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Budget 40 inch Full HD LED under 30000 Rupees

Micromax 40C4500FHD LED TV Review Specifications Price Online In India

40 inch SkyHi SK40K70 Full HD Smart LED TV

In the recent months, dozens of televisions have been launched in the Indian market. This, of course, has created a stiff competition among manufacturers, but that is a good thing for customers. Perhaps, it is a result of this competition that SkyHi was forced to launch its SK40K70 smart TV at such an affordable price. You can purchase this SkyHi television smart LED from the online shopping mall for an amount of 29,097 rupees. But is a brand like this trustable? Well, let us find that out by digging deeper into the details of this product.

Attractive Design

I really did not expect this television to look appealing because of the price category to which it belongs. However, my assumption was wrong and I have to admit that the manufacturer has done a nice job of designing the outer shell. The most impressive part of this smart LED is the base stand that has been carved out of single piece and covers the bottom of the TV from end to end.

SkyHi SK40K70 LED TV Review Specifications Price Online In India

The whole TV setup comes painted in aluminum color because of which its beauty gets enhanced. All the control buttons remain hidden on the right side and are also properly labeled. Its back panel is equipped with quite a few vents to keep the electric circuits cool.

However, the build quality of this television is a little disappointing. The materials used in the making are not that sturdy. Even the remote that comes in the box feels really cheap.

Full HD Display Panel: The TV sports a really big 40-inch display with a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Graphics look razor sharp and all the colors are nicely generated. SkyHi has used a Direct LED backlight panel on this product that helps in balancing the brightness throughout the screen. This TV also offers 178-degree viewing angles in both directions, which is another impressive thing to mention here.

Another specialty of the display is it can refresh the content at 60 Hz. This means you will get a decent gaming experience with this television. But high response time of 6 ms is something that you should keep in mind while making the purchase decision.

A Smart LED TV: The main highlight of this TV is its capability to run apps. It comes loaded with Android OS and you will be able to install any app available on the Play store. This TV is just like a really big smartphone hanging on your wall. However, its processor is quite slow, so you might not enjoy playing games.

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It sports an inbuilt web browser and also a media player that can display lyrics of the music you are playing. The operating system does not suffer from any compatibility issue because users always have the option to install another media player. The TV also comes with around 2.4 GB of inbuilt memory that can be expanded up to 32 GB.

SkyHi SK40K70 40 inch LED Price in India

Great Connectivity Options

You can connect this SkyHi TV to the internet via Wi-Fi or by using the Ethernet port on the back. Moreover, it is equipped with 3 USB and 3 HDMI ports. All the connectivity ports come placed in sideways direction so there will be no problem in accessing them. Users can use any of the USB ports to connect a wireless or wired mouse. One can also cast smartphone displays onto the bigger screen of this TV using the Miracast feature.

Average Audio Quality: Every other feature of this TV adds value to the user experience except its audio quality. Its stereo speakers are capable of giving an RMS output of only 16 Watts. So, you will have to depend on a set of external speakers if this TV is installed in a big room or in a hall.

The good thing is that this TV features a 3.5-mm audio jack that helps a lot in maintaining silence in the room when you want to watch movies during sleeping hours.

Pros Features:

  • Offers full HD resolution
  • 40inch display panel
  • Smart TV comes preloaded with Android OS
  • Users can install apps directly from the Play Store
  • Supports wireless mouse input
  • 3 USB and 3 HDMI ports
  • Onboard storage can be expanded
  • Great design


  • Build quality is not up to the mark
  • Fails to generate loud audio

Verdict: Considering the price point, it will be a shame to complain about anything on the SkyHi SK40K70. No other brand in the market offers so many features in 30000 rupees price segment. If the budget is tight and you still want a smart TV, then just go with this SkyHi product. You will not regret this purchase decision.

