Camcorders have evolved to become really small but performing gadgets. Gone are the days when having a big DSLR Video camera with a long shotgun Mic, was a sign of expertise in the video shooting industry. Nowadays, a small camcorder can produce some really good pictures and videos, almost comparable to those taken with a DSLR video camera, yet at just a fraction of the weight in the DSLR camera.

In this piece, we cover the best camcorders which are on sale under 25000 Rupees. Here you are read an in-depth review of professional video recording camera of top camera brands such as Sony and Panasonic in India market.

► Full HD Handycam Sony HDR-CX470 Camcorder

Ever since DSLR cameras hit the market, entry-level video recording cameras have seen a decline in terms of purchases and customer base. Not that DSLR’s are any better than high-end camcorders when it comes to video recording, but their versatility and breath-taking imaging puts them a step ahead of conventional camcorders.

SONY Handycam HDR-CX470 in 25000 Rupees

All the same, there are still some highly adaptable camcorders that would outperform most DSLR’s in their price ranges. One such video camera is the Sony HDR-CX470 Full HD Camcorder. We had a chance to review this gadget hands-on, and as usual, we have outlined our findings in detail in this article. Now, when looking for the best full HD video camera, there are a number of factors that you need to consider.

These factors include battery life, memory size, LCD screen size, Sound mechanisms, and convenience features. In our own opinion, the Sony HDR-CX470 Handycam camera meets most of the essential qualities for an excellent professional video camera. Here’s what we liked about this camera.

→ Supports full HD video recording

Notably, this Sony camcorder runs on a Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, which is one of the best lenses in the industry. Actually, most Sony camcorders use Carl Zeiss lenses combined with an Exmor-R CMOS sensor. This configuration helps Sony camcorders like the Sony HDR-CX470 to deliver Full HD video recordings even in lowlight conditions. Additionally, Sony engineers integrated this gadget with a BIONZ X image processor which helps the device process images much faster.

Numerous Video Tweaks: Although this camera is not exactly the cheapest camcorder in India, we found it worth its price. Its engine setup supports numerous imaging features. In actual fact, some of these features might go unnoticed by users unless they are very curious. For instance, this camera supports Face detection plus a number of shooting modes. Remarkably, we fell in love with one particular shooting mode called the Motion Shot Video.

In this shooting mode, users can track recorded actions in an overlaid image arrangement within split-second intervals. Actually, this is similar to what you usually see in slow-motion replays when watching international sports matches.

Moreover, when playing recorded videos in this mode, you can capture, pause or share an image in real time. This camera can also record one video in two different formats at the same time. The two supported formats are the professional, editable AVCHD format and the shareable MP4 format.

→ Good battery, Design and ample storage

The Sony HDR-CX470 Handycam uses an X type lightweight battery that can run for quite a considerable time. The camera’s design is more of a conventional design. Nonetheless, the screen is large enough as it measures 2.7 centimeters. Moreover, you can turn this screen for up to 90 degrees. Last but not least, this camcorder has an inbuilt internal storage of 32-GB. Also, it supports external Micro SD storage cards just to help you record for longer durations.

Price 24400 Rupees
Features Optical SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode | Up to 26.8 mm wide-angle lens | Highlight Movie Maker | Exceptional image quality | Motion Shot Video | Built-in USB cable | | Progressive Recording | 9.2-MP still image capture | Face Detection | Dual Video Recording | Dual Record mode | Event Browse | Smile Shutter | Intelligent Auto | Dual memory card compatibility | Picture Effect | Manual settings for iris and shutter speed | PlayMemories Home | X type battery operation | Movie Playback
Key Tech Exmor R CMOS sensor | 2.29MP | BIONZ-X image processor | ZEISS Vario-Tessar Lens | Aperture F1.8-F4.0 | 30X Optical Zoom | 350X Digital Zoom | Contrast AF | Auto/Manual Focus | Full Range Focus | Auto/Manual Exposure | Shutter Speed: 1/6–1/10000 | White Balance Modes: Auto/Onepush/Outdoor/Indoor | Full HD Recording and Picture | Scene Selection: Auto / Night Scene / Sunrise & Sunset / Fireworks / Landscape / Portrait / Spotlight / Beach / Snow |
Body 6.7-cm LCD | 32GB Internal memory | 128GB MicroSD Card Support | Built-in Zoom Microphone | MIC Level Control | Monaural Speaker | Weight with Battery: 215 Grams | Tripod Socket
Connectivity HDMI Terminal | MicroSD Card Slot | Remote Terminal | Composite Video Out
Power 800 mAh | USB Power Supply
Sales Box SONY Handycam HDR-CX470 | Rechargeable Battery Pack | Adaptor | USB Cable | HDMI Cable | Documents
Warranty 12 Months | Sony Customer Care 1800-103-7799


► Panasonic HC-V380K Full HD Camcorder Camera

Panasonic has been producing a wide range of cameras and camcorders and has had to battle with other big companies in the industry, like Sony. One of their best entry products in the Camcorders section is the Panasonic HC-V380K. Despite being really small, this camcorder can shoot 1080P Videos. Apart from this, it also includes wireless connectivity through an inbuilt Wi-Fi radio. That allows it to pair with other compatible gadgets like smartphones and iPads.

