus on the subject. Control buttons give good feedback and located at user-friendly places. Moreover, a dedicated mode dial is also provided on this cute looking camera.

→ Records Full HD Videos in AVCHD

You will be able to record full HD videos at a high frame rate of 60 fps on this Sony device. The quality of the videos will be unmatchable because the camera records in AVCHD with much high bitrates.

Sony DSC HX400V Digital Camera Review and Specifications


  • 50x optical zoom
  • SD card slot
  • Offers Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS connectivity
  • Good at low light photography
  • AVCHD codec
  • Display is flexible
  • Electronic viewfinder and pop-up flash
  • Easy to use

Cons:- Higher ISO performance is not desirable

Verdict: At the current price point of 24000 rupees, this Sony digital camera is really a mind blowing package. You get a sensor that captures images with great dynamic range. A lens that can zoom up to 50 times on the subject. And a user-friendly design makes holding it easier. Wi-Fi connectivity is another reason why you would want to purchase this device.

Price 23500 Rupees
Sensor 1/2.3 inch CMOS Sensor, 20.4 MP
Processor Bionz X
ISO 80-3200 (12800 In Extreme Setting)
Burst Mode Up To 10 Frames Per Second
Lens ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T Lens, 24-1200 mm (35 mm Equivalent)
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity Wi-Fi, NFC, USB and HDMI
Video Features Full HD At 60 FPS
Battery 1x NP-BX1
Weight 660 grams


► Canon Powershot SX540-HS Digital camera

This camera tries to pack precision and high resolution together while compromising on unnecessary features like design. Unlike most of its counterparts in this class of entry-level cameras, this product has a high optical zoom, though not as high as in the Canon PowerShot SX60-HS. Built-in image Stabilizer enhances its zoom lens, which can extend up to 50X. The LCD display on this device measures 3 inches, just like in the two cameras we have already discussed.

Canon Powershot SX540-HS Digital camera

The screen’s resolution, however, is not something to envy, since it’s only a 461K dot LCD display. Remember, in the two cameras that we discussed earlier, the LCDs’ resolution is well over 900k dots. But considering that this product is cheaper than the two, this is understandable. After all, we aren’t interested in how the image looks on the LCD display, rather we are drawn more to the quality of the image as it looks on a computer screen or in other gadgets’ screens.

Even so, this camera has a considerably strong image sensor, since it features a 20.3-MP CMOS sensor with an additional DIGIC 6 image processor. It can shoot videos in full HD (1080 pixels). The focal length range on this camera is a good 24-1200 mm and thus it can capture a wide angle and deliver superb telephoto scenes. Canon was really careful to squeeze in a little touch of Wi-Fi and NFC utilities in this product. Otherwise, it wouldn’t exactly be in this class of the best cameras around 25000 rupees. The inbuilt Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities help in sharing videos and photos between the camera and other devices.

However, before you settle for this camera, it’s good that you consider the following letdowns in it. First, it has no viewfinder, meaning that you are not exactly going to use it for those highly professional photography needs. Secondly, the LCD display is fixed or in short, it doesn’t rotate. To me, this comes as a major drawback, since I am always using my camera to get overhead shots at functions, especially when I am in a gathering with tall people. Lastly, this camera is a power guzzler. You will need to have extra batteries for this one if you are going to survive with it as a business camera.

Price 21000 Rupees
Model Powershot SX540 HS
Continuous shooting 5.9 fps
Screen size 3.0 inches
Touch screen No
Wi-Fi and NFC support Yes
Weight 1kg on average
Image stabilization No
Megapixels 20.3MP
Color Black
Full HD shooting Yes 1080p
Average User Rating 4.4/5stars


Editor’s Pick: After much argument with a professional photographer, I discovered to my utter displeasure that Nikon is not the winner this time. The best camera of the five models discussed in this piece, is the Canon PowerShot SX60-HS. Its design is overwhelming. The textured veneer and ergonomic grip are an eye pleaser. Not to mention that its LCD screen can twist up to 270 degrees. Nevertheless, the part that this camera really knocks the other two out of the game, is in optical zoom. A combined zoom of 260 times (260X) is not a joke. That’s the kind of lens you would find in a telescope, if am not wrong (Just kidding!). For your information, if you are looking for a spying camera, buy the Canon PowerShot SX60-HS.