40 inch SkyHi SK40K70 Smart LED TV Stand

Price 29000 Rupees
Display Size 40inch
Smart TV Yes
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 8W X 2
Dimensions 90 x 60.4 x 16.8 cm
Weight 9 KG
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3 X USB, 3 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In


40 inch Micromax 40C4500FHD Full HD LED TV

With every passing month, Micromax is launching new televisions in the market. It looks like the brand is feeling vulnerable from the rising competition. old televisions of this desi brand are getting less popular because new brands are becoming popular by offering more features at lesser prices. To make the scenario a little even, Micromax launched its 40-inch 40C4500FHD LED TV in the month of December last year, which is currently selling at the price of 23899 rupees. In our research, we found a good number of customers to be using this TV. However, most of the customers were not happy with its performance and we will discuss the reason behind that in this review article.

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Redesigned Outer Shell: With this product, Micromax has tried to meet the rising demands. It comes in a redesigned outer shell that offers a nice appeal to the eyes. The unique finish of the body gives this TV a modern and unique look. This time around, Micromax has used some quality materials in the manufacturing process. However, the remote still feels cheap. It comes with a dual leg stand that really enhances the ergonomics. Users also get the option of wall mount installation. If purchased online, then installation and demo will be provided free of cost.

Micromax 40C4500FHD LED TV Review Specifications Price Online In India

Display Generates High-Quality Details: We can criticize Micromax’s smartphones as much as we want, but when it comes to televisions, this brand becomes a little serious. It has installed a much high-quality display panel on this product that measures 39.5 inches diagonally. Aspect ratio of 16:09 offers a perfect environment for watching movies.

The bezels of the TV are much thin and do not create any kind of annoyance for the users. Its display has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, which is enough for watching serials, movies and other kinds of videos. It also offers a static contrast ratio of 3500:1 that gives an idea of quality of the display. Color reproduction of the screen is quite appreciable. Moreover, the DLED panel eliminates all kinds of brightness variations.

High motion refresh rate of 60 Hz reduces blurs from video but do not think of attaching this television to a gaming console. Its response time of 6.5 milliseconds will degrade your experience.

Good Quality Speakers

This Micromax LED TV comes with two 8-Watt speakers that produce decent quality audio. Treble and bass levels are really impressive. The product also supports 5 different equalizer settings that can be accessed from the OSD menu. The preloaded Auto Volume Leveler balances the audio fluctuations so that the users do not have to use the volume keys every time they change the channel. However, the inbuilt speakers are not much powerful and will not suffice the needs if your room is really big.

Average Connectivity Options: Users will be able to play media stored on their flash drives on this TV as it features two USB ports. It also comes with two HDMI ports for connecting HD set top boxes and other types of media consoles that require high data transmission rates.

The 3.5 mm jack can be used either to connect a headphone or to attach a pair of computer speakers. You can also attach an old style antenna to this TV using the RF In port. Users also get an Audio In jack, which will help a lot while using the television in monitor mode.

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These connectivity features will present the users with lots of options. However, I do believe that Micromax could have offered more in this price segment. Brands like Noble equip offer Bluetooth connectivity on their sub 15000-rupee televisions.

Pros Features:

  • Highly impressive outer shell
  • Decent quality materials have been used in the making
  • DLED display panel offers even brightness across the screen
  • High contrast ratio
  • Decent motion refresh rate
  • Full HD resolution helps in producing razor-sharp graphics
  • Consumes less power
  • Easy to operate OSD menu


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Although the audio quality is good but the speakers are not as loud as expected

Final Verdict: Micromax is giving birth to another round of competition by offering TV with a big display under the price tag of 24,000 rupees. For Aam Adami, who just wants a good quality television in his budget, this product is a perfect choice. But the market is full of alternatives that one should, at least, take a look at.

Price 23000 Rupees
Display Size 39.5 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 8W X 2
Contrast Ratio 3500:01:00
Dimensions 101.6 x 62.7 x 18 cm
Weight 10 KG
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In

Users Review and Opinion


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