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Budget LED TV between 10000 to 12500 Rupees

Arise Inspiro 81 cm 32 inches HD Ready LED Television

While buying a TV, what should be your preference? Screen size or screen resolution? Every new TV buyer asks this relevant question. Therefore, We are trying to find a suitable answer for screen size or screen resolution dilemma in this budget TV review article.

We have two good quality television sets to review in this exclusive article. One set is from highly reputed Japanese brand Sansui and another is from a reputed desi brand Arise. Both are available in the same price but contrast widens in terms of screen size and screen resolution. Read also 6 Best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 Rupees This Month.

Sansui offers a 22-inch screen with Full HD resolution whereas Arise has a 10-inch bigger screen with just HD ready resolution. Which one will you choose – 22-inch with FHD or 32-inch with HD ready screen? Let us find out.

Sansui 22 inch 1080P LED TV SJX22FB02CAF

Sansui is not as reputed as Sony, Panasonic, or Samsung. However, at a quality test, Sansui products do outperform cheap Chinese goods of desi Indian brands. A flag bearer of Japanese technology, Sansui offers better product at much cheaper price nowadays.

Upgrade Old TV to FHD LED TV: Have you been watching favorite serials, movies, sports on a CRT television so far? Well, this is the right time you should upgrade home TV to a brand new LED TV for better picture quality and powerful & clear audio output. Do not worry about budget, as you can buy a 1080P LED TV at the same price, which you had paid ten to fifteen years before for a CRT television set.

An LED TV at home gives you access to the real world of entertainment, news, and sports. Besides watching TV shows, you can also connect it to multiple external devices such as game consoles, USB pen drives, and DVD/Blu-ray players.

Built and Design: First, I will talk about the screen bezel, which is neither narrow nor wide. Bezel width does affect viewing experience, particularly when screen size of an LED TV is less. Since the price of this LED is low, expecting something “A” grade will be too naive. Remember, for a similar feature and built quality, Sony and LG charge not less than 20000 rupees.

The TV set in a brushed metal finish looks very pleasant to viewer’s eyes. I have to agree, Sansui has not compromised with the built quality. In fact, it can easily sustain many light collisions and fall from a table height. This is one important aspect to consider if you have a naughty baby running in the house from one room to another room.

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Sansui bundles safety and security features of the LED under one single term called as 5X protection. These features are mostly present on a costly LED TV and never been seen on a budget LED TV like this one. These five protections are namely

  1. Wide voltage operating range: 90-300W – Thus a perfect choice for an area suffer from low voltage electricity problem.
  2. High Efficiency – supportive in lowering electricity bill
  3. Spike proof – Fully protected against sudden rise of electricity flow
  4. Weather Proof – Not affected by adverse weather condition and humidity
  5. Indian standard rating – Designed and made according to standards recommended by Indian government

Sansui SJX22FB02CAF 22 inches Full HD LED TV

Experience Full HD Resolution of this 22 Inch LED TV

In a price less than 11000 rupees, you cannot get a full HD LED TV as premium as this Sansui model. The resolution (1080 × 1920 Pixels) on board is twice the resolution of a regular standard TV.  You can experience a great picture quality and catch all the details of your favorite films and games. The display is vivid, bright (250 nits) and does produce life-like colors.

Connectivity: This is not a rich gadget, but it does come with all the regular connectivity options. It features one USB and HDMI port with VGA port alongside RF-in and AV-in. Find out other connectivity details below in specifications sheet.

Atom sound: The Sansui LED comes with an impressive ATOM sound system for loud and clear sound output. The two speakers of this LED give a total output of 16 watts. It also has a 5-band graphic equalizer with which you can enjoy the music the way you like.

Power Consumption: This Sansui LED is a light energy user, consumes just 35W in active mode. It's working input voltage range is really wide (90 to 240V). Even in low voltage, it will continue to entertain you without blinking or picture drop.

Furthermore, the LED does not require an external stabilizer to work. In fact, it can protect itself well from a sudden surge in electricity. Due to its high efficiency, power dissipation is also less that results in less electricity bill.

How Installation Would by Provided by Sansui?