Lightweight design: The whole idea of having a camcorder over a large DSLR camera – is mobility, and Panasonic was very aware of this factor when building this camcorder. The Panasonic HC-V380K is built with a very hard plastic material and its glossy veneer is purely part of the plastic casing. Unlike most of its rivals, it is not spray painted and therefore won’t get scraped with time. Its build is compact and therefore will fit well in your hand without tiring you, even after several hours of shooting. The expandable LCD screen measures 3 inches.

Easy to use: Panasonic also considered making this gadget extremely easy to use. In order to do this, they avoided giving the HC-V380K very many physical buttons that are hectic when pressing and instead included touchscreen capabilities in the 3.0 inch LCD display. Physical buttons not only spoil easily but also tend to lose their engraved labels with time thus making it hard for users to know which button does what, especially when the camcorder is a few years old. In addition, Panasonic made this product compatible with a wide range of Tripod stands and this means that you can always rely on any stand available, for less tedious and accurate shots. You also get a user manual to help guide you with the technical operations while using this camera.

→ NFC enabled and Wireless connectivity

This is part of what gives the HC-V380K camcorder a personal touch. The camera is NFC enabled which means that you can use it to share videos that you take with it. Through this utility, you can share your videos across social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The Wi-Fi chip in this camera also supports virtualization and hence allows it to pair with other compatible devices effectively. Once paired, you can comfortably share the videos you recorded using this camcorder to other smart devices like tablets and smartphones.

In addition, the camcorder has a Wi-Fi mobile device Twin Camera functionality that allows you to combine multi-camera scenes or in other words picture-in-picture recording. Other additional connectivity options in this camcorder are a USB 2.0 High-speed port. Panasonic included an HDMI mini port for those hectic times when you need to project your videos and can’t access a computer soon enough.

→ Sharp and Full-HD video and imaging outputs

Apart from the Wireless connectivity feature, this camera supports full recording at a super sharp 1080 Pixels resolution. The lens is a 2.20-megapixel Panasonic lens with up to 50 times in optical zoom. In order to maintain some bit of precision while shooting videos on free hands, Panasonic made sure that the HC-V380K has some sort of mechanism for image stabilization. They included a Hybrid OIS lock with a level shot capability.

Even so, this camcorder lacks a flash utility and this means that it can’t take good quality videos in low light conditions. The lens cover is also a manual one so you have to physically move it before you can shoot anything on this camera. This product has a 5.8-inch BSI MOS image sensor which allows you to make accurate shots on objects. You even have the option to choose between Automatic or manual focus depending on the recording type you are doing.

Memory and Battery functionalities: Unfortunately, this camcorder doesn’t come with a built-in memory card and therefore you have to rely on external or removable memory cards. However, this still is an advantage, since you can always fit a flash card of your preferred size on it. A standard 128-GB high-speed SDXC class flash card is the best storage option for this device. The battery is a rechargeable 1940-mAh pack and can run for a few hours without being charged. This camcorder supports USB charging and also comes with an AC adaptor.

→ Conclusion and Panasonic HC-V380K Specs

The current price of this camcorder alone is 22,000 Rupees. If you want to buy it together with other components like a Flash card and a tripod stand and bag, the price will add up to 26,750 Rupees. If you are looking for a standard non-complicated camcorder, then this is the best camcorder for you. The large display and tons of zooming options will come as an advantage for people who need a camcorder with a lot of zooming capabilities. Moreover, this product is ideal for people who work on YouTube projects since it supports wireless options for uploading videos to YouTube and other social media platforms.

Price 22000 Rupees
Brand Panasonic
Model  HC-V380K
Device type Camcorder
Optical zoom 50x (times)
Focus Auto/Manual
Image stabilizer Yes (Hybrid OIS lock )
LCD Monitor size 3-inch
LCD touch Yes
Flash No
Connectivity Wi-Fi with NFC, USB 2.0 high-speed, Mini HDMI
Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches in (WxHxD)
Resolution 1080p
Total/Effective pixels 2.51MP/ 2.20MP respectively