For installation support, call at Sansui Customer Care that is a toll-free number 18004194040. Within 48 hours, an engineer will make a visit to complete installation and demo. Tabletop or wall mounting, whichever installation you prefer, Sansui service engineer will do that in a few minutes.


  • Bright screen and rich colors
  • Decent viewing angles
  • Full HD
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide voltage operating range
  • Power spike protection
  • Audio Volume leveler
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Cons: few USB ports as compared to other LEDs

Verdict: For a price of 10000 rupees, Sansui has a better product to offer you. Grab it as quickly as possible. This is a complete television set has an FHD display, powerful audio system, many connectivity options and 5X safety & protection features.

Resolution  1600 X 900
Display Technology LED
Screen Size 22 Inches
Viewing Angles  160°(H) / 150°(V)
Display Resolution Maximum 1080p
Power Consumption 35W
Product Dimensions 48 x 30.1 x 8.4 cm
Audio Wattage 16 Watts
HDMI Port 1
Total USB Ports 1
VGA Port 1
Other Connectivity RF-in, AV-in,  Component In,  PC Audio In, AV Out
Buy 10500 Rupees


Arise Inspiro 32 inch HD Ready LED Television

Arise is a famous brand in the home appliance market. Like most players, this company also wants to grow. Some two years ago, it entered the TV market with a great publicity campaign.

Various technical gurus reviewed its televisions on channels like NDTV Good Times and IBN7. Since then Arise has launched a number of great products and one of them is Inspiro 32-inch LED TV that can be purchased for an amount of 12,490 rupees.

Appealing Design: Surprisingly, this budget television is just 48 mm thick and looks great on a wall. Arise’s engineers have successfully designed a product that will impress all sections of customers.

The build quality of the TV is also appreciable. The manufacturer has cleverly placed the air vents around the edges of circuitry. This placement not only helps in dissipating heat at a fast rate but also enhances the beauty of the product.

Arise Inspiro 81 cm 32 inches HD Ready LED Television Connectivity

Poor Remote: The design of the remote is a disappointment for me. It features soft keys that will not last for a long time. Moreover, the outer shell of the remote feels cheap.

A Budget LED TV with a DLED Powered Display Panel

Trust my words the LED is one of the cheapest TVs in the market to offer a big 32-inch display panel. A direct LED backlighting system powers the display panel for even distribution of brightness all across the screen. Thus, the brand Arise ensures you get an excellent TV viewing experience with exceptional picture clarity.

Viewing angles are as high as they can be and the color reproduction too is great on this Arise LED. The screen can go as bright as 250 nits and offers a good contrast ratio. The resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels generates decent quality graphics.

The motion refresh rate of 60 Hz helps in eliminating motion blur. However, do not regard this TV as a good gaming platform just yet. Its response time of 9 ms will make your experience as bad as it can be.

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Loud and Clear Audio Production: Even at this price, the manufacturer was able to equip this television with a set of two 10-watt speakers. These speakers are capable of producing loud audio at minimal distortions. I am fully sure this much loudness is more than sufficient unless you are installing it in a large room (like a hall).

Therefore, my suggestion is first you complete an installation then decide whether to purchase external audio system or not.

This Arise LED TV comes with a Set of Decent Connectivity Options

I was stunned after looking at the list of connectivity ports that the television set comes up with. Even with a big budget, it is hard to find a TV with more than one USB and HDMI port.

Let us zoom back on this Arise budget LED, which has a long list of connectivity options including two USB and two HDMI ports. I appreciate Arise sincerity to make the LED a true champion without missing any connectivity options.

This is not all. On the back of the TV, you will find a Digital Audio Out (Optical) interface, which is something that only premium range products come with.


  • Big and bright display panel
  • High motion refresh rate
  • Good build quality of the TV
  • Nice design language
  • Dual-Leg table stand
  • Two HDMI and two USB ports
  • Optical Audio Out
  • Average power consumption

Cons: High response time

Verdict: With this LED television, the manufacturer has tried to break the myth that budget TVs cannot come with premium features. However, to become a trustable brand, Arise also needs to provide good customer service for which many customers has complained to us in our value research.

Arise Inspiro 81 cm 32 inches HD Ready LED Television

Display Size 32 Inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 738x209x48 mm
Weight 4.9 KG
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 12500 Rupees